Team Of The Week – Week 4 – Season 12 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: xx Costa xX4872 (PSV) – First among a host of Eindhoven players this week is their rock in net xx Costa xX4872. Leading this week’s net minders with seven clean sheets, while also amassing 40 saves over his last twelve games of the season, the English keeper is set for a test in League One after helping the Danish club reach promotion after finishing in 3rd on the final gameday.

RB: CrispedGlint695 (PSV) – Aiding his fellow goalkeeper in keeping seven clean sheets is CrispedGlint695. Glint has been the perfect two way fullback in his last 12 games, amassing 34 combined tackles and interceptions, while also injecting three key passes and keeping a stellar 89.3% passing, the highest mark among this week’s fullbacks.

CB: GambleScopes (Leicester City) – A member of a Leicester team that has been the hottest in League Two since getting taken over, GambleScopes has no doubt been a reason why. While only allowing five goals and matching that same tally in clean sheets, Scopes also contributed to his side with an assist on the week, and should be watched closely for next season as the Foxes will look to make their title push.

CB: TheBigBadChub (PSV) – Another key part of the PSV defense and leading in nearly every defensive category for the duration of this team of the week, TheBigBadChub has been a rock at the back for his club. Not only did the PSV manager contribute a goal to his name, Chub also won the ball back 60 times for his side this week, and kept seven clean sheets along the way.

LB: GucciKilljoy (Leicester City) – Rounding out this four back is GucciKilljoy, who enjoyed himself a sound week for the Foxes. Killjoy accrued 64 possessions won in his last ten matches, and kept five clean sheets to go along with his partner at center half. Surely he must be playing a 6’4 build at full back, because Killjoy also amassed 28 headers won, leading all fullbacks during this TOTW cycle.

CDM: THE ATLIEN88 (PSV) – Starting this midfield and adding to PSV’s total of players this week is THE ATLIEN88 who could not have been more important to his team’s performance in his last 12 appearances. Holding a nearly 81% passing percentage and attempting 152 passes, Atlien was not only vital in build ups, but he was also instrumental on the defensive side of the ball, making 61 interventions and winning possession for his side 53 times.

RM: xFormaggio (Roma) – The first of the League 2 champions on this list, xFormaggio’s 13 goal involvements and eleven key passes make him a shoe in at the right midfielder position. For a squad that scores in loads, Formaggio has proven himself this week and all season long as one of the top wide players coming out of League 2 in S12.

CAM: iLucid Control (Roma) – Starting in the center attacking midfield position is none other than Roma’s iLucid Control, who put on a stellar display in the last 12 matches. Lucid had a goal involvement per each match (2 G, 10 A), while also executing 15 key passes. Lucid has proven vital to a Roma attack that blew teams out of the water at times, and will hope to continue to do so after winning the League 2 championship.

LM: AttwooD l 4 l (PSV) – Player of the Week – This week’s POTW in League Two is AttwooD l 4 l and rightly so. Having five goals and nine assists to his name, the Eindhoven midfielder completed a whopping 23 key passes and achieved two MOTM awards for his side, all in his last 12 appearances. Offense made the difference in League 2 when it came to getting promoted out of the division, and Attwood was there to deliver for his team.

ST: SamStaticc (Marseille) – The first of the two strikers is the French side’s SamStaticc, who not only contributed nine goals to his sides tally, but also provided 14 key passes that led to nine assists. Although they lost out to promotion in playoffs, Sam’s ability to not only be a goal scorer but support his team as well should prove to be an invaluable talent in an ever competitive League 2 heading into S13.

ST: Ayoo Finch (Napoli) – In his last twelve games of the season, Ayoo Finch took his side and did his best to insert them into the playoff picture, putting up more goal involvements than any other forward in League 2. His 15 goals and six assists make him an easy selection for this weeks TOTW, and he will be a vital cog for Napoli moving forward.


GK: Reedrix (Leicester City) – Leading off the bench is Leicester’s net minder Reedrix, who has been in fine form all season and remained as such down the stretch. Allowing only five goals on thirty shots in his last ten matches, Reedrix held five clean sheets which is even more impressive given the goal tallies seen in League 2 this season. Almost everyone is predicting the Foxes as “far too early favorites” for S13, and Reedrix is surely a reason why.

CB: TheSpicyTurtle (Marseille) – TheSpicyTurtle had a fantastic last 12 games of the season, as he gathered 58 possessions won, and put his body on the line, amassing nine blocks to help his side keep four clean sheets. He’ll be looking to improve even further on his tally next season as Marseille look to achieve promotion after just narrowly missing out
to Barcelona in the playoff final.

LB: Elambz (Barcelona) – Elambz helped playoff-winning Barcelona finally get over the hump and achieve promotion into League 1 with a fantastic finish to S12. Down the stretch, he saw plenty of the ball, attempting 139 passes from his left back position and maintained a solid 82.7% passing percentage, not to mention his 45 possessions won and four clean sheets.

CAM: AustinWBurke (West Ham United) – The East Londoners’ lone participant in this weeks TOTW, AustinWBurke allowed his team to move the ball well through the attacking half, completing 84% of his passes in addition to his three goals and three assists in his last ten matches. West Ham have their man to build around next season, and Austin is sure to be a huge part of any promotion push for next season.

ST: TexasAce (Leicester City) – A well traveled man this season, TexasAce landed himself at the King Power Stadium, where in his last twelve games he bagged 13 goals and added two assists to his record in addition to eleven key passes. For a Leicester team that has been on the upswing all season, a proven goalscorer like Texas could be a huge stepping stone for this well rounded team.

ST: Elements of God (Atletico Madrid) – The lone Atletico Madrid player in this weeks TOTW, Elements of God has proven himself a shoe in for his side in the striker position. His twelve goals in his last twelve games is a huge reason why, not to mention his three assists and seventeen key passes. Even though they came up short of the League 2 title, Elements has proven that he’s ready for the step up to League 1 with his late season fine form.

ST: TzCamzy (PSV) – To wrap up this week’s TOTW that has been dominated by PSV players, TzCamzy had an outstanding week for the Dutch side, bagging 14 goals while adding two assists to his record. Not only did he also account for 15 key passes, but his defensive abilities were put on display as well, amassing a solid 14 tackles and 11 interceptions to go along with his offensive prowess.

Editor: Skirata x
Cards: Davi |6|
Graphic: Turajlic


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