Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 9 – League One

Starting XI

GK – Jeepers76: This. Dude. Jeepers has been an absolute brick wall in net for Napoli. Earning his THIRD consecutive TOTW, with a nice 7 game running earning him 39 saves, 2 clean sheets, 1 MOTM, and the praise (and frustration) of many attackers in League One. 

CB – WalrusGooner: Monaco’s Hungarian sentinel was an absolute workhorse at the back with a ridiculous 36 possessions won. He’s also been picking the game apart with 30 interceptions, 1 assist, 1 MOTM, and 4 defensive tackles. In a similar vein, Walrus and Andy were instrumental for Monaco this last week with a very bright future. 

CB – MinnesotaManiac: Atletico have been constant in the killing it game, and two of their center backs are here to represent that. Up first is long time PCN veteran MinnesotaManiac. Minnesota was vital in Atletico’s attacking momentum, with 5 key passes (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that they weren’t all corner play headers :P), as well as a defensive rock with 7 defensive tackles, 19 interceptions, 2 clean sheets, and 2 MOTMs. 

CB – Mermer Mr: Atletico’s second center back selection Mermer was equally impressive. With 4 clean sheets, he was a rock. Adding onto that he made 5 defensive tackles, 3 key passes, earned 1 MOTM, and even picked up an assist to boot. Atleti’s strengths have definitely been leaning towards their defense, so it will be interesting to see their strategy come promotion battle time. 

CDM – Quad in the Act: Milan’s midfield maestro continues to work his magic with a mind boggling run of meteoric performances. A resolute defensive midfielder, Quad has accrued 17 interceptions, 3 clean sheets, 1 key pass, 1 MOTM, and a whopping 9 defensive tackles. Milan have been on an upswing of form and this man definitely has a prevalent role in that improvement. 

CDM – Cozy Bryant: Back in the games, back in the Team of the Week. Bozy been bashing the competition with an outstanding 36 possessions won, 19 interceptions, 10 defensive tackles, and 3 clean sheets. His confidence and quick wit on the ball make him a formidable midfielder to try and break down or even dispossess. 

RM – Vanquish ™ (POTW): The Atletico midfielder is our division one POTW for the week, and with very good reason.The saucy Peruvian managed 2 goals, 5 assists, 16 key passes, 17 interceptions, and 2 MOTMs. Talk about a box to box player! That kind of hustle goes a long way for a team and his maturity in knowing when to sit back and when to push forward really reinforces Atleti’s quality. 

LM – Bauer l 43 l: No, that’s not a typo. In a bizarre turn of events, the former Tottenham goalkeeper has become Tottenham’s outside mid, and he’s not that bad! The reincarnation of Gareth Bale has wowed in his last 4 games netting 4 goals, 11 key passes, 1 defensive tackle, 4 interceptions, and 8 passing points. A (so far) smooth transition, and a very rare sight. 

CAM – YMG MANGOLIION: Yet another one of Real Madrid’s Jamaican maestros have been super in form this week, this time around Mango, who netted 4 goals, 5 assists, 9 key passes, 12 passing points, and a MOTM. Clearly one of the more lethal CAM’s currently in the league with conversion rates like that, and I’m sure this will just propel him to play even better. 

ST – You Dont Vape: His picture is Peter Crouch I think that says enough.

ST – Xll Chronik llX: Call of Duty gamertag #398 makes his way onto this week’s selection with some absolutely quality statistics. In 6 games this tank of a striker has netted 7 goals and 5 assists along with 7 key passes and 3 man of the matches to cement his status as a vital figure in the Rossoneri.


ST – KXNG SMURF: Smurf keeps the numbers rolling in! 5 goals, 3 assists, 10 key passes, 9 passing points, and 2 MOTM’s see him rise the ranks of D1 strikers, really helping to make a stamp in the league this year, and the Jamaican chemistry Real has put together keeps them firing on all cyldiners. 

ST – XDurrdyX: Monaco’s man of the hour really cleaned up pretty well. In his last 8 Durrdy has netted 7 goals, 3 assists, 5 key passes, 6 passing points, and a MOTM. Their recent upswing has been no doubt linked to his clinical finishing ability in front of goal, and he might well be on the radar of a bigger club if he keeps the form locked in like this. 

CAM – A1BuzzKill: This guy just has to keep showing up, huh. A quieter week than last but still one that warranted a feature. 2 MOTM’s, 1 goal, 4 assists, 14 key passes, 15 passing points. This guy is a constant 1-2 bumper machine and loves to play the intricate pass. Buzz has been a very marquee player for Spurs this season, and it will be interesting to see whether or not he stays for the next.

RM – Masonic Control: Monaco’s third featurette in this TOTW is the clever Canadian winger. In 8 games, he has managed 2 goals, 3 assists, 3 key passes, 6 defensive tackles, and 14 interceptions. A hardworking player and a constant threat, Masonic is always looking for those pockets of space. Defenders beware.

CB – Will l 3 l: It’s taken long enough, but Spurs manager Will has finally started playing regularly. This man’s schedule had him in Italy midseason like a weenie. Anyways, Sol Campbell’s #1 fan racked up 17 interceptions, 11 passing points, 4 defensive tackles, 3 clean sheets, and even a goal. Bentornato cucchiaio.

CB – AyeVols: The Napoli CB has made yet another appearance in the League One TOTW with another set of impressive stats. This week’s run sees him from six games make 20 interceptions, 7 defensive tackles, 14 passing points, 2 MOTM’s, and 2 clean sheets. Vols and Jeepers have probably been Napoli’s MVP’s this season given their constant presence in League One’s elite.

GK – l Andy 18 l: Monaco’s keeper notches himself his first team of the week after an impressive 6 game run that saw him accrue 38 saves, 1 MOTM, and one clean sheet. I expect to see him at least once more this season because he’s really been turning the heat up in goal with impressive save after impressive save.


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