Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 12 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: Baryshev (Everton) – Baryshev garnered many TOTW votes and it’s easy to see why with an unprecedented 7 + saves per game. He also was able to complete 76% of his passes, besting the entire league by a wide margin.

RB: Papimacchiato (Roma) – Papi has put together a consistently impressive campaign having earned his third TOTW in as many weeks. With a shared lead in headers won among fullbacks and top 5 finish in all other key defensive metrics, the Roman was almost a shoe in for TOTW honors.

CB: GambleScopes (Leicester City) – The main man on Leicester’s back line is celebrating his second consecutive TOTW. The stout defender has dazzled with his defensive stats all season, but perhaps his most impressive metric is an almost 4:1 possession ratio having only lost 9 possessions in the 9 games he has started.

CB: CamperGrande (Barcelona) – Yet another stellar week for the Barcelona defender as he edged out all other Center Backs in the league with a PER of 22.22. His defensive prowess should prove invaluable the rest of the season to a Barca squad scrambling to recover their top form.

LB: Guccikilljoy (Leicester City) – With the most tackles and interceptions by any defender in the week in question, Guccikilljoy has been an absolute revelation for the Filbert Foxes. He also has the most headers won among fullbacks with 15, showing his ability to defend back post crosses.

CDM: JoeMagz (Barcelona) – The holding midfielder piled up a whopping 49 tackles + interceptions in route to his first TOTW of season 12. He also made an offensive contribution of 1 assist and 6 key passes, proving to be one of the most versatile players in League 2.

RM: EliteXxGrizzly (Marseille) – One of only two attacking midfielders with above a 20 PER, EliteXxGrizzly has burst onto the League 2 scene despite only playing 6 games. His production was efficient with 7 goals + assists and a 81% pass success rate.

LM: AquaticBacon231 (Leicester City) – The outside midfielder stood out among his peers this week by winning an astonishing 47 possessions (tops among attacking midfielders). He also had 3 assists and 12 key passes, making him a key cog in the wheel of Leicester City’s attack.

CAM: CINO (Atletico Madrid) – The creative force for Atletico Madrid led all midfielders with 4 assists and 20 key passes, earning him a spot in the Starting XI for our TOTW. With the league title just within Atletico Madrid’s grasp, CINO will look to keep his squad on top for the remainder of the season.

ST: Elements of God (Atletico Madrid) – Statistically the best passer among all strikers this week with a 86% success rate and an average of a goal per game of over 1, he has been a huge contributor in his side’s sudden surge to the top of League 2.

ST: StrikozGoblin (Roma) – This is Goblin’s second POTW award in as many TOTW appearances. Needles to say, he has laid waist to opposing defenses without prejudice. He scored 12 goals and chipped in 4 assists while completing 85 percent of his passes. Will Strikoz be the catalyst for a potential takeover of Atletico Madrid for the top spot of L2?


GK: Jeepers76 (Atletico Madrid) – For the second time this season, Jeepers76 has earned weekly awards by keeping opposing offenses at bay. He took home 1 MOTM this week and contributed to Atleti’s 5 clean sheets. If Jeepers and the rest of the Madrid defense can keep up their stingy ways, Atletico has a great chance to raise the trophy at seasons end.

CB: thespicyturtle (Marseille) – Thespicyturtle makes his TOTW debut this season largely in part to a gaudy 7 blocks in 9 games played. Just as impressive as his tackle numbers (10) are his 9 possessions lost in the same span, highlighting his sure footed skills and excellent decision making.

LB: Philosophydept (Everton)- 13 tackles and 19 interceptions in only 7 games played this week is an impressive stat line for a CB, and Philosophydept has managed to put up these numbers at fullback. Perhaps his most impressive stat, however, is his 5 blocks.

CM: Kirbyneids (Everton) – The midfielder of the club Everton makes this TOTW by way of 19 key passes, 1 goal, 1 assist, and 31 possessions won. It will be up to him to make sure Everton doesn’t end up in the basement of League 2 for Season 12.

CAM: THeKniFE18 (Leicester City) – The man in central midfield has been in control for Leicester City with 3 goals, 2 assists, and 8 key passes. In addition to his great offense, he also won 33 possessions and only lost 41. Leicester has been in great form as of late, and TheKniFE18 has certainly been a key in their newly found philosophy of ball control.

ST: Ayoo Finch (Napoli) – In addition to his 7 goals, Finch also pitched in with 4 helpers (the most by any striker) earning him his second TOTW this season. He also bested the field of strikers with 13 headers won. With the home stretch of the season ahead for Napoli and a promotion spot only 4 points away, they will look to their man up top to continue his red hot form.

ST: iMOWtheLAWN24 (Leicester City) – The striker of Leicester fame had a nicely rounded week with 7 goals, 3 assists, and 9 key passes in only 7 games played. Players like LAWN are giving them a solid core to build for the future.

Editor: ogfearisgod
Cards: Davi |6|
Graphic: Turajlic


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