Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 14 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Jack I 13 I (Real Madrid) – The trash talking brit takes the first spot on this Team Of The Week, since joining Real Madrid, Jack has been in impressive form which has help them climb the table to 3rd place. In 8 games, Jack put up a PER 20.69 which is a full 7 points above the next keeper. Through 8 games, Jack has 25 saves, 1 MOTM, 6 clean sheets and an impressive 2 goals against, since joining Madrid he has made some crucial saves and commanded his defense expertly.

CB: Walker I 2 I (Manchester City) – After impressing outside of PCN and during trials with Man City, Walker was picked up and brought into league and has impressed in Super League. This will be Walkers first individual award, he earned this with a PER of 22.47. During 8 games played, Walker showed that he is both an attacking threat (1 goal, 1 assist & 1 key pass) and a defensive rock, 6 tackles, 26 interceptions, 43 possessions won and 5 clean sheets. If walker is to help his team challenge for the Super Cup spots, he will need to continue the form he showed in this TOTW cycle.

CB: Wanygod (Orlando Pirates) – Since Season 12 on Benfica, WanyGod has been an absolute defensive powerhouse and has found himself on countless TOTW’s, and here in TOTW3 we find him again at the heart of the defense. During these games, Wany scored 2 goals, contributed 1 key pass, 13 tackles, 5 interceptions and a further 31 possessions won. WanyGod has also only let up 3 goals in 8 games played and maintained 5 clean sheets. Wanygod would never miss a shameless chance to plug his stream

CB: mkr6610 (Manchester United) – This TOTW highest PER for a defender comes in the shape of MKR6610, 24.18. After moving from Tottenham to Manchester United Mkr has been a massive part of the defense for the struggling ‘Red Devils’. MKR played only 6 games this play period, where he averaged 6 possessions won per game (36 overall) whilst averaging just over 2 possessions lost (13 overall). He also has 24 headers won, 14 tackles and interceptions and 2 MOTM awards.

CDM: CM9 PT (Orlando Pirates) – Look whom it is again, CM9 PT makes TOTW for third time this season, one of very few to make all 3 editions. During this play period CM9 lead the PER rankings CDM’s with a staggering 25.35, 4.3 PER points above any other in the category. For 8 games played, CM9 had 118 passes completed, and 61 possessions won(1st), only 17 lost, this shows how vital he is to Super League leaders Orlando. CM9 wins the ball back the most in the league and is on pace to get close to breaking his possessions won record again. CM9 also chipped in with 21 tackles, 34 interceptions (most in this category), 3 key passes and 1 MOTM award.

CDM: LaZo I X I (Real Madrid) – Making his first TOTW this season LaZo I X I, has been a massive part of Real Madrid’s defensive unit this season. Lazo showed some real class on the ball with 4 key passes and 80.37% passing accuracy, showing that once he breaks up the oppositions attacks he is able to get his team on the front foot. The Spanish sides enforcer has made 18 tackles, 31 interceptions and won possession back on 47 instances resulting in him having a PER rating of 21.04, which is 2nd amongst
CDM’s for this play period.

RAM: AyeVols (Orlando Pirates) – One of only three players to make each of Season 14’s Super League Team Of The Weeks, AyeVols has cemented himself as one of the very best CAMs in the league. In this play period, Vols came up with 1 goal and 2 assists. Vols showed off his pressing powers with 21 interceptions, 14 tackles and 32 possessions won. Once Vols wins the ball back high up the pitch he shows an impeccable eye for a pass with 160 passes completed from his 187 attempted (85.56%), with 15 of those being key passes creating chance for his team mates.

CAM: RAMIREZ0527 (NYCFC) – Coming into his second season with NYCFC, Ramirez is really starting to find his feet in Super League and this 8-game period clearly shows that. The NYCFC CAM has helped massively in the 7 game he played in this TOTW cycle, he had 9 goal contributions, the most in the CAM category, netting on 5 occasions and added a further 4 assists. The attacking mid showed he was no push over with a PER of 25.06, he had 2 MOTM awards, 17 interceptions and 88.78% passing (1st) showing his ability to dish passes given the chance.

LAM: G0atlas (Real Madrid) – Ever since GOatlas ran rampant in L2 with New York Red Bulls, he has been an ever present in Eksisle’s starting XI’s, from Atlanta, to Chelsea and now Real Madrid. Goatlas has been the main creative spark in Los Blanco’s attack this TOTW period with 2 goal (from 2 shots), 2 assists and 14 key passes. Goatlas shows his ability on the ball every game and shows a keen eye for threading the needle and unlocking the oppositions defense. Goat connected with 85.23% of his passes and showed a hunger to win the ball back high up the pitch with 24 interceptions, 12 tackles and 31 possessions won.

ST: Kessy I 17 I (Orlando Pirates) – POTW – Surprisingly this is only Kessy’s first Team Of The Week, and he earned it in style picking up this weeks Player Of The Week award. Kessy is a key component to Orlando’s attacking force and this play period shows exactly that, these stats don’t show Kessy’s phenomenal dribbling in tight spaces and ability to retain the ball under pressure. Kessy dominated the PER charts for this week with the highest overall, with an outstanding 28.23, when you break down his individual stats it’s clear to see why. 5 goals, 4 assists, 24 key passes, 2 MOTM’s and 184 passes!

ST: Evo 21x (Orlando Pirates) – Coming in at our seconds Striker in this TOTW cycle is Kessy’s partner in crime at Orlando, Evo. Evo’s contributions have been key to Orlando’s attacking prowess, during this cycle Evo has picked up the joint most MOTM awards from all the selected players with 3 MOTM’s. During this cycle, Evo had 7 goal contributions (5 goals and 2 assists), 3 of those came in a massive game against Super Cup hopefuls Juventus, where Evo bagged 2 goals and 1 assist. He also added 147 passes, 16 of which were key passes, all this totaled up to an astounding 23.76 PER Points.


GK: Sir Grafix (Manchester City) – Our bench keeper comes in the form of Manchester City’s, Sir Grafix. After making the move from League 1 Barcelona to ‘The Citizens’, Grafix has been an ever present and has been a favorite of the City management team. During the 8 games Grafix played, he made 15 saves, 5 clean sheets and averaged only 1 goal against in the games he conceded (3 in 3 games).

CB: Austin x33 (Orlando Pirates) – After narrowly missing out on the previous TOTW, Austin is back with a bang to take our first bench spot for defenders on TOTW3. With the highest Possession Won/Lost ratio (4.25 W/L) this week, it is clear to see why Austin find his place in the team. Austin lost possession a total of 8 time over his 8 games played and pair with his 92.68% passing accuracy clearly illustrates his ability to win the ball back and keep it for his team. Austin was a part of the Orlando side that let up 3 goals and kept a clean sheet in the other 5 games.

CB: eKsiSLe (Real Madrid) – Taking a small step away from his Fifa Follies series for league games, Eksisle makes TOTW for the second week running. The self-proclaimed Jurgen Klopp of PCN sees his PER sitting at 21.53 for the 6 games he took part in this play period. He held 4 clean sheets from a possible 6 and conceded only 2 goals. Winning the ball back was no issue for Eksisle either, he made 11 tackles, 15 interceptions and had 27 possessions won and only surrendered possession on 8 occasions.

CDM: xFayettevillain (Benfica) – Our final defensive spot in this weeks Team Of The Week goes to none other than Benfica’s, xFayettevillain. The Carolina native is the only Benfica representative in this edition of Super League TOTW. Fayette has shown his creative flair in the heart of the Portuguese side’s midfield with 2 assists (1st), 5 key passes and 82% passing accuracy. He has also shown his defensive side of the game with 34 possessions won, 11 tackles, 16 interceptions and helped his team secure 3 clean sheets in the 6 games he took part in.

LM: Dust l 17 l (Orlando Pirates) – Dustin is one of the very few players that is an attacking threat, yet be’s available on defense in the LM spot in a 352. Dust is one of the players than has a great understanding of the game and is always available for a pass, during this TOTW cycle Dust has completed 80 passes, 10 of those being key passes. Dust has also created 4 goals for his team with 4 assists in his 6 games played. Dustin has shown his defensive side of the game with 10 interceptions and 21 possessions won. These stats combined lead to Dust earning a 19.6 PER Points for this particular 8 game period.

ST: Winnie I 9 I (Real Madrid) – After making his move from Manchester City to sunny Madrid, Winnie has picked up his first individual award of the season. During this cycle Winnie bagged 5 goals and 5 assists for Los Blanco’s to help them claw their way back into the Super League title race. He had a big game against Manchester United where he bagged a brace and added a further 2 key passes. Winnie played in all 8 games and ended the spell with a PER of 22.08, placing 3rd in the list of ST’s. The Columbian ST had a further 13 key passes and 2 MOTM awards showing how key, not only his goals are, but his all around play.

ST: Frijolito8921 (Real Madrid) – Earning the final spot on this week’s Team Of The Week and holding Winnie’s hand on the bench is his strike partner, Frijolito. Another player picking up his first individual award this season, Frijo has been in fine form during these 8 games. This TOTW cycle saw Frijo score the joint most goals with 7, he also chipped in with 2 assists and a additional 10 key passes. Frijo really showed his quality when Madrid hosted relegation candidates, Spurs. In this game Frijo played a part in all of his side’s goals, he banged a hat-trick and an assist. Frijo ended the cycle with a PER of 19.94 and picked up 2 MOTM awards

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