Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 9 – Super League

Starting XI

GK – DarkBerry98: 3 TOTW’s this season and this is the third time we’ve seen Darkberry name on this list he has been unstoppable for the top side germans. Leverkusen may have a impressive defense but it’s safe to say that they wouldn’t be where they are now if it wasn’t for this man in net posting 1 KP, 32 SV, 4 CS, 1 MOTM, and only 4 GA in 8 games. 

CB – Lii IPurpp: Earlier in the season there was some issues from the former benfica camp that this man did not make TOTW and after the benfica fallout he has not only earned his TOTW but has proven that they should’ve never parted ways with this man since joining the Itlaians over at Milan not only has he showed out but they have been on fire and he’s a big part to that posting 6 GP, 10 DT, 16 INT, 19 PP, 27 PW, and 3 CS 

CB – Edgar11Ramos (POTW): This weeks player of the week goes to the Gaffer over at the Gunners, Arsenal went through a moment of in house fighting causing 2 starting defenders to quit the team and jump ship to Manchester United with no option the former CAM of the season made the jump back to CB and may have found a new home in the defense posting 6 GP, 4 AST, 5 KP, 2 DT, 5 CS, and 3 MOTM 

CB – NSGG DAN: The reigning League 1 Champion, TOTS, and POTS has been rather silent this season only being the leader of the best defense in the league witth a ubserd number of cleansheets!! it’s safe to say that NSGG DAN is truly a top 5 Center Back in this league and many would think that he will be a wanted man with the offseason lurking Dan has posted 8 GP, 8 DT, 15 INT, 6 BLK, 17 PP, and 4 CS 

CDM- Fungus I 88: Fungus has been doing his job at DM for the mid table Roma and his efforts has not been unoticed earning a spot on this weeks TOTW posting 8 GP, 1 GLS, 8 AST, 4 KP, 6 DT, and 30 INT 

CDM – DaRcY 8: Another Sleeper this season DaRcY has quietly been the best tackler in the entire league with upserd defensive stats posting 8 GP, 22 DT, 25 INT, 2 BLK, 46 PW, 4 CS 

RM – Poseidon855: Remember Purpp’s writeup? yeah the whole benfica situation proves to be a terrible mistake as another former Benfica player has move on and stood out among the best of the best Poseidon has posted 8 GP, 1 GLS, 3 AST, 5 KP, 5 DT, 21 INT 

LM – SSSpurs94: With the departure of former manager RIooTv someone had to pick up the Ultilty Role on the Germans Leverkusen and it looks as though Spurs has done just that playing Offense and Defense this season ones to think if he will be joining Tottenham as they make the move to Super League next season he has posted 8 GP, 1 GLS, 1 AST, 10 KP, 9 DT, 18 INT 

CAM – Thiago II 6 II: The best player in PCN makes a return to TOTW again at the CAM position MR. No Shots as he’s been called posting 7 GP, 8 AST, 11 KP, 14 INT, 16 PP, 1 MOTM 

ST – DoYouLewyBro: Last but not least the Benfica Trio has been shining since leaving after joining NYC alongside his parter Poseidon Lewy has been getting back to his TOTS form from last season posting 8 GP, 8 GLS, 3 AST, 6 KP, 14 PP, 3 MOTM 

ST – Erick I 9 I: Finishing up the starting 11 is one of the many top flight players for the leauge leaders in Erick who is still posting a unreal number of KP posting 8 GP, 9 GLS, 5 AST, 22 KP, 13 PP, 1 MOTM 


GK – Phil The FIsh: The Multiple time TOTS and POTS goalkeeper is having a decent season for the mid table lyon the new co manager has posting 8 GP, 59 SV, 2 CS, 2 MOTM, with 8 GA 

CB – OldMr Peanut: The co manager and leader of the league leaders River Plate Peanut has done everything in his ability to make sure that he and his team raise that title at the end of the season posting 8 GP, 2 AST, 4 KP, 5 DT, 16 INT, 2 MOTM 

LB – QIK: Maybe the best defender overall in all of PCN QIK has had a great season with River Plate trying to finally capture that title that has been haunting him for so long posting 7 GP, 1 AST, 1 KP, 7 DT, 15 INT, and 3 CS 

CDM – Smokyscore30: Lazio may be at the bottom half of the table but it’s players like smoky that’s keeping them from relagation posting 8 GP, 1 AST, 2 KP, 19 DT, 24 INT, and 4 MOTM 

CAM – KidNashty13: one of the more underated players on this Inter Milan roster Kid has had a decent season without getting as much cheers as he may deserves posting 8 GP, 3 GLS, 4 AST, 8 KP, 21 PP, and 1 MOTM 

ST – KiliwaKing: The 2nd half of the River Plate strike force is the Mexican Sriker KiliwaKing making his return to TOTW posting 6 GP, 6 GLS, 3 AST, 12 KP, 11 PP, and 1 MOTM 

ST – o Smoke Break o: Last but for sure not leasr! the talk of the super league the past 2 weeks former co manager of Napoli ( Really was the head manager but that’s besides the point ) has finally left the bottom half team in League 1 to join the Mid table and quickly raising Inter Milan Smoke has been unstoppable the past 8 games scoring goals at a unreal rate naming himself as the new Zlatan of PCN, Hopefully this one is for the better posting 8 GP, 9 GLS, 1 AST, 5 KP, 17 PP, 4 MOTM 


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