Team Of The Week – Week 4 – Season 8 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Phil The Fish (River Plate) – Swimming upstream straight into our fourth TOTW for S8 is River Plate’s aquatic netminder Phil The Fish. Phil has been at his best again in recent weeks as he earns his 3rd TOTW this season with 8 GA, 41 SV, and 3 CS in 9 games, and River Plate desperately need his efforts as they try to hang onto their thin grasp of the title challenge.

CB: OldMR Peanut (Atlanta United) – Starting off the TOTW defense is PCN’s frequent flyer mileage champion OldMR Peanut. Peanut earns his 2nd TOTW of the season (his first was in Manchester) with 2 A, 35 INT, 59 PW, and 18 PP over the past couple of weeks.

CB: Matias7 (Juventus) – Holding down the center of the defense for the TOTW is Juve’s Matias7 who is up to his old tricks again. Matias has been a staple in the Italians’ defense for a couple of seasons now and his 3 A, 4 KP, 25 INT, 59 PW, 30 PP, and 5 CS in 10 GP show exactly why.

CB: QIK (River Plate) – Speaking of solid defenders, River Plate’s QIK returns to the TOTW for the 3rd time this season as he continues to frustrate midfielders and attackers all across the league. QIK’s lightning fast reactions culminated in 2 A, 12 DT, 19 INT, 46 PW, and 3 CS during his most recent 9 games for the Argentine club.

RM: Unlucky Dustin (Orlando Pirates) – Well, there’s certainly nothing unlucky about Orlando’s Unlucky Dustin appearing in our TOTW as he has helped lead the South Africans to the top of the table. Dustin is an offensive dynamo from the wing as everyone can see from his 5 G, 6 A, 10 KP, and 23 PP in his last 8 matches played.

CDM: iRealms (Juventus) – One of the great midfielders in PCN, Juventus’ iRealms doesn’t always post incredible numbers while he does his job, but this week he really went to town. Realms’ ever safe play style always helps his club and helped him get a spot in our TOTW with 31 INT, 60 PW, 36 PP, 5 CS, and 2 MOTM in the last two weeks.

CDM: dorseyfurcal18 (Bayern Munich) – A change of scenery hasn’t slowed down one of PCN’s longest tenured players, as dorseyfurcal18 earns his 3rd TOTW of the season, this one earned while playing for 17th placed Bayern Munich. Dorsey has been a solidifying presence to the Bavarians’ midfield with 2 A, 9 KP, 14 DT, 27 INT, 49 PW, 26 PP, and 2 CS in 10 GP as he tries to help them stay in Super League for another season.

LM: Dranblood (Chelsea) – Locking in our left mid spot in this TOTW is a player who hasn’t been seen in a TOTW in a few seasons, but Chelsea’s Dranblood more than earned his spot with some huge performances for the surging London outfit. Dranblood has been drawing the blood and rage of defenders across the league with 3 G, 4 A, 8 KP, 20 PP, and 2 MOTM in the past couple of weeks.

CAM: PerfectMode (River Plate) – After narrowly missing out on a couple of TOTWs earlier in the season, River Plate’s PerfectMode finally hits the mark and earns the CAM spot in this week’s edition. Perfect has lived up to his name over his past 9 games with 3 G, 3 A, 14 KP, 16 INT, and 21 PP for the falling giants.

ST: Evo 21x (Orlando Pirates) – The first of a couple of Orlando Pirates teammates at striker, Evo 21x has been in sensational form recently as he has made life easy for his fellow attackers. Evo’s creative juices have been flowing at full capacity as his 7 G, 14 A, 25 KP, and 26 PP in 10 games demonstrates to the PCN universe.

ST: Criminal Lazer (Orlando Pirates) – This week’s Player of the Week Criminal Lazer recaptured the form that earned him the first POTW honor of the season with some scintillating play for the Pirates of late. Lazer has backed up his sterling reputation with 18 G, 4 A, 16 KP, 30 PP, and an insane 6 MOTM over the past two weeks.


GK: Kasra25 (Juventus) – Leading our bench from the very back is Juventus’ steady hands in net in Kasra25. When not seen messaging players after games when Juve win, Kasra has shown he is still one of the better keepers in PCN with 5 GA, 27 SV, and 5 CS in 7 GP for the Italians.

CB: Slipkid2 (Schalke) – Another week, another somewhat surprising member of the TOTW defense from a lower half of the table side in Schalke’s Slipkid2. While Schalke have been slowly dropping towards the relegation zone in recent weeks, don’t blame Slip and his 10 DT, 31 INT, 74 PW, and 17 PP in the last couple of weeks.

LB: Gato Bravo9 (Juventus) – Another longtime member of the back-to-back-to-back champions Juventus, Gato Bravo9 has been at his best recently trying to help Juve push back up the table. Gato has locked down the left side for his team with 20 INT, 46 PW, 15 PP, and 5 MOTM in his last 9 games.

CM: FIFA Talentless (River Plate) – Our POTW from the second TOTW, FIFA Talentless marks his return to the squad with some great production. Talentless has a well-rounded game that always helps his team as one can see from his 5 G, 5 KP, 18 INT, and 16 PP over his past 8 matches.

RM: MaKiNo (Atlanta United) – Returning to the TOTW after his first taste last week is Atlanta United’s winger extraordinaire MaKiNo. Makino has been a bright spot for the now cooled off Atlanta team with 2 G, 6 A, 16 KP, and 17 INT over the past few weeks.

ST: Magic I 10 I (Manchester United) – Another player who has now made three consecutive TOTWs, Manchester United’s manager and striker Magic I 10 I continues to get stronger as the season progresses. Magic has been showing the whole league all of his tricks lately with 11 G, 5 A, 12 KP, 24 PP, and 2 MOTM in his last 10 GP.

ST: ITALIAN10 (Juventus) – It took a while, but Juventus’ leader from the front ITALIAN10 has finally earned himself a spot in our TOTW in S8. Italiano may not be having his very best season, but his recent performances have reminded everyone of his quality with 11 G, 3 A, 20 PP, and 3 MOTM in the past two weeks.





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