Team Of The Week – Week 4 – Season 8 – League One

Starting XI

GK: Darkberry98 (Bayer 04) : Capping off a fantastic season and leading off our final team of the week for season 8 is none other than the brick wall himself, Darkberry98. Throughout the season Darkberry has been nothing short of fantastic, his name appearing on more TOTWs than any other goalie. He let a stunning total of 2 shots through over the past 8 games, while making 32 saves in those games. His absurd 16 saves to goals conceded ratio provides more than enough justification for why he is one of the week’s top players.

RB: Zeebruh (Bayer 04): As one could logically assume, since Darkberry only conceded 2 goals, Zeebruh was also part of a defense that allowed only 2 goals. In addition to being a part of the best defense in Division 1, Zeebruh also had a very statistically impressive week, managing to grab 35 possessions won to go along with 20 passing points and the aforementioned 6 clean sheets and 2 goals conceded.

CB: Quark Pfft (Bayer 04): Unsurprisingly, the Bayer defense has produced a lot of team of the week players, as tends to happen when a team finishes undefeated in 8 games with 2 goals allowed. Quark’s second TOTW is well deserved, as in addition to Bayer’s previously mentioned accomplishments, he put up 28 possessions won, 16 interceptions, and was even able to notch a goal.

CB: NSGG Dan (Bayer 04): The second centerback from Bayer and fourth member of their defense in the starting XI, NSGG Dan was part of a unit that deserves all the individual accolades they are receiving. He earned his second TOTW this season with stats to the tune of 32 possessions won and 19 passing points, as well as an assist.

LB: eKsiSLe (Ajax): With eKsiSLe, we welcome the first non-Bayer Leverkusen defender and player on this week’s team of the week. Taking a starting spot away from the much-appraised Bayer defense is a very impressive feat this week, and one which eKsiSLe worked very hard to earn as his team fought for seeding in the upcoming playoff. He accrued 38 possessions won, 26 passing points, and 12 tackles in 9 games for Ajax to earn his second straight TOTW.

CDM: Vchenz91 (RB Leipzig): Although he isn’t on Bayer 04, Vchenz showed the league that you don’t have to be on the best defense to have some of the best defensive stats. With RB Leipzig fighting for a chance in the promotion tournament, his performances were crucial even if they barely missed out on the playoffs by one goal. Over the course of the last 7 games, Vchenz put up 46 possessions won, 21 interceptions, and 13 tackles won on the defensive end to go along with 11 key passes, 4 assists and a goal offensively.

CDM: Darcy 8 (Bayer 04): For those still keeping track, this is the fourth TOTW for the consistent and impressive Darcy 8, capping off a league-winning season for the defensively adept Bayer Leverkusen. As we have all come to expect from Darcy, these past 8 games have been filled with impressive stat totals that would make any defensive mid envious. Along with Bayer’s impressive 6 clean sheets and 2 goals conceded, Darcy also managed to snag 35 possessions won, 15 interceptions and 17 tackles as Darcy helped Bayer to a league winning performance.

CAM: Edgar11ramos (Ajax): Edgar11ramos is back in the TOTW after a short one-week hiatus, returning to his usual top notch form as he earned his 3rd TOTW accolade this season. His performances were vital for an Ajax side fighting for a top seed in the upcoming promotion tournament. His impressive stat totals included 4 goals, 9 assists, and an absurd 28 key passes to help set up goals, while his 38 possessions won are more than many CDMs.

CAM: Poseidon855 (Benfica): The god of the sea also happens to be a god on the pitch, which was vital for a Benfica team that need his performances to stay in second place and secure automatic promotion. While the RAM has often been close to a TOTW, this is surprisingly his first time receiving the honor. He has had a very impressive week, and is deserving of his first TOTW, as he collected 2 goals, 5 assists, and 15 key passes in his 8 games.

ST: IF Lewandowski9 (Benfica): The goal-scoring machine known as IF Lewandowski is back in the TOTW once more, here for the third straight time to collect his award. In addition to a TOTW, Lewy earned a POTW for his efforts to keep Ajax at the top seed in the promotion tournament. The second member this week from the Benfica attack has been a menace to keepers and defenses everywhere, as no one has been able to stop him. He scored a ridiculous 18 goals in 8 games and had 3 MOTM awards to go along with his league-leading goal tally.

ST:Tsoxnighthawk (Ajax): Joining his CAM Ramos on this week’s top XI is none other than Tsoxnighthawk for Ajax. While he might not be scoring the most goals in the league, his 14 goals put him securely in second for the past 2 weeks and is a very impressive total. In addition, he has 3 assists and 6 key passes in the previous set of fixtures.


GK: Pony Vegetable (FC Porto): To start off this week’s group of bench players is none other than the fantastic shot stopper himself, Pony Vegetable. While Porto’s season may not have ended as they would’ve hoped, no one should have less blame than Pony Vegetable, who had an inspiring week of performances. Over his past 8 games, Pony racked up 48 saves to go along with 3 clean sheets, more than enough to secure his place in this week’s TOTW.

CB: Lil iPurpp (Benfica): Joining his Benfica friends on the offensive side is the third centerback, and the first from a team not named Bayer Leverkusen, Lil IPurpp. His rock-solid defending helped Benfica hold onto the second automatic promotion spot, and it helped himself get into the TOTW.

LB: SSspurs94 (Bayer 04): You probably thought there was some sort of typo or mistake, as somehow a Bayer defender made TOTW. After an atrocious 2 goals conceded in 8 games, SSpurs joins just the entire Bayer backline, CDM, and GK on this week’s TOTW. His 32 possessions won and 12 interceptions undoubtedly helped the Bayer backline look as strong and steady as it did.

LM: Manyk rider (Ajax): The outside mid for Ajax joins up with three of his teammates in the TOTW, reflecting what has been an inspiring set of fixtures or the Ajax side, especially with an important tournament coming up. He knocked in 6 goals from the outside mid position, leading the league for midfielders in the process, collecting 3 assists and 12 key passes along the way.

CAM: Raven52rl (Bayer 04): Another player for Bayer made TOTW, what a surprise. Unlike six of his other teammates on this list, Raven is actually on the offensive side of the ball, though it’s not like they needed too many goals. He put 3 shots in the back of the net, which, by the way, is more than his team conceded over the 8 games combined, and he had 6 assists and 11 key passes in what was another week of masterclass performances by Raven.

ST: liverpoolmadkev (Bayer 04): The eighth and final Bayer player to make the fourth and final TOTW (and his third straight) is the man, the myth, the legend, liverpoolmadkev. The prolific striker earned his final TOTW as Bayer wrapped up what has been a very impressive season for the title winning side. Kev slotted 11 goals in his past 7 games, while also setting his teammates up for 4 more. He even showed up defensively, helping his team with 21 possessions won.

ST: xII Chronik IIx (RB Leipzig): The second player from RB Leipzig, and the final player on the final TOTW is xII Chronik IIx, who had a set of great performances for the mid table side. The unselfish striker provided for his teammates to the tune of 6 assists and 8 key passes, while also scoring 6 goals of his own. A true travesty that we won’t get to see his talents in the upcoming playoff.


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