Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 14 – League One

Starting XI

GK: SFG iMago (Inter Miami): In net for the third TOTW edition of the fourteenth season of League One is Inter Miami goalkeeper, SFG imago. The shot stopper for the Miami based side has been in fine form during this TOTW period, proving himself to be a safe pair of hands that his team can rely on to keep them in games, and earning his first TOTW honor this season in the process. In his 7 games during the TOTW period, SFG iMago made 33 saves (3rd), to go along with 3 clean sheets (T-3rd), 8 goals against (3rd), and a PER rating of 18.59 (1st).

RB: FreddyBoss7 (Arsenal): Kicking off the TOTW starting backline is Arsenal fullback, FreddyBoss7. In what could essentially be known as the Arsenal TOTW, FreddyBoss7 represents the first of a number of standout players from Arsenal that have been sensational in their push to secure a promotion spot to SL. Leading all fullbacks in PER during this TOTW period with 21.66, FreddyBoss7 was a menace on the right flank, shutting down his opponents with 9 tackles, 18 interceptions (T-2nd), 12 headers (1st), and 32 possessions won in 8 games, only conceding 2 goals (1st) and earning 6 CS (1st) in the process.

CB: Brickwallwillis (Newcastle United): Slotting into the first center back position is Newcastle United, Brickwallwillis. A mainstay featuring in manager Leak l 13 l’s backline spanning as far back as season 6, there is a good reason the veteran manager has trusted his defender to be the backbone of the team for so long. Brickwallwillis is without a doubt the “brickwall” of a backline that you build a defense around, as he has the ability to read the game in a way that few can. In 8 games for Newcastle United, Brickwallwillis accumulated 8 tackles (T-3rd), 22 interceptions (T-1st) and 34 possessions won, 3 clean sheets (T-3rd), 7 goals against (T-3rd), and a 19.47 PER (1st).

CB: Saul Goodman Jr (Arsenal): Filling in the second center back position is Arsenal defender, Saul Goodman Jr. The Arsenal manager has used his veteran experience, (which includes a L1 title with Valencia back in S12, and promotion with Dortmund to SL in S11) to lead his side to a 2nd place position at the time of writing, as his composure from being in similar positions in the past has allowed him to command his backline with ease, allowing Arsenal to have had by far the best defense in this TOTW period. Saul Goodman Jr picked up 4 tackles, 21 interceptions (2nd), and 40 possessions won (2nd), alongside 1 assist, 6 clean sheets (1st), 6 goals against (T-2nd) , and a PER of 17.12 (3rd).

LB: ruben l5l (Arsenal): Rounding out the backline is yet another Arsenal player, ruben l5l. The Portuguese fullback has looked like the virtual cedric for the London based side, as his dynamic passing and defensive ability has allowed him to be effective on both ends of the pitch for his team. With 11 tackles (T-2nd), 23 interceptions (T-1st), 44 possessions won (2nd), 1 assist, 3 key passes (1st), 6 goals conceded (3rd), and a 20.62 PER (2nd) in 11 games, ruben l5l been the defensive talisman for a side that has been flying high all season.

CDM: Brokenxbox163 (Atalanta): Occupying the first DM spot is Atalanta midfielder, Brokenxbox163. His xbox may be broken, but with his recent performances there’s no way you could tell. This defensive juggernaut has been pivotal for the Italian side which looks to finally achieve promotion this season, as he clogs up the midfield with ease, proving to be a real nuisance for any attacking opposition. In his 9 games during the TOTW period Brokenxbox163 posted 26 tackles (2nd), 30 interceptions (3rd), and 56 possessions won (2nd), to go along with 1 assist, 2 MOTM awards, 5 CS (T-2nd), and the leading PER of all CDMs in League One with 20.53

RM: Teddy Swims (Arsenal): Lining up on the right flank is Arsenal midfielder, Teddy Swims. With his first TOTW appearance this season, the controversial midfielder, known more for his talk off the pitch, has backed up his antics with his fine form. With both 4 goals (T-3rd) and 4 assists (T-2nd) in 11 games, Teddy Swims has been an offensive terror for defenders out on the wing, showing that his creativity matches his clinical ability in front of the net. Along with his goals and assists, Teddy Swims also picked up 11 key passes (T-2nd), 16 tackles (2nd), 33 interceptions (1st), 51 possessions won (1st), 3 MOTM awards, and a PER of 25.76 (2nd).

LM: MasterSpankMe10 (Arsenal): Securing the left flank is yet another Arsenal player, MasterSpankMe10. The first player on the list to make a repeat appearance, MasterSpankMe10 has been without a doubt one of the standout players on a standout side this season, something that he shows virtually every time he steps on the pitch. With an insane 8 goals (1st), 3 assists (3rd), 2 MOTM awards, and a 18.23 PER in 11 games, It is impossible to deny the quality he provides from out wide, easing the burden of his forwards as he boasts his own offensive prowess.

CAM: x Viciosz (Ajax) -POTW: Another returning player is Ajax midfielder, x Viciosz. 3 for 3 in TOTW appearances this season, and our player of the week, it’s hard to describe the quality of x Viciosz, the CAM always serves as the lifeblood of the team, and the case is no different with x Viciosz at Ajax. Despite the pressure that one faces in that position, x Viciosz will usually be the most calm and composed player on the field, as he uses the plethora of offensive facets he possesses to pick apart an opponent’s backline. In 8 games for Ajax, x Viciosz produced 5 goals (2nd), 6 assists (1st), 13 key passes (1st), and picked up 2 MOTM awards and a PER of 27.17 (1st).

ST: Aj163rd (Atalanta): The second Atalanta player to make an appearance is their forward, Aj163rd. With 0 goals last season, to one of the top goal scorers in League One, Aj163rd has had an impressive transformation in his sophomore season. Don’t be fooled by his impressive nose for goals though, this striker is far from one dimensional, as he has shown he can pick out a dangerous pass leading to a goal on numerous occasions. With 9 games in the TOTW period, Aj163rd bagged 8 goals (T-2nd), 4 assists, 9 key passes (T-3rd), 1 MOTM award, and a 22.46 PER (2nd).

ST: x Erickson (Ajax): Joining his fellow offensive partner is Ajax striker, x Erickson. Another Ajax player that is 3 for 3 in TOTW appearances, and frankly it’s no surprise. x Erickson has more than proven himself at all levels of PCN, and at this point, the Super League record goalscorer no doubt has another TOTS honor wrapped up to accompany his League One title with Ajax. With 7 goals (T-3rd), 5 assists (3rd), 14 key passes (T-1st), 1 MOTM award, and a PER of 25.39 in 8 games, x Erickson is class personified.


GK: Foster Airways (Arsenal): Starting off the bench is another player from the London based side, Foster Airways. The PCN Vet has been around for a while, but has not played double digit games in a season since season 11. However, Foster Airways has found his form as Arsenal’s main man between the sticks this season, contributing heavily to one of League One’s top defenses, and the best defense in this TOTW period. In 11 games, Foster Airways has made 27 saves, to go along with 6 CS (1st), 1 MOTM award, and a PER of 15.

CB: themadjustin (Inter Miami): Occupying another TOTW spot for Inter Miami is their defender, themadjustin. Spending his first two seasons in more of a rotational role at the miami based side, themadjustin has without a doubt earned a starting spot for the squad this season. As the club’s only player in the backline with a TOTW appearance in this edition, themadjustin has done more than enough to pay back the club’s loyalty with his exceptional form, leading the backline by example. In 7 games during the TOTW period themadjustin put up 5 tackles, 17 interceptions, 35 possessions won, to go along with 3 CS, and a 17.52 PER

CB: Zeebruh (Ajax): Joining his fellow teammates is Ajax defender, Zeebruh. PCN vet Zeebruh has long been known as one of the most reliable players that you can add to a backline and with the former SL TOTS defender bringing stability to the defense of an Ajax side that has dominated over the last two seasons. When taking a closer look at the team, it is no surprise that you’ll find Zeebruh at the heart of what is League One’s best defense, (conceded the least amount of goals at the time of writing), as Zeebruh accumulated 12 tackles (2nd), 13 interceptions (2nd), 38 possessions won, 3 CS (T-3rd), 6 goals against (T-2nd) and a PER of 15.45 in his 8 games played.

CDM: Feltbacchus18 (Atalanta): Making a bench appearance is another Atalanta DM, Feltbacchus18. Pairing up alongside BrokenXbox163 in this TOTW period, Feltbacchus18 will be the most unfamiliar name on the list with this being his first season in PCN. However, his appearance alongside his DM partner, typically an unusual sight for TOTW, illustrates Feltbacchus18 is more than capable at competing in League One, as he puts a dominant performance in this TOTW period with 19 tackles, 26 interceptions, 50 possessions won, 1 assists, 5 key passes (1st), 5 CS (T-2nd), and a 18.41 PER (3rd)

CM: Itsshokowaz (Arsenal): The final of the septet from Arsenal in this TOTW edition is Arsenal midfielder, Itsshokowaz. The central figure in the pitch for Arsenal this season, Itsshokowaz has utilized his sharp passing to serve as an effective outlet in the middle of the pitch for the Gunners, as he puts up an astonishing 90% passing (1st). seemingly able to find his way out of pressure at all times and make the right pass. In his 8 games for Arsenal, Itsshokowaz produced 4 goals (T-3rd), 1 assist, 6 key passes, earning 1 MOTM award and a PER of 17.94

ST: R9 GODriguez (Atletico Madrid): Coming into the forward spot for the bench is the first of the Atleti striking pair, R9 GODriguez. Making another TOTW appearance, R9 GODriguez has clearly thrived in his new situation at Atletico Madrid, linking up brilliantly with Elements of God and forming arguably one of the deadliest striker pairings in League One this season. Along with his 7 goals (T-3rd) and 7 assists (1st), R9 GODriguez also put up 9 key passes (T-3rd), 1 MOTM awards, and a 21.71 PER (3rd) in his 9 games for the Rojiblancos.

ST: Elements of God (Atletico Madrid): The second in the Atleti striker pair to make an appearance is their forward, Elements of God. One of Atletico’s longest serving players under Oswald, and for good reason, Element of God’s consistency in front of net is virtually unparalleled, proving every season that he is one of the top strikers in whatever division of PCN he finds himself. In his 9 games during the TOTW period for the Spanish side, Elements of God managed to bag 8 goals (T-2nd), to go along with 4 assists, 14 key passes (T-1st), 2 MOTM awards, and PER of 21.35.

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