Team Of The Week – Week 4 – Season 14 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: Mikebzo (Toronto FC)
Starting the Team of the Week 4, we have the Netminder of the True North, Mikebzo. Few goalkeepers were as sure handed as this lad was. An easy choice for this edition of TOTW. 8 games played, 6 clean sheets, which is staggering no matter the league. Although it is a testament to the defense in front of him, mikebzo held firm with 23 saves, only allowing 3 goals in 720 FIFA minutes.

CB: BasedNaz (West Ham)
We move on to the backline in this 3-5-2 TOTW4. The mighty Hammer, BasedNaz. 10 games played in this cycle and a staggering 60 possessions won (22 tackles, 24 interceptions) BasedNaz was a nightmare for opposing attackers. The West Ham man. 1 assist, a key pass and two MOTM during this time, truthfully no surprise he makes an appearance on the list.

CB: DNKrazy (Toronto FC)
And just like that, we head back up north to Toronto for this inclusion. We spoke earlier about how mikebzo had 6 clean sheets. Here is one of the defenders he will surely be buying dinner for. DNKrazy makes this week’s edition with 10 games played, he helped the squad earn 7 clean sheets in that time. The centre back finished with 47 possessions won (13 tackles, 22 interceptions) and helped Toronto complete a memorable season.

CB: ShadowCriminal0 (Toronto FC)
Oh you thought it was going to be a different team? Negative. We stay in Toronto for the next player. ShadowCriminal0 matched the amount of games and clean sheets as his teammate (10 GP, 7CS) and was a part of an absolute stalwart defense. He earned 2 MOTM in that time as well as 33 possessions won and 28 interceptions. Let’s face it, Toronto was blessed to have this msn in their ranks this past season.

CDM: iiRayLew52ii (West Ham)
Now we start with the gatekeepers of the defense, the defensive midfielders. The second West Ham representative on this list is IIraylew52II. The PCN journeyman finished this cycle with 6 key passes, an 84% passing percentage and 51 possessions won. The Moroccan midfielder even tallied a goal (but when though?) as well as 2 MOTM and helped his side earn two clean sheets during this time.

CDM: TheSupremeSumo (Marseille)
For the first time in this list we head on over to Marseille. TheSupremeSumo had a stellar few weeks helping the french club earn a playoff spot. 2 shots and 2 goals isn’t too shabby playing in the DM role. Not to mention his 8 key passes as well as 64 possessions won (24 tackles, 40 interceptions) Sumo was a destroyer of opposition attacks. He also would find the holes as he finished with 8 key passes, helping Marseille finish high table.

RM: xBrotherLewy (Celtic)
It took THIS long to head on over to Scotland. Celtic Park to be specific. The man that orchestrated the L2 title for Glasgow’s Green and White, xBrotherLewy. In 9 games, Mr. Lewy had 7 goal contributions (2 Goals, 7 Assists) including 14 key passes and an 80% passing percentage. The lad was the best player in 2 of the games he played, and finished with the highest Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of all midfielders, 22.79.

LM: FlatDiamond09 (Leicester City)
Next up is a true Fox in the Box (eh, get it? Fox, Leicester?) FlatDiamond09. The Mexican Sensation was a handful for defenders for the last few weeks of the season contributing to 6 goals in 8 games for City. With 9 key passes he was a true distributor of the ball going forward. He knew how to help defensively too, with 47 positions won for his side, FlatDiamond09 was all over the pitch. Which is why he has made TOTW4.

CAM: SackJims (Frankfurt)
Our first and our only representative of the German club, Eintracht Frankfurt, was a Number 10 who earned his spot here. SackJims played very well during this cycle in his 9 games played. Contributing to 6 goals in that time span (3 goals, 3 Assists) he also distributed the ball very well finishing with 15 key passes and an 82% passing percentage. With a MOTM in his belt and a 22.19 PER, SackJims (great name) earned the CAM spot in this edition.

ST: J4mesWestf4ll (Marseille) – POTW
And just like that, back to Marseille we go. The Player of the Week, J4mesWestf4ll. He played all 10 games of the cycle, contributing to 18 goals for the French side (13 goals, 5 assists). The clinical striker was an absolute nightmare to deal with. When he wasn’t scoring goals, he was splitting defenses with 12 key passes and bringing the game ball on 3 separate occasions. Surely he was a key cog in the Marseille machine that finished in a playoff spot. Certainly the last few weeks he was pure magic.

ST: Paid Dr0 (Marseille)
And next is his partner in crime ravaging L2, Paid Dr0. He played all 10 games in this cycle as well and contributed to 15 goals for Olympique Marseille (8 goals, 7 assists). No doubt from the j4mes-Dr0 tag team he was a distributor, finishing the last weeks of the season with 17 key passes. 3 MOTMs for Paid Dr0 as well, proving to be an absolute game breaker and devastating to opponents. Well in.


GK: GC The Reaper (Racing Club)
The lone representative from Racing Club makes the list here. The Guardian, GC The Reaper. Serving in 9 games for Racing, the lad stopped the ball 30 times from bustling into his ol’ onion bag. Four clean sheets in that time is nothing to scoff at as well. He was also effective in ball distribution, with an 100% passing percentage from his box. He was the MOTM in 2 games for his side, proving GKs get love too.

DEF: DANTHEMAN390 (West Ham)
Back to London we go. Another defender makes his appearance for the Hammers, welcome DANTHEMAN390. Playing for his side in 9 matches, DANTHEMAN390 finished this TOTW4 cycle with impressive numbers. 41 possessions won (8 tackles, 30 interceptions) and kept the enemy scoreless in 4 matches. I had to include this. A Centre back with 1 key pass as well. Yes lad. Yes.

DEF: x1 dybala (Toronto FC)
Back to Canada we go to talk about, yes, another defender. x1dybala makes his appearance here alongside his brethren. Having put on the shirt 10 times these last few weeks for Toronto, he had a good week. Winning the ball back a total of 34 times (9 tackles, 18 interceptions) and also keeping the opposition scoreless in 7 out of 10 games he played is great stuff. Getting an assist proved this fullback could help his attack moving up the pitch as well.

CDM: IPuma27 (West Ham)
The second entry of a West Ham DM in this week’s TOTW, enter IPuma27. Another member of the list who played all 10 games, he won the ball back 38 times for the Hammers (20 tackles, 24 interceptions), also earning 4 clean sheets and 3 MOTMs. As a defensive midfielder you do have to go up at times. No worries for Puma, bagging an assist and 8 key passes, the lad was a true box to box midfielder for Unisolated’s club.

CAM: Boyce i10i (Marseille)
Another representative of the french side Marseille in TOTW4, we have Boyce I10I. 8 games played for the Number 10, he contributed to 6 goals for the club (1 goal, 5 assists). An effective distributor of the ball as well, giving 9 key passes to his mates in the final third. Another player on this list who was a ball winner, he won it back 28 times as a CAM which is impressive.

Words cannot begin to describe how much I love this gamertag. Moving on! Toronto doesn’t only have defenders on this list, as this lad proves. He was put on the team sheet 10 times in these last few weeks, reaching 12 goal contributions (10 goals, 2 assists). Being named MOTM twice on a team with many great defenders isn’t easy, but it was done. This striker also finished this cycle with 10 key passes, proving he can also find his mates in dangerous positions.

ST: DaPanicAttack (Leicester City)
The last entry on this list is OneRick- wait. Ricky GET OUT OF HERE. Right. The last player on this list is DaPanicAttack, serving his club of Leicester City. He finished the week with the least amount of games played out of anyone here with 7 games played and still contributed to 12 goals for the Foxes (7 goals, 5 assists). With an 84% pass completion and 10 key passes he gave defenses panic attacks with his slicing distribution. Bringing home the match ball once and finishing the week with a 23.77 PER, it was impossible to keep him off the list.

These lads played their hearts out in the final weeks of the Season. Recognition truly deserved for each of you. #WitnessGritness

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