Team Of The Week – Week 4 – Season 11 – Super League

Starting XI

GK – Bauer l 43 l (Manchester City) – Kicking off this TOTW is Man City’s veteran shot stopper, Bauer l 43 l. The former Spurs goalie has played his trade for the Blues of Manchester and has put in some brilliant performances in the last few gamedays, earning him a spot in between the sticks of the TOTW. In 8 games, Bauer has saved 29 shots and kept 4 clean sheets, only allowing 4 goals in the process.

CB – Maradona l10l x (Chelsea) – As Chelsea look to secure a Super Cup spot going into the last gameday of the season, they will look to Maradona to lead his backline and help secure that final spot. A former attacker for AC Milan, Maradona found himself moving to defense to play for Chelsea, putting in some fine performances over the last two weeks. In 6 games, Maradona has picked up 7 tackles, 15 interceptions, 20 possessions won, and 2 Man of the Match awards.

CB – Slipkid2 (Lyon) – As the season comes to an end, you are going to see many players pick up their performances to try and either secure team success or to earn some accolades to finish out the campaign. Even though Lyon has fallen out of the Super Cup race, Slipkid has done what he could to help his side keep up the push. In 8 games, Slipkid has gotten 1 assist, 16 tackles, 15 interceptions, and 42 possessions won.

CB – TheTacoKid95 (Benfica) – Celebrating his first TOTW and his first Super League title is Benfica’s very own, TheTacoKid95. A newcomer to the Portuguese side, Taco has been a key piece to the Benfica puzzle that has now gone back to back in the Super League. Taco will also be looking to add his first Royal Cup this Sunday, as they face off against the perennial powerhouse in AC Milan. In his last 8 appearances for Benfica, Taco has won possession back 27 times, while also adding 13 interceptions, 5 blocks, 2 assists, and 1 goal to round out a stellar campaign.

CDM – Lazo l X l (Manchester City) – Making his way into the starting DM spot this week is Manchester City’s emphatic ball winning midfielder, Lazo. He has formed quite the partnership with his veteran teammate, Wanyama, as their defensive play has helped Manchester City reach the League Cup Final, only to fall 2-1 to Atlanta United. Lazo’s strong defensive output has been key to their league and cup form, as in his last 8 appearances, he has picked up 26 tackles, 29 interceptions, 50 possessions won, and 3 clean sheets.

CDM – Brapslap (Liverpool) – Rounding out the defensive mid department of this week’s TOTW is none other than Brapslap from Liverpool. Although Liverpool’s season has been somewhat up and down, Brap has enjoyed a quiet and successful season for the side, as his fine play has now been rewarded with this berth into the TOTW. In 8 games, Brap has gotten 17 tackles, 34 interceptions, 22 passing points, and 46 possessions won.

LM – Criminal Casper (Chelsea) – Making his return to the TOTW is Chelsea’s two-way outside midfielder in Criminal Casper. Casper has been crucial for the London side as they look to secure one of the last Super Cup spots. He has once again displayed his ability to create on offense, as he added 2 goals and 4 assists to his season tally, while also keeping up his defensive form, picking up 15 interceptions, 4 tackles, and 21 possessions won in 8 games.

RM – Caveman5515 (Manchester United) – For someone who might be newer to the league, they would be unaware that Caveman used to be a center back, but with his recent form, he is well deserving of his spot this week at outside mid in the TOTW. Although Manchester United’s seasons has been somewhat disappointing for the most part, Caveman is looking to lead his side to a greater future on and off the pitch. In 8 games, he has gotten 5 assists, 16 key passes, 12 interceptions, and 18 possessions won.
CAM – Chuck of Norris (Benfica) – This week, we have another position change that has taken place, as Chuck of Norris has moved from his striker role to play CAM for Benfica as they secured their second Super League title in a row. Chuck has been one of the best players that Benfica has had to offer over the last two seasons and arguably the best manager in the league at the moment. In 8 games, Chuck has scored 2 goals while also adding 2 assists, 16 key passes, 16 interceptions, and 29 possessions won.

ST – xBrotherLewy (AC Milan) – The first striker to make the starting lineup this week is none other than the current top goal-scorer in the league, Lewy. He has been one of the few consistent pieces for AC Milan this season as they hope to secure silverware in the Royal Cup Final this Sunday, but Lewy has been a key part of their success throughout the season. In his last 8 games, Lewy has scored 9 times with 21 shots on target. He also added 2 assists, 8 key passes, and 2 Man of the Match awards.

ST – Lupexx49 (PSG – POTW) – Last, but certainly not least, is this week’s Player of the Week in Lupe. Lupe is hands down the most loyal player in PCN history, as he has now played 8 seasons with Stay High at PSG. He has also been one of their key men every season he is available to play, and his recent form shows it. In 8 games, the PSG legend has scored 9 times with just 14 shots on target. During this time, he also picked up 4 assists, 19 passing points, and 2 Man of the Match awards. Rumor has it that this will be his final season in PCN, and he is definitely going out with a bang.


GK – Strikers98 (Benfica) – Everyone’s favorite banned Discord warrior has made it into this week’s TOTW. Although his antics have died down somewhat, that has not stopped him from being the brick wall in between the sticks that Benfica needed to secure the title. In 8 games, Strikers has gotten 22 saves and 5 clean sheets.

CB – x Futty (Atlanta United) – Just barely making it short of the starting lineup, Futty has still made his appearance this season in the TOTW. After a move to Denmark, it has not stopped him from leading the Atlanta United backline as they secured their first piece of silverware, as they have defeated Manchester City in the League Cup Final this past Wednesday. Futty has been on an absolute tear for the American side, as in his last 6 games, he has picked up 16 interceptions, 19 passing points, 18 possessions won, and 1 assist.

RB – AJCONN29 (Lyon) – Our lone fullback representative is also a returning player to the TOTW, and that is Lyon’s favorite drunkard, AJCONN. With his podcast days in the past, he has focused on his game and has emerged as one of the better outside backs in the Super League. In 8 matches, AJ has gotten 18 tackles, 15 interceptions, 4 blocks, and 25 possessions won.

CDM – dorseyfurcal18 (Milan) – Due to recent events, we will not be receiving the fabled twerk video from Dorsey this season, but hopefully that can happen next FIFA. Anyways, Dorsey has been one of the few AC Milan players that have kept their game at a high level as they push to secure the next possible piece of silverware, the Royal Cup. In 8 games, Daddy Dorsinator has scored 1 goal, also adding 1 assist, 4 key passes, 18 tackles, and 22 interceptions.

CM – Platypus Thrust (Spurs) – The lone representative from Tottenham this week is their dynamic center mid, Platypus Thrust. His playstyle is almost as unique as his gamertag, as he pulls the strings from deep for the North London side. In 7 games, Platypus has scored 1 goal, picking up 4 assists, 7 key passes, 21 interceptions, and 24 possessions won.

ST – Eddy Disaster (Manchester United) – Making his way onto the bench this week is Manchester United’s veteran goal scorer, Eddy Disaster. Being somewhat of a journeyman over the course of his PCN career, he has been bagging goals for fun throughout his career. No matter what team he is on, you will always have to be weary of his lethal finishing ability and dominant presence in the air. In 8 games, he has found the back of the net 7 times with 13 shots on target. During this time, he has also gotten 3 assists, 13 passing points, and 2 Man of the Match awards.

ST – Champagin (Liverpool) – Finalizing the bench this week is yet another position change in Champagin. Starting out the season as a defensive midfielder, he has moved up top to partner with his manager, Rowdy, after the departure of FIFA Talentless. So far, Champagin has done more than be impressive, as he has nailed the final spot for this week. In 8 games, he has scored 9 goals with 14 shots on target. He has also gotten 4 assists and 19 passing points.

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