Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 13 – League One

Starting XI

GK: Its Twit (Newcastle United) – Kicking off the starting XI  for our third TOTW in L1 this season is Its Twit from Newcastle United. The showstopper has continued his excellent form for the excellent English side, as he earns a second consecutive TOTW. In 6 games for Newcastle, Twit has made 26 saves to go along with 4 CS, 1 MOTM award, and the league leading PER for all GKs at 24.45.

RB: PortugeePrince (Wolverhampton) – The first addition to the backline is Wolves fullback, PortugeePrince. Wolves have been flying high all season, spearheaded by their passionate co-manager who demonstrated that he inspires the team not only off the pitch, but on it, with his TOTW appearance. In 9 games PortugeePrince has picked up 10 tackles, 19 interceptions, and 41 possessions won, to go along with 6 CS and a 19.99 PER.

CB: Matty D0T (Wolverhampton) – Pairing up alongside his fellow Wolverhampton defender is center back, Matty D0T, who makes his third TOTW this season. Wolverhampton have the best defense in League One, and it’s not hard to see why. Matty D0T has exemplified quality at the center back position for his team throughout the season and has been key in Wolverhampton’s chances to challenge for the title. With 9 appearances, Matty D0T racked up 11 tackes, 23 interceptions (T-2nd), and 40 possessions won to go with a goal, 6 CS and a PER of 22.84 (2nd).

CB: xdirtybyrdx (Wolfsburg) – Slotting into the second CB position is Wolfsburg defender xdirtybyrdx. Wolfsburg continues to defy all expectations as they have remained in contention for a playoff spot for the entire second half of the season, and you would be hard pressed to find someone on the team who has contributed more to this success than their defensive anchor. xdirtybyrdx leads all CBs in tackles, interceptions, and possessions won with 17, 25, and 47 (T-1st) respectively, alongside 4 CS, 3 MOTM awards, and a PER of 21.29 in 9 games.

LB: AquaticBacon231 (LA Galaxy) – Rounding out the backline is LA Galaxy fullback, AquaticBacon231. Probably the biggest surprise this season, LA Galaxy have surged to the top of the table with an absolutely incredible defensive display led by their defensive talisman, which saw them concede only 2 goals in their 9 games. With 9 appearances for LA Galaxy, AquaticBacon231 has accumulated 5 tackles, 26 interceptions (1st), and 46 possessions won (2nd), to go along with 7 CS and the league leading PER for all fullbacks with 25.83.

CDM: OSGUNNERS (Wolverhampton) – Making an appearance is yet another Wolves player, OSGUNNERS. The defensive mid has looked like prime Ruben Neves during this TOTW period as he disrupts the oppositions attack off the ball, and becomes a superb passing outlet on it. In 7 games for the English side, OSGUNNERS picked up 19 tackles (2nd), 31 interceptions (T-1st), and 40 possessions won, accompanied by 2 key passes, 4 CS, and a 21.33 PER (2nd).

CM: Spicybeatle (Real Betis) – Occupying the CM spot is PCN vet, Spicybeatle. Earning his first TOTW this season, the former SL TOTS striker has found his form for the Spanish side at just the right time, as the midfield maestro has been the creative spark for a team looking to secure a playoff position. In 9 games, Spicybeatle managed to bag 2 goals, alongside 3 assists, 12 key passes, and a 18.04 PER rating for Los Verdiblancos.

CM: dorseyfurcal18 (Newcastle United) – Lining up alongside Spicybeatle in the CM position is fellow PCN vet, dorseyfurcal18. After dominating in SL at the CDM spot season after season, Dorsey has embraced a flawless transition to a more offensive role in League One, dictating the game at CAM for the Magpies. In 9 games for the English club, Dorsey produced 1 goal, 2 assists, 11 key passes, alongside a MOTM award and a PER of 19.59 (2nd).

CAM: VaPorCaralho (Wolverhampton) – In the CAM position is the last of the Wolverhampton quartet, VaPorCaralho. With a name his avo would not be proud of, the Wolverhampton creative midfielder joins his fellow compatriot OSGUNNERS in the starting XI as they replicate a Moutinho and Neves dynamic, picking apart defenses and terrorizing the opposition in the process. In his last 9 appearances, VaPorCaralho has accumulated 3 goals (1st), and 3 assists (T-3rd), along with a 18.24 PER.

ST: Shamrockslax24 (Roma) – POTW – Making his first TOTW appearance this season is Roma striker, Shamrockslax24. After a slow start to the season, the former golden boot winner has reminded everyone that he is still one of the deadliest strikers to ever play in League One with a POTW accolade. When Shamrockslax24 is in form there is simply no stopping him, as his ability to score goals is second to none. In 7 games for the Italian side, Shamrockslax24 has found the back of the net 7 times (2nd), along with 2 assists, 13 key passes (2nd), 3 MOTM awards, and the league leading PER for all forwards at 27.16.

ST: YOSHIgoalMANIA (AS Monaco) – Making yet another return is Monaco striker, YOSHIgoalMANIA. At this point you shouldn’t be surprised to see YOSHIgoalMANIA on the TOTW, as his production in League One this season is unmatched. He has been arguably the deciding factor for Monaco this season in their title race and his consistent form all campaign is a huge reason why. With the season fast approaching its end, it will be interesting to see if the French side can hold onto one of the hottest prospects in PCN. In 9 matches YOSHIgoalMANIA has gotten 6 goals, 4 assists (T-1st), 16 key passes (1st) 2 MOTM awards, and a 19.83 PER (2nd).


GK: DcF Buffon (Atletico Madrid) – Starting off the bench is Atletico Madrid goalkeeper, DcF Buffon. The former TOTS GK has come into form following a switch from Fiorentina, as he has shined for Los Rojiblancos during this TOTW period. In 8 games, DcF Buffon has made 42 saves (1st), to go along with 3 CS, 1 MOTM award, and a PER of 19.69 (2nd).

CB: Guccikilljoy (Atletico Madrid) – Joining his Atletico teammate on our bench is Guccikilljoy. The former TOTS fullback has made a seamless transition this season, as the Atleti player picks up another TOTW honor in the center back position, proving to be the defensive standout on the squad. In his last 8 appearances for the squad, Guccikilljoy has racked up 14 tackles (1st), 23 interceptions (T-2nd), and 47 possessions won (T-1st) to go along with 3 CS, 3 MOTM awards, and the league-leading PER of all CBs with 24.14.

LB: LargeMightyCow (AS Monaco) – Making his second TOTW appearance is Monaco man, LargeMightyCow. Les Rouges et Blancs fullback has produced another large and mighty string of performances for his side, as he represents the only defensive Monaco player in this TOTW edition. In 9 matches LargeMightyCow has accumulated 16 tackles (1st), 24 interceptions (3rd), and 54 possessions won (1st) alongside 5 CS, 2 MOTM awards, and a 24.51 PER.

CDM: terramurk345 (Wolfsburg) – Making an appearance on the bench in this TOTW is one of the more unfamiliar names, terramurk345. With only 2 appearances to his name last season, terramurk345 has appeared in every game Wolfsburg this season, and for good reason, as terramurk345 has absolutely bossed it for the German side at the heart of midfield in this TOTW period. In 7 appearances terramurk345 picked up 13 tackles, 31 interceptions (1st), and 48 possessions won (1st) along with 2 assists (1st), 2 MOTM awards, and the league-leading PER of all CDMs with 23.06.

RAM: TKFP Spartan7x (AS Monaco) – Joining his fellow Monaco teammates in the third TOTW edition is TKFP Spartan7x. The Monaco forward demonstrated his superb offensive versatility during this TOTW period, managing to both score and create goals for his teammates in equal part. In 6 games TKFP Spartan7x has managed to bag 2 goals to go along with 2 assists, 8 key passes, 2 MOTM awards and the league-leading PER of all AMs at 20.11.

ST: SoccerFJ10 (Atalanta) – The sole representative for Atalanta is their electric forward, SoccerFJ10. SoccerFJ10 has risen to be one of the deadliest strikers in PCN as he has been a goal scoring machine in L1 all season, and currently leads the golden boot race. With a playoff position realistically out of the picture for the Italian side, it will be vital for the club to hold onto their star man for next season if they want to reach the Super League. In his last 9 appearances for Atalanta, SoccerFJ has managed to produce 8 goals (1st), 11 key passes, 2 MOTM awards, and a 18.94 PER.

ST: nolimitcisxo (Real Betis) – Finishing out the third edition of the League One TOTW is Real Betis striker, nolimitcisxo. Nolimitcisxo has had a breakout season in PCN, surpassing his previous season high in goals during this TOTW period alone, with no signs of slowing down. With 6 goals, 4 assists (T-1st), 7 key passes, 2 MOTM awards and a PER of 16.54 in 9 games, nolimitcisxo looks to be one of the future top strikers in PCN for seasons to come.

Editor: CM9 PT
Cards: Fuji Sells
Graphic: Turajlic

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