Team Of The Week – Week 4 – Season 9 – Super League

Starting XI

GK – MR MACE2014: Starting off our last Super league TOTW is a former L2 goalkeeper in MR MACE2014 who has been on a roll since joining Lazio in the super league posting 8 GP, 2 PP, 42 SV, 3 CS, and 1 MOTM

CB – NSGG DAN:Look at who made a return to TOTW for the 2nd week in a row Bayer leverkusen defensive leader NSGG DAN the co manager of leverkusen has been on a tear recently across super league aiding the germans to what looks like a top 4 finish posting 8 GP, 1 GLS, 1 AST, 1 KP, 27 INT, 3 MOTM

CB – TheRealCapone58: A return to TOTW for the 2nd time this season Lazio leader from the back Capone has had a great season for lazio one of there bright spots for next season posting 8 GP, 1 AST, 2 KP, 9 DT, 23 INT, 3 CS

CB – PattyDux: Another former benfica player  bet they are really regretting the decision they made earlier in the season patty has been a monster for inter since joining posting 8 GP, 9 DT, 15 INT, 23 PP, 32 PW, 5 CS

CDM – dorseyfurcal18: Finally MMDARSEY has come back to the TOTW! In what feel like forever for him and must be bitter sweet as it looks like city has blown there chances to win the league this season but Dorsey has posted 7GP, 1 AST, 2 KP, 14 DT, 21 INT, 4 CS

CDM – Jammmyy (POTW): Damnnnnn Jammmyy back again with the POTW! Jammmyy has been a monster all season for inter a strong candidate for the POTS spot posting 8 GP, 1 AST, 3 KP, 19 DT, 22 INT, 5 CS

RM – zJig: Returning to the totw is jig who had a giant spell with the american side along with multiple other teammates posting 7 GP, 2 GLS, 1 AST, 8 KP, 16 PP, 1 MOTM

LM – MaKiNo: Atlanta united manager MaKino has transitioned from ST back to outside mid perfectly in what feels like his best position posting 7 GP, 2 AST, 8 KP, 9 DT, 15 PP, 1 MOTM

CAM – iSchwiftys: So atlanta united had a really good 2 weeks huh? Probably a face we thought we would see a lot more of this season Schwifty has had a disappointment of a season by his standards posting 7 GP, 1 GLS, 5 AST, 17 KP, 9 PP, 1 MOTM

ST – Bgod43rd: Manchester United manager has a great record as manager since taking over only conceding 1 loss since he was appointed head manager and he’s a great striker too posting 7 GP, 10 GLS, 3 AST, 12 KP, 9 PP, 1 MOTM

ST – Coufaveliii: Possibly one of the most clever minded managers in Super league right now Coufa had the idea to not only steal benfica players after that whole scenario unfolded but also bring in Smoke break from L1 and has earned his rewards for that his Inter milan team has been on a tear as well as him posting 8 GP, 5 GLS, 7 AST, 13 KP, 17 PP, 2 MOTM


GK – DarkBerry98: Hold on let me make sure i got this right after winning league 1 with Leverkusen and being the starting GK on TOTS and GK of the season DarkBerry98 turns around the following season and gets every single TOTW in super league? I smell a repeat of that TOTS and POTS awards going in Berry’s Cabinet this season this time berry posted 8 GP, 42 SV, 2 CS, and only 7 GA

CB – Snowboarder 778: Another atlanta united player here Snowboarder is Mr possessions won in PCN but this season he’s kinda just been there nothing overly impressive to say the least posting 7 GP, 2 AST, 7 KP, 3 DT, 23 INT, 1 CS

RB – Zeebruh: ZEEEEEEEEBS! After getting on the last TOTW last year in L1 he manages to get on the last TOTW in SL this season zeebruh has been a big part of German Powerhouse defensive juggernaut posting 8 GP, 5 DT, 15 INT, 2 BLK, 19 PP, 2 CS

CDM – lake x3: Lake has been a consistent DM for the potential league winners posting 7 GP, 2 AST, 3 KP, 22 DT, 17 INT, 2 CS

CAM – Thiago ll 6 ll: Mr. Consistent that’s what i call them thiago has been a great cam for juve the 2nd half of the season posting 6 GP, 1 GLS, 3 AST, 12 KP, 14 PP, 1 MOTM

ST – RobertoS713: Another Atlanta united player you would think they would be higher in the table with the amount of people making TOTW here. Roberto is a candiant for Golden boot posting 5 GP, 10 GLS, 1 KP, 7 PP, 9 PW, 2 MOTM

ST – o SMOKE BREAK o: Last but for sure not least again! the talk of the super league the past month former co manager of Napoli has quickly raising Inter Milan Smoke has been unstoppable the past 8 games scoring goals at a unreal rate naming himself as the new Zlatan of PCN, Hopefully this one is for the better posting 8 GP, 8 GLS, 2 AST, 5 KP, 9 PP, 1 MOTM




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