Team Of The Week – Week 4 – Season 14 – League One

Starting XI

GK: nexus bionic (Newcastle):
Starting off the final edition of the League One TOTW for S14 is Newcastle goalkeeper, nexus bionic. Newcastle’s main man between the sticks earns his first TOTW appearance this season with an excellent string of games, proving to be a vital piece for the English side that many would argue failed to meet expectations this season.. In 9 games for Newcastle, nexus bionic managed to make 43 saves to go along with 3 CS (T-3rd), and a 16.04 PER, 2nd amongst all GKs in League One.

RB: Sleepyboy123 (Barcelona):
Kicking off the starting backline is Barcelona fullback Sleepyboy123. The former L1 TOTS defender earns his third TOTW appearance for the Blaugrana, a testament to his consistency shown each gameday to perform at a high level. With such an impressive season yet again, Sleepyboy123 will surely be a favorite to scoop up yet another TOTS honor. In 13 games Sleepyboy123 picked up 18 tackles (2nd), 32 interceptions (1st) and 61 possessions won (1st), to go along with 5 CS (T-1st), 4 MOTM awards and a PER of 21.14 (2nd).

CB: Brickwallwillis (Newcastle):
Joining his fellow Newcastle compatriot is Newcastle centre back, Brickwallwillis. Earning his second consecutive TOTW appearance this season, Brickwallwillis continues his role as the brick wall of Leak’s backline, as the PCN veteran shows he likes to command his defense by example. In 10 games for Newcastle, Brickwallwillis has gotten 14 tackles (T-2nd), 29 interceptions (T-3rd), and 44 possessions won, accompanied by 3 CS (T-3rd),3 MOTM awards, and a league leading 19.52 PER out of all CBs.

CB: Zeebruh (Ajax):
Featuring the first of a number of title winners on this TOTW is Ajax center back, Zeebruh. Zeebruh has been integral in Ajax’s rise to glory from L2 to SL these past few seasons, and it’s no surprise that Ajax have the joint least goals conceded when they have someone with as much quality and experience in the backline as Zeebruh. In 11 games, Zeebruh has accumulated 15 tackles (1st), 20 interceptions, and 55 possessions won, to go along with 3 CS (T-3rd), and a 18.19 PER (2nd).

LB: ruben I5I (Arsenal):
Rounding out the Backline is Arsenal fullback, ruben l5l. Making his 2nd TOTW appearance, ruben l5l has had a breakout season for the gunners. Spending his past few seasons as a rotational piece for Wolves, ruben l5l has served as the defensive talisman for an Arsenal side that surprised everyone with a 2nd place finish and the joint least conceded goals alongside Ajax. ruben l5l picked up 16 tackles, 21 interceptions, and 53 possessions won (3rd), alongside 2 assists, 5 CS (T-1st), and a PER of 22.69 (1st).

CDM: Fuji Sells (Hearts):
Occupying the sole DM spot is Hearts midfielder, Fuji Sells. After making the switch from Chlelsea to Hearts this season, the former SL TOTS midfielder has not looked back, making his presence on the team immediate with his red hot form. Although Hearts was not able to secure promotion to Super League, there is no denying the impact that Fuji provided to the side, with an absurd 45 tackles (1st), 45 interceptions (2nd), and 79 possessions won (1st) in 12 games, to go along with 4 clean sheets (T-2nd), a MOTM award, and a PER of 18.03 (2nd).

RAM: FlatFoot NJ (Barcelona):
Lining up on the right flank is Barcelona midfielder Flatfoot NJ. The attacking midfielder picks up his second TOTW honor, showing once again the creativity on the pitch he possesses, as his ability to find the right pass is second to none for the Catalan side. In the midfield Flatfoot NJ has managed to produce 5 assists (3rd), 17 key passes (3rd) to go along with 5 MOTM awards and a PER of 21.63 (2nd) in his 13 games during this TOTW period.

LAM: MasterSpankMe10 (Arsenal):
At the LAM position is Arsenal midfielder, MasterSpankMe10. Yet another familiar face, MasterSpankMe10 picks up his 3rd TOTW this season. Following the trend of a number of players on the Arsenal side that have had breakout seasons, MasterSpankMe10 has more goals and assists this season then all his previous seasons combined, adding to his total in this TOTW period with 1 goal, 6 assists (2nd), 18 key passes (2nd), and a 18.62 PER in his 10 matches.

CAM: Nord Gaston (Hearts):
Filling in the CAM spot is Hearts midfielder, Nord Gaston. Probably the best player in League One, the former Lyon man has an enormous amount of experience at the highest level of play, which he put to good use at the Scottish side. Gaston quickly became the cubs lead assist maker with less than half a season’s worth of games, leaving many to wonder how Hearts season would have turned out had he arrived from the start. Nord Gaston bagged 3 goals (T-2nd) to go along with 9 assists (1st), 21 key passes (1st), 1 MOTM award and a 23.62 PER (1st).

ST: Bull321 (Atalanta) – POTW:
The first player in the striker pair is Atalanta forward, Bull321. Bull321’s total goal tally in his previous 4 seasons of PCN; 17, Bull321’s goal tally in this season alone; 38. Without a doubt the best loan signing this season and possibly the best ever in PCN, this season has led to a tremendous amount of breakout stars in League One that will have numerous Super League clubs calling for their services for next season, with this edition’s POTW most certainly at the top of the list. In 10 Games, Bull321 provided 15 goals (1st), 5 assists, 12 key passes, and a mind boggling 29.41 PER (1st)

ST: TKFP Spartan7x (Arsenal):
The last addition to the starting XI is Arsenal forward, TKFP Spartan7x. Posting career high numbers in goals and assists this season, it appeared as if PCN Arsenal had their very own virtual Robin Van Persie, as the Mexican forward’s composure in front of the net makes him one of the most productive strikers throughout the season. In his 10 games during the TOTW period for the English side, TKFP Spartan7x managed to bag 11 goals (T-2nd), to go along with 1 assists, 15 key passes, 3 MOTM awards, and PER of 23.21 (3rd).


GK: sxmsxr (Lazio):
In the bench spot for GK is Lazio’s very own sxmsxr. Despite the midseason transfer, sxmsxr managed to maintain his excellent debut season form which saw him shine at Seattle Sounders. Now at Lazio, sxmsxr’s knack for keeping his side in games has carried over to the Italian side with ease. sxmsxr made 43 saves, to go along with 5 CS (T-1st), and a 15.85 PER (3rd).

CB: Jimbonii (Hearts):
Occupying another TOTW sport for Hearts is Jimbonii. Heart’s defender Jimbonii has been at the heart of the defense for the Scottish side since their inception, paying back the club’s loyalty with a solid run of form that has earned the center back his first TOTW appearance of the season. With 13 games in this TOTW period, Jimbonii racked up 14 tackles (T-2nd), 26 interceptions (T-2nd), 35 PW, to go along with 2 goals and a PER of 20.43 (2nd).

LB: Gnora x 14 (Newcastle):
Making a bench appearance is Newcastle fullback, Gnora x 14. With his second TOTW appearance, FIFA 20 saw the rise of many quality fullbacks with Gnora x 14 being a prime example, and it will be interesting to see if these fullbacks find themselves in SL changing the dynamic of the league, which relies heavily on the 3-5-2. Gnora x 14 was able to pick up 27 tackles (1st), 26 interceptions (2nd), and 55 possessions won (2nd), alongside 3 CS (T-3rd), 2 MOTM awards and a 19.99 PER (3rd) in his 10 games over the TOTW period.

DM: Zidane I7I (Ajax):
Next up in the Ajax triplet is defensive midfielder, Zidane l7l. The calmness that PCN veteran Zidane l7l brings to any team cannot be understated, he is the type of player every team desires, and his addition to Ajax this season was without a doubt a key factor in their dominance in League One. In 11 games for the Dutch side Zidane l7l picked up 25 tackles, 38 interceptions, and 66 possessions won, to go along with an always sharp 90% passing (1st), 4 CS, 2 MOTM awards and a league leading PER of 19.12 for all defensive midfielders.

CM: Teddy Swims (Arsenal):
The final Arsenal player to make an appearance in this TOTW edition is Arsenal midfielder, Teddy Swims. With a 2nd consecutive TOTW appearance, it seems that many in the Arsenal side seemed to hit form at just the right time, with Teddy Swims being no exception. A center mid is the anchor of the midfield that requires the person to provide a little of everything, and with 1 goal, 3 assists, 13 key passes, 17 tackles, 25 interceptions (T-3rd), 42 possessions won, and a 20.21 PER in 10 games, Teddy Swims provided just that.

ST: Shamrockslax24 (Lille):
The only player to make an appearance for playoff winning side Lille is their forward, Shamrockslax24. With his 7th consecutive season in League One, veteran forward Shamrockslax24 has long been known as one of League One’s deadliest finishers, backing up this claim with a 2nd TOTW appearance and finishing 2nd in the Golden Boot race. In 13 games Shamrockslax24 has accumulated 11 goals (T-2nd), 5 assists, 9 key passes, 4 MOTM awards, and a PER of 20.91.

ST: x Erickson (Ajax):
The final player to make an appearance in this TOTW is also the final player in the Ajax title winning trio of this TOTW edition, x Erickson. The only player in League One to make all 4 appearances for TOTW, and who else would it be. x Erickson is the focal point for Ajax as he put on dominant displays night after night for the Dutch side. In his 11 games during the TOTW period for Ajax, x Erickson managed to bag 8 goals, to go along with 7 assists (T-2nd), 12 key passes, 2 MOTM awards, and PER of 21.62.

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