Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 13 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: I CUPID I (Hearts) – Appearing in our TOTW for the 3rd consecutive week is l CUPID l from Hearts. In 8 games, he managed to save 15 shots and only let in 2 goals. He earned 6 clean sheets and is, in my opinion, one of the primary reasons the Hearts haven’t fallen out of their automatic promotion spot. Hearts can consider themselves very lucky that they recruited Slenderman to play Goalkeeper.

RB: x Triplle (Ajax) – Despite playing on a team that competes against Ajax, it makes me happy to see that Triplle has finally earned himself a spot on TOTW. The stats for this week are as follows: 6 games played, 82% passing accuracy, 8 defensive tackles, 10 interceptions, 2 goals against and 4 clean sheets. People often underestimate the importance of the fullback position in pro clubs. They sometimes can make or break a game, and Triplle just so happens to make it.

CB: dogblitzzz (Sporting CP) – I was wondering when dogblitzzz would begin trying. Having seen this player defend, I was baffled at his lack of presence in Team of the Week so far in S13. Alas, he has arrived, and he brings with him a goal! 7 games played, 12 defensive tackles, 17 interceptions, 3 blocks, 15 headers won, 5 goals against, and 4 clean sheets. How did this guy manage to get a goal while doing all of this on defense??

CB: x Luiann (Ajax) – Another well deserved spot on our list is x Luiann. The Ajax defense has been an impenetrable force, only allowing 4 goals into the net in recent games. He racked up 5/8 clean sheets, an 83% passing accuracy, 10 defensive tackles, 20 interceptions, 28 headers won(…..what….), 2 key passes AND 1 assist! Well done, x Luiann!

LB: STNGR sK (Schalke) – Coming in at #1 in the fullback leaderboards is someone I haven’t even heard of before now. That doesn’t matter though, because his stats speak for themselves. 84% passing accuracy, 11 defensive tackles, 14 interceptions, 2.0+ possession won/lost ratio, 3 goals scored against, and 4/6 games played resulted in a clean sheet. Relax, STNGR sK. You are making the rest of us look bad!

CDM: ZestyWang (Hearts) – ZestyWang, did you really only let in 1 single goal while you played CDM??? My GOD. I don’t care what anyone else says, you are KILLING IT! 89% passing accuracy, 11 defensive tackles, 17 interceptions, 2.0 possession won/lost ratio, and 5/6 clean sheets. Even though Hearts have stopped attacking as they were early on, Zesty never stopped defending.

CDM: BrandoNiko1 (Ajax) – BrandoNiko. This is the 2nd time you have been on TOTW my friend. You are always very polite to everyone around you, unless they are heading towards your goal. That’s when you tend to SMASH. 8 games, 3 key passes, 89% passing accuracy, 14 defensive tackles, 25 interceptions, 3.0+ possession won/lost ratio, 4 goals against, and 5 clean sheets. Well done, BrandoNiko!

RAM: RaxPharaoh (Sporting CP) – Where did all of these top notch Sporting players come from?!? RaxPharaoh returns for his second TOTW of the season (his first was at RB!) with 6 games played, 1 goal, 3 assist, 5 key passes, 2 crosses, 13 defensive tackles, and 14 interceptions. Very impressive! Well done, RaxPharaoh.

CAM: x Viciosz (Ajax) – For the 3rd week in a row, x Viciosz dominates the midfielder leaderboards and makes it into TOTW! In 6 games, he’s secured 3 goals, 5 assists, 11 key passes, 10 defensive tackles, 10 interceptions, and 6 headers won. I would have been surprised if I didn’t see Viciosz on here as he’s an incredible player and deserves the accolades.

LAM: iSchwiftys (Ajax) – Another Ajax player on TOTW, but not a player we’ve seen on here before! iSchwiftys joins his comrades in the TOTW after seasons and seasons of terrorizing Super League defenders. He achieved this by scoring 2 goals, assisting 3 goals, creating 7 key passes, and playing really well overall.

ST: x Erickson (Ajax) – POTW – The record-breaker himself, x Erickson makes his 3rd appearance on TOTW, winning the Player of the Week as well! In 8 games, he has scored 13 goals, assisted 3 goals, created 16 key passes, and maintained an 81% passing accuracy. Anyone who considered Erickson to be past his best days surely finds themselves very wrong after watching Erick pile in the goals at a very high rate in S13.


GK: llups (Everton) – Kicking off our bench for this TOTW is llups. He is the only player on Everton to make it to TOTW #3, but it is well deserved. In 6 games, he managed to save 28 shots on goal! He let in 9 but come on man, 28 saves! This guy is going places.

CB: Mason FC Fifa (Sporting CP) – Mason FC Fifa saw that his teammate, dogblitzzz, was putting in the effort and decided that he, too, wanted to be in TOTW. 7 games, 83% passing accuracy, 13 defensive tackles, 12 interceptions, 9 headers won, 5 goals against, and 4 clean sheets. Not too shabby. Keep it up and we’ll see you in the next TOTW, but in the starting line up!

CB: ll Booch ll (Hearts) – ZestyWang’s saving grace: ll Booch ll. You didn’t really think a CDM and goalkeeper could stop all those goals alone, now did you? Of course not! Booch was there with 92% passing accuracy, 8 interceptions, 8 blocks, 10 headers won, 1 goal against, and 5 clean sheets. By the looks of it, it seems like Booch plays a sweeper. He is the last person a striker will see before they shoot. Those poor strikers….

CDM: BlueShadow421 (Sporting CP) – Dang Sporting… You guys really showed up this week! BlueShadow421 is out here representing with his fellow teammates flexing 88% passing accuracy, 13 defensive tackles, 23 interceptions, 2 goals against, and 4 clean sheets. As if League 2 wasn’t hard enough already this season, you guys just had to take it a step further and smash the competition. Well done, Blueshadow.

CAM: Ayoo Scally (Real Sociedad) – Were you worried at first when you didn’t see your name in the starting 11 for TOTW Scally ? If you were, you shouldn’t have been. You played phenomenal and earned your spot this week! In 8 games, Scally scored a goal, assisted 3 goals, created 10 key passes, maintained an 88% passing accuracy, and had 11 defensive tackles and 14 interceptions. I would say that Scally is filling in those “shoes” pretty well. Nice work!

ST: x Bymst (Ajax) – In the last TOTW, I mentioned that Viciosz and Erickson carried the team on their backs. I would like to retract that statement and officially declare x Bymst an honorary team carrier. 8 games played, 7 goals scored, 11/17 shots on target, 6 assists, 21 key passes, 84% passing accuracy, and 1 MOTM vote from his fellow teammates.

ST: AyooFiinesse (Real Sociedad) – Coming in at 4th place for strikers is Ayoo Fiinesse from Sociedad. In 8 games, he scored 5 goals, had 5 assists, 12 key passes, maintained an 84% passing accuracy, and won MOTM twice. Finnesse and Finch have formed a dynamic duo all season long up top for the Spanish side with the two trading spots in the TOTW. Well done, Fiinesse!

Editor: Munday
Cards: Davi |6|
Graphic: Turajlic

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