Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 7 – Super League

Starting XI

GK – ObeySteven02 ​- Starting in net, we have the Red Devils keeper ObeySteven02. In the last 8 matches, Steven as picked up an impressive 5 CS, while also making 37 S and having a MOTM performance.

CB – SmellyCord592​ – Next up, we have the French center half SmellyCord592 who plays for Manchester United as well. Cord has been a tight piece in the United back line with 5 CS, 19 INT, and contributing to the attack with 1 goal.

CB – QIK ​- QIK has remained one of the most consistent players in PCN since his breakout season last season, and that hasn’t stopped after he swapped BVB for Manchester City recently. QIK was able to collect 24 INT, 50 PW, 5 CS, and 2 MOTM performances in the past two weeks.

CB – aPex I FraGzZ ​- aPex I FraGzZ has been one of the most offensively adept defenders this season. The Portuguese talent has picked up 1 G and 4 AST from the CB position, while also picking up 19 INT and 41 PW in his last 7 GP.

RM – Mocro B ​- At RM we have probably the loudest player in PCN, Mocro B.. He’s screamed his way into picking up 2AST, 10 KP, and 25 PW in recent weeks.

CDM – Rambo De Leon x ​- The incredibly gifted Honduran Ramdo De Leon x has once again returned to TOTW for the third consecutive time. Rambo has had a big amount on his plate with 9 KP, 18 DT, 21 INT, 45 PW, 2 CS, and 2 MOTM.

CM – Cozy Bryant ​- Next in the midfield, we have Cozy Bryant from Bojangles. The currently longest serving Milan player, Bozy has been phenomenal recently earning 1 G, 1 AST, 12 DT, 27 INT, 43 PW, and 2 MOTM.

CM – dorseyfurcal18 ​- After sitting out one TOTW, dorseyfurcal18 has been dominant in the midfield as of late. Daddy Dorsinator picked up 2 G, 1 AST, 13 DT, 22 INT, 38 PW, and 1 MOTM in his last 8 games.

LM – DK I Gaston ​- We go back to Germany to look at one of the most prominent attackers in the league – DK I Gaston. Gaston has played 6 GP for Bayern, while scoring 7 G and giving out a healthy 6 AST.

ST – sF Batistuta ​- Joining Gaston is another Bayern attacker who has shown their recent dominance in sF Batistuta. Currently the PCN assist leader, Batistuta has picked up 8 G, 4 AST, and 4 MOTM performances in his last 8 games.

ST – I ITALIAN0 I (POTW) ​- PAPAPPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPA!!! !! Our Player of the Week for the past four match days, we have the current goalscoring record holder I ITALIAN0 I. In 7 GP, the Italian scored 12 G while also collecting 5 AST, showing that he can assist as well as he can score.


GK – DjRod12 ​- On the bench we have the Puerto Rican shotstopper DjRod12. The keeper has picked up 4 CS in 8 GP with 38 S and 1 MOTM performance for Dortmund.

RB – Gato Bravo9 ​- Our lone fullback this week is the S6 TOTS LB Gato Bravo9. Gato has continued his quality work and in the past two weeks racked up 1 AST, 11 DT, 10 INT, 33 PW, and 2 CS.

CB – I Jimmy I 14 I ​- The 3rd Manchester United player to make the squad is I Jimmy I 14 I. Jimmy has been a real inspiration for United lately, picking up a crazy 31 INT, 48 PW, and 4 CS in 8 GP.

CDM – Fencing guy93 ​- In the heart of the PSG midfield and the TOTW bench we have Fencing guy93. Fencing has picked up 1 AST, 13 DT, 27 INT, 48 PW, and 21 PP in the last two weeks.

CAM – iLucid Control ​- On the bench in the attacking midfielder position we have Roma playmaker iLucid Control. Lucid has picked up an impressive 2 G, 4 AST, and 12 KP in recent games.

ST – Mr Cheezie 23 ​- Coming off the bench at striker, we have Mr Cheezie 23 who’s making his 2nd TOTW appearance of this season. He’s racked up 9 G, 5 AST, and 2 MOTM performances in 7 GP.

ST – Erick I 9 I ​- Last but not least, we have the clinical Erick I 9 I. He’s currently leading the Super League 29 goals, and is on track to break ITALIANO’s record of 37 from last season. Erick has picked up 12 G and 2 AST in just 7 GP for Lyon.

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