Super Cup – Season 16

  • The Super Cup is a knockout cup played after the conclusion of the league season
  • The top six teams from the Super League, the winner of League One, and the League One runner up or the winner of League Two qualify for the cup. The League One runner up and League Two winner will play a two-legged knockout game to see who advances to the Super Cup
  • The matchups for the Quarterfinals are as follows: SL 1st vs L2 1st / L1 2nd, SL 2nd vs L1 1st, SL 3rd vs SL 6th, SL 4th vs SL 5th
  • The Quarterfinals will be a two-legged knockout cup with away goals counting. Should teams be tied after two legs, those teams will need to start a 3rd match and play Golden Goal until a winner can be determined. If the teams are tied after two legs and both matches are draws with the same score (Ex: 1-1, 1-1 or 0-0, 0-0), use extra time and penalties instead
  • The Semifinal matchups will be the winner of the SL 1st vs play-in game against the winner of the SL 4th vs SL 5th in one tie, and the other two remaining teams playing each other in the other. The winners of the two Semifinals will meet in the Final