Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 8 – League One

Starting XI

GK: op Rutter (Ajax) – Leading off the third D1 TOTW for S8 is none other than Ajax’s cool cat between the pipes, op Rutter. Rutter has been key to the Ajax promotion push with 9 GA, 42 SV, 3 CS, and 1 MOTM in his past 8 games for the Dutch giants. 

RB: Arod314 (Ajax) – Joining his teammate in goal is a TOTW debutant in Ajax’s solid right back option Arod314. Arod was a quiet but consistent presence in the Ajax backline, posting a line of 12 DT, 10 INT, 34 PW, 17 PP, and 3 CS in 8 GP. 

CB: Lil iPurpp (Benfica) – Our first repeat offender from last week’s TOTW, Lil iPurpp from Benfica’s defensive acumen has been a key part in Benfica’s title hunt. Purpp is an incredibly tough defender to get past as one can see by his 11 DT, 19 INT, 52 PW, 15 PP, and 2 CS over his last 8 played. 

CB: Faithful Itachi (RB Leipzig) – One man who has certainly repaid his manager’s faith in putting him in the lineup each gameday is RB Leipzig’s appropriately named Faithful Itachi. Itachi has been a rock at the back for the Bavarians with 1 G, 13 DT, 21 INT, 27 PW, and a MOTM over his last 7 games. 

LB: Lycan Mixtec (America) – Another fullback, another rookie TOTW member in Lycan Mixtec from America. America have been one of the surprises of the D1 season and quality play from defenders like Mixtec has been the key as is evidenced by his 3 KP, 20 PW, 4 CS, and MOTM in just 5 games. 

CDM: PattyDux (Benfica) – One of last season’s standout D1 midfielders, Patty Dux, finally earns a TOTW in S8 after doing a bit of everything for Benfica. In his past 8 games, Patty has 3 A, 7 KP, 17 DT, 29 INT, and 51 PW for the Portuguese side. 

CM: Jammmyy (Inter Milan) – After making the first TOTW for S8, Jammmyy decided to make up for lost time and earn his second honor of the season after starring for Inter Milan. Jammy is a well-rounded mid as his 6 KP, 13 DT, 19 INT, 20 PP, and 3 CS in 8 GP shows to the rest of Division 1. 

CM: Darcy 8 (Bayer Leverkusen) – Perhaps the most consistent player in Division 1, Darcy 8 just keeps trucking along with his third straight TOTW honor of Season 8. Darcy showed a bit of flair this week with 2 G, 5 KP, 12 DT, 18 INT, and 39 PW over the past two weeks. 

CAM: BrutalBigE50 (PSV) – One of the best stories of Division 1 this season certainly has been the PSV revival led by their attacking dynamo and manager BrutalBigE50. BrutalBig’s offensive wizardry has been on display lately with 2 G, 6 A, 12 KP, 13 INT, and 17 PP in his most recent 8 GP for the Dutch club. 

ST: liverpoolmadkev (Bayer Leverkusen) – Well I think we have found one player who has almost certainly outgrown Division 1 with his displays last season and this season in Bayer’s liverpoolmadkev. Madkev leads Division 1 with 38 goals after collecting 15 G, 7 A, 13 KP, 17 PP, and 3 MOTM in his past 8 games for the league leaders. 

ST: xllChronikllx (RB Leipzig) – Joining his teammate Itachi in this TOTW is Leipzig’s main man up front,xllChronikllx. Chronik has been a creative genius for the German Red Bulls with 7 G, 6 A, 12 KP, 22 PP, and an insane 6 MOTM in his past 8 matches as he earns his second TOTW honor of S8. 


GK: Jeepers76 (Napoli) – Our backup goalie for this week’s TOTW plies his trade for Italian outfit Napoli in Jeepers76. Jeepers has been great at giving opposing strikers the creepers with 7 GA, 29 SV, 1 CS, and 2 MOTM in just 6 games over the past few weeks. 

CB: Geek Soul (Ajax) – The second defensive Ajax defender to grace this TOTW is centerback and nerd Geek Soul. Geek has had opposition geeking out recently by his fantastic efforts with 19 INT, 53 PW, 14 PP, and 3 CS during his last 8 GP. 

LB: eKsiSLe (Ajax) – The final Ajax defender to make our TOTW is leftback eKsiSLe – not even going to try to pronounce that one. eKsiSLe may not have an easy name to remember, but if he continues to play like this that won’t be an issue for long with his 1 A, 16 INT, 37 PW, and 3 CS during 8 games. 

CDM: MarsPaxus (Real Madrid / PSV) – Our next member of the TOTW bench, MarsPaxus, has been a busy bee for a pair of D1 teams in recent weeks. Now a member of the climbing PSV, Mars has just as hot as his club with 6 KP, 17 DT, 23 INT, 50 PW, and 2 CS over 9 games. 

CAM: Bdon8407 (Benfica) – Our final three members of the TOTW are all repeats from last week with our first player being Benfica’s fearless leader Bdon8407. Bdon may have one of the biggest mouths in D1, but he has backed it up with 4 G, 5 A, 12 KP, 16 PP, and 1 MOTM during his most recent 8 GP. 

ST: IF Lewandowski9 (Benfica) – Joining Bdon in another TOTW is the big man up top IF Lewandowski9 from Benfica. Lewy has been as clinical as they come (other than maybe Madkev) with 12 G, 3 KP, 18 PP, and 2 MOTM in 8 games. 

ST: XIX MaStErMiNd (RB Leipzig) – Rounding out our third TOTW for S8 in Division 1 is Leipzig’s big man on campus XIX MaStErMiNd. Mastermind may have only had 6 G and 3 A in his past 8 played, but a whopping 20 KP and 30 PP with a MOTM to boot are the reasons why the Leipzig manager and striker made our TOTW. 

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