Coppa Victoria – Season 17



Coppa Victoria – Season 17 – Group A


Coppa Victoria – Season 17 – Group B


  • The Coppa Victoria is a group stage and knockout cup involving the 5th to 9th placed teams from the previous League 1 season and the 3rd to 5th placed teams from the previous League 2 season that will be played on Sundays after league matches during the season
  • If the previous season’s Royal Cup winner did not finish in the auto-qualifying positions and results in the 4th place team from L1 and 2nd from L2 fighting for a spot in the Royal Cup group stage, the loser of that game will automatically be entered into the New Cup. The 5th placed team from the previous L2 season would then be dropped from the competition
  • If the previous season’s Coppa Victoria winner did not finish in those positions listed above and are not qualified for the Royal Cup, they will automatically qualify for the next season’s edition of the tournament. The 9th place team from L1 (home team) and 5th from L2 from the previous season will then play in a one leg playoff to determine the last spot in the group stage
  • Teams will be split into two pots based upon their finish in the previous season. A random draw will be held to create two groups with four teams each
  • Teams will play the other three teams in their group once with group winners and runners-up moving on to the knockouts
  • Tiebreakers for the group stage are as follows: points, GD, GF, head-to-head record, head-to-head GD, play-off game
  • The top two teams from each group will be joined by the four 3rd placed finishers from the Royal Cup group stage to give us 8 teams for the knockout stages
  • The two group winners as well as the two best 3rd placed teams from the Royal Cup group stage will be seeded for the Quarterfinals and cannot match up against one another. A random draw that accounts for the rule stated above will take place to determine the matchups for the Quarterfinals
  • The Quarterfinals will be a two-legged knockout cup with away goals counting. Should teams be tied after two legs, those teams will need to start a 3rd match and play Golden Goal until a winner can be determined. If the teams are tied after two legs and both matches are draws with the same score (Ex: 1-1, 1-1 or 0-0, 0-0), use extra time and penalties instead
  • Teams that advance from the Quarterfinals will then enter the Semifinals with another random draw. From here, those two winners will move on to the Final