Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 8 – Super League

Editor: Bendtner x

I’d like to take this time to thank Dorsey for making me stop what I’m doing on vacation to do this write up. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my rushed editorial. Love you Dorsinator<3.

Starting XI

GK: THEFREEKICKER11 (Young Boys) – The first entrant into this iteration of TOTW is none other than the PCN Season One“veteran”, Freekicker. His voice may sound like a trumpet, but he still comes up in the clutch for Young Boys, gaining 35 saves and 4 CS in eight games.

RB: b4u3r11 (Arsenal) – The first of seven, yes SEVEN, Arsenal players in this TOTW is Bauer11. His brother, Bauer10, was on last week’s TOTW and the bloodlines carry heavy amounts of talent as seen with Bauer11, obtaining one assist, 6 DT, 13 INT, 36 PW, and 4 CS.

CB: Snowboarder 778 (PSG) – Making a return to TOTW, Snowboarder topped all defenders statistically over the last four gamedays. In that time, he has amounted one assist, 2 KP, 12 DT, 33 INT, and 56 PW.

CB: General Vellz (Young Boys) – Another seasoned veteran of PCN, Vellz makes his first TOTW of Season 8 with Young Boys. In the last eight games, Vellz has gotten one goal, 9 DT, 19 INT, 48 PW, and 4 CS.

LB: Trop Passion (Arsenal) – Normally you’ll see Nash make a free agent post begging to be a backup, but he has shined in the Arsenal starting lineup. He has gotten 9 DT, 18 INT, 52 PW, and 2 MOTM over the last eight games.

CDM: I KRAK I (Arsenal) – Schwaben hell yeah, oops wrong league. Krak has returned to the TOTW for the Gunners, dominating opposing attackers. He has recently obtained a goal, 3 KP, 18 DT, 26 INT, and 44 PW.

CDM: Fencing Guy (PSG) – Fencing has been crucial to PSG since he arrived at the Parisian side a few seasons back. Doing a bit of everything for PSG, Fencing has scored a goal to go along with two assists, 5 KP, 12 DT, 24 INT, and 51 PW.

CAM: MaKiNo (Atlanta United) – The first Atlanta player to feature in this TOTW is none other than Makino. The ATL co-manager has moved from the heart of their defense to the midfield and hasn’t skipped a beat, gaining two goals, ten assists, 14 KP, 8 INT, and 33 PW.

CAM: Nord Gaston (Arsenal) – This week’s Player of the Week goes to DK Gaston of Arsenal. He has been in emphatic form for the Gunners, adding seven goals, seven assists, 18 KP. 8 INT, and 36 PW.

ST: Kessy I 17 I (River Plate) – The River Plate striker and manager has once again made his way into the TOTW. River Plate seem to be running away with the league and Kessy is key to said success. He scored ten goals, also gaining six assists, 20 KP, and 16 PW during his six games.

ST: kiliwa king (River Plate) – The last player in the starting XI is none other than Kessy’s striker partner, kiiwa KING. Kiiwa has done his fair share for the Argentinian side, banging in thirteen goals to go along with three assists, 13 KP, and 13 PW.


GK: Kermit Le Froge (Arsenal) – The Arsenal shot stopper has shined for Last King’s squad, gaining 33 saves and 4 CS over eight games.

CB: LindsayMc88x (Arsenal) – Lindsay has gone off for Arsenal recently. The Scottish defender has gotten one assist, 3 KP, 9 DT, 20 INT, and 45 PW.

RB: TheTacoKid95 (Roma)–Although Roma might not be having the best of seasons, TheTacoKid can be happy about making it into this TOTW. He has gained 10 DT, 21 INT, and 42 PW through seven games.

CDM: dorseyfurcal18 (Lyon / Bayern) – Dorsey may have been one of the major players to depart from Lyon over the past week, but he still brought high quality performances for Lyon and Bayern. He has gained 14 DT, 21 INT, 43 PW, and 17 PP.

CAM: Conski 77 (Arsenal) – sFBatistuta has gone off for Arsenal, capping off what has been a marvelous past few gamedays for Arsenal as a whole. He has gotten seven goals, three assists, 16 KP, 8 INT, and 19 PW.

ST: Magic Man OP (Manchester United) – Magic has returned to the TOTW and hasn’t forgotten his magic boots at home. (I’m sorry that was bad, I’m running short on material over here). He has done a bit of everything, scoring six goals, gaining five assists, 18 KP, 16 PW, and 4 MOTM.

ST: Abu Amarah (Atlanta United) – The last player of this TOTW is my Somalian comrade, Fizzy. Fizzy balled out for Atlanta United up top, netting ten goals, two assists, 8 KP, and 19 PW.




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