Team of the Year 2017

Starting XI

GK: Kasra25 (Juventus) – Kicking off our first ever Team of the Year in PCN in net is longtime Juventus netminder Kasra25. Kasra was the most consistent GK in the league and throughout 2017 he appeared in 81 games with an insane 37 clean sheets (1st), 276 saves, and 5 MOTM in his time with Juventus and more recently Manchester United. The new Schalke goalie will look to add to his trophy cabinet after grabbing a S5 Super League, VIP League, and TOTS in S6 during 2017. 

RB: Lordferdinandd (Juventus) – Joining his former Juve teammate Kasra in the TOTY at right back is the ever steady Lordferdinandd. Ferdinandd started 2017 as a part of the old Bayern team in S4 but soon became a lock in the Italian giants’ lineup and he finished the year with 7 KP, 122 PP, 30 CS, 78 DT, and 86 INT in 67 games. Ferdinandd’s time at Juventus saw him collect back to back league titles in S5 and S6 as well as earning a VIP League and Super Cup in S6. 

CB: KingEvan300 (AC Milan) – Could it be anyone else to lead the backline of defense for the TOTY but KingEvan300? I don’t think so after the crazy 2017 the center back had. Whether at Chelsea in S4 or Milan starting early in S5, Evan was everywhere with a league-high 107 games where he posted 9 G, 7 A, 21 KP, 141 PP, 32 CS (1st), 100 DT, 238 INT (1st), and 12 MOTM. While Evan had some tough luck in Cup Finals, he did finally grab the S6 PCN Cup to go along with being the only member of the TOTS for S4, S5, and S6 and winning the S4 and S5 Best Defender awards. 

CB: iFawzi (AC Milan) – Never one to back down from a challenge, the recently retired icon iFawzi spent most of 2017 with AC Milan (before a short stint with Bayern in S6) and was the rock at the back that led them to many of their successes. While his statline of 71 games, 3 A, 146 PP, 25 CS, 43 DT, 160 INT, and 3 MOTM may not stand out at first, many strikers in the league had bad days at the office when they came against the Prince of PCN. Regardless if Fawzi ever makes a return to PCN, he has made a permanent impact on the league aided by his S4 and S5 TOTS and S4 Super Cup win as manager. 

LB: Love Welty (AC Milan) – Rounding out the defense is attacking wingback extraordinaire Love Welty who spent his entire 2017 PCN career with Milan. Once a forgotten utility player who was almost sold off to D1, Welty burst onto the scene with his S5 TOTS and finished the year with 79 games, 14 G, 18 A, 61 KP, 137 PP, 16 CS, 86 INT, and 5 MOTM. While he may be rehabbing from a bruised ego right now, don’t count out Welty to come back at some point in 2018 and add to his S4 Super Cup and S6 PCN Cup. 

CDM: KingOfKrak (Borussia Dortmund) – Holding down the base of our TOTY midfield is the man, the myth, the legend himself in KingOfKrak. Krak bounced around more than any other player in this team after featuring for Chelsea in S4, Bayern in S5, Dortmund in VIP, and Real Madrid and PSG in S6, but collectively his line of 5 G, 9 A, 28 KP, 167 PP, 23 CS, 109 DT, 204 INT, and 7 MOTM in 81 games shows why he is here and why he is always in demand. Now back with Dortmund, Krak will be looking for his first PCN trophy after winning his first award with a TOTS in S6. 

CM: dorseyfurcal18 (AC Milan) – Joining Krak in the midfield is longtime PCN stalwart dorseyfurcal18 who was as consistent as they come in 2018. Dorsey returned from a S3 absence in a big way as he totaled 9 G, 10 A, 29 KP, 182 PP, 25 CS, 172 DT (1st), 176 INT, and 11 MOTM in 94 games during 2018. With a TOTS and Best CDM award in each of S4 and S5 to go along with a S4 Super Cup win, the Milan faithful will be hoping Dorsey’s return to Italy from Dortmund in S6 will be repaid with trophies galore. 

CM: Viper Liriano (AC Milan) – Slotting in next to Dorsey is his new teammate in Viper Liriano, who was another constant fixture in the list of most influential midfielders in PCN. Viper spent S4 and S5 with Bayern with a brief detour to Manchester United in the VIP League before finding his home at Milan and ending the year with 73 GP, 11 G, 4 A, 15 KP, 185 PP (1st), 25 CS, 61 DT, 164 INT, and 7 MOTM. With two TOTS to his name in S4 and S5 along with a PCN Cup in S6, there is no telling how much more silverware Viper will be able to claim in 2018. 

CAM: KillaAqua99 (Juventus) – With the fewest PCN experience of anyone in the TOTY, KillaAqua99 made his time count to beat out a crowded list of midfielders and earn his place in the list. Aqua became a fixture in the dominant Juventus teams starting in S5 as he harassed defenses to the tune of 18 G, 34 A, 85 KP, 104 PP, 81 INT, and 9 MOTM in only 55 games for the Italian side. Now at Manchester United for S7, Aqua will be hoping a change of scenery doesn’t slow down his 2017 momentum after he was in the S5 and S6 TOTS, won the S5 Best CAM, won S5 and S6 Super Leagues, a VIP League, and the S6 Super Cup to boot. 

ST: lupexx49 (PSG) – Perhaps not always the most prolific or loud striker in the league, lupexx49 easily earned his spot in the TOTY following a 2017 filled with schooling defenders. Lupe spent his entire year with Stay High’s PSG and produced 44 G, 24 A, 65 KP, 125 PP, and 16 MOTM in 67 games. While there may have been strikers with better single seasons in PCN during 2017, it’s hard to find someone who had more important highlight reel goals and assists for a top side than Lupe, who will certainly be looking to add to his S4 TOTS and S5 PCN Cup this year. 

ST: I ITALIAN0 I (Juventus) – Finishing out the team and probably a goal somewhere near you is the Papa himself – I ITALIAN0 I. What started as a quiet 2017 as a relatively unknown striker with Bayern in S4 turned into a powerhouse as Italiano led Juventus to incredible success on the back of his 70 G (1st), 41 A (1st), 99 KP (1st), 174 PP, and 15 MOTM in 82 games. With a S5 and S6 TOTS, a S6 Golden Boot, S5 and S6 League titles, a VIP League, and the S6 Super Cup, it will be hard for Italiano to top what he has already done, but only a crazy person would bet against him at this point. 

Honorable Mentions

While only 11 players could make our first ever PCN Team of the Year, we wanted to give a shoutout to all the players who made the shortlist and were in contention for a spot in the team. Players had to have a minimum of 50 games during 2017 and show their quality in multiple competitions. Admins voted on the team from the shortlist and a team was compiled with the players getting the most votes. 


GK – Kermit Le Froge and THEFREEKICKER11 


DEF – Blue Flamer0, MEATTRAIN1974, Mother Kangaroo, and rednightwing 


MID – Cozy Bryant, Fungus I 88, MexicanJediTony, M12VALLE, OneRickyRoyal, SpicyBeatle7192 xRetroPackx, and XxCAP1xX 


ATK – d1x0n10, DaPanicAttack, Erick l 9 l, Frosty01, l Stryde l 12, mojo1980fl, stay high playa, and xMISFITx6661


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