Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 9 – League Two

Starting XI

GK – itstwit (Olympiakos): An Olympiakos goalie finally made it into the TOTW, and it is the one, the only, itstwit. In three games, he has picked up 11 saves and 3 clean sheets on his way to securing the title. 

CB – JamesTee91 (Olympiakos): Once again, I am here talking about the bruising center back that is JamesTee91. Him and newcomer to the TOTW, Ayoo JCC011, have been an outstanding duo in the back, holding it down for the Freek side. In 6 games, James has obtained 1 assist, 2 key passes, 14 interceptions, and 5 clean sheets. 

CB – ImmortalPanda 12 (Fenerbache): Panda is back in the TOTW for the third time, a true bright spot in a Fenerbache side fighting to secure promotion playoff contention. In six games, Panda has gathered a cheeky 17 interceptions, 3 blocks, 8 tackles, and 2 clean sheets. 

CB – Ayoo JCC011 (Olympiakos): Making his TOTW debut is Ayoo JCC011. Olympiakos looks set to win the first ever League Two title, and JCC has stepped up his game to keep the team on an insane unbeaten run. In 5 games. He has gotten 5 tackles, 13 interceptions, and 22 possessions won. 

LM – B1GHu5ky (Genk): BigHusky has finally been picked into TOTW, what I believe to be his first in PCN, so hopefully the winger can keep the good form going! In 8 games, Husky has gotten 4 goals, 3 assists, 6 interceptions, and 2 key passes.  

CDM – Gato Bravo9 (LOSC Lille): Can no one slow this man down? Three straight TOTW nominations at DM, Gato is living up to the hype for the French outfit. In 7 games, Gato has gotten a staggering 33 possessions won, 28 interceptions, 15 tackles, and 3 key passes. The definition of an Anchor Man. 

CDM – ll Thai Rican ll (Olympiakos): For the second week running, Thai Rican has beaten out most DMs and secured a starting spot in the TOTW. In 3 games, he has gotten 7 tackles, 16 possessions won, and 6 passing points. 

RM – SNAFECA13 (LOSC Lille): Making his TOTW debut, Sfaneca has been on fire out wide for the French side. In 7 games, he has picked up 1 goal, 3 assists, 8 key passes, and 7 interceptions. Reminds me of a young iJakoob, maybe 

CM – ticklemetyler69 (Fenerbache): I have seen weird gamertags before, and I qualify as mine is You Dont Vape, but ticklemetyler69 is definitely near the top of my list. Making his debut in the TOTW, Tyler has gotten 8 key passes, 8 interceptions, 13 passing points, and 2 tackles through 6 matches. 

ST – TuEzee (POTW) (Fenerbache): Getting into his first TOTW and also picking up his first Player of the Week, it might just be too easy for TuEzee. In six games up top, he scored nine, assisted 4, and also got 10 key passes, 12 passing points, and 4 Man of the Match awards. Well deserved POTW. 

ST – DirectingGoblin (Genk): We have another debutant into the TOTW from Genk, and it is none other than DirectingGoblin. It looks like he is filling the boots of MrsMace very well, even if they are a bit small, scoring 9 goals in 6 games. Along with that he has also gotten 2 assists, 4 key passes, and 11 passing points. 


GK – EpicFONZI (NY Red Bulls): I was not expecting an opportunity to write about a Red Bulls player in the TOTW, but Fonzi has been shutting down opposing team’s attacks over the past couple gamedays. In just four games, Fonzi picked up 18 saves and got himself 1 clean sheet. Hopefully the Egyptian shot-stopper can get himself into TOTS talks very soon. 

LB – AshamedDig (Fenerbache): Once again, only one fullback has made it into the TOTW. Fighting against the three back meta and making it into the TOTW is AshamedDig, who in six games picked up 8 tackles, 8 interceptions, and two clean sheets. 

CB – Oneshot26 (LOSC Lille): While Oneshot has made another TOTW, Lille has sunk away from title contention, being 14 points back of Olympiakos at the time of writing. Nonetheless, Oneshot has remained in talks of being the best CB in League Two, getting 7 tackles, 13 interceptions, and 29 possessions won in 7 games. 

CDM – M3DIC (NY Red Bulls): I might have jumped the gun a bit when writing this as another Red Bull has made the list, and it is former SL DM Medic. He might care a bit too much about his stats and could be slightly toxic, but on the field all that rage and pent up frustration carried his performances and got him nominated for TOTW. In four games, Medic has gotten 19 tackles, 5 interceptions, and 9 passing points. Maybe he is better than Dorsey after all? 

RM – FreddyBoss7 (Olympiakos): Making a return to the TOTW, and second in a row, is FreddyBoss7. He has switched from the left hand side of the pitch to the right, and brought his fantastic form with him. In three games, he picked up 2 goals, 2 assists, and 9 tackles. 

ST – Serginho9 (LOSC Lille): Last time I wrote about Serginho, he had failed to get an assist AND a key pass. But for this TOTW, he has gotten a great amount of both, with 3 assist and 7 key passes respectively. In seven games, he has also scored 5 goals and picked up 2 Man of the Matches. 

ST – S h o o t a6355 (Olympiakos): Shoota has once again made it into TOTW, securing the final spot on the bench. In 6 games, he banged in 4 goals and bagged 2 assists, 7 key passes, and 2 Man of the Match awards. 


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