Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 12 – League One

Starting XI

GK: GC The Reaper (Wolfsburg) – The Goalkeeping Showman and PCN OG makes his first Team of the Week appearance for Season 12. Since defecting from PSG in Super League, he has become a central figure in one of the feel-good stories of PCN: the turn-around of Wolfsburg. After taking just three points from their first ten matches, they have taken nineteen points from their last ten! In the voting period he was first in saves with 29 despite playing just six matches.

RB: MoodMcSaucy (Fiorentina) – Making a name for himself at full back, MoodMcSaucy has anchored the right flank for Fiorentina. For a side that has had its fair share of ebbs and flows this campaign, Saucy has been stable ground for his manager. Contributing stat wise as well, Saucy kept three clean sheets coupled with his 27 interceptions which propelled him into this week’s TOTW

CB: shadowSG123 (RB Leipzig) – Part of one of the hottest teams in League One as well as a member of one of the most stout defenses in the league, Shadow’s five clean sheets were amongst the best in League One this week. In his past seven games, he’s sporting a solid 27 possessions won accompanied with 16 interceptions and two MOTM awards.

CB: Adav (Fiorentina) – Accompanying Mr. Saucy in defense is Adav, who has racked up an astounding 40 possessions won in his last seven games on track to this weeks TOTW. Adav’s six blocks have helped a Fiorentina side that are starting to find their stride here late in the season.

LB: LargeMightyCow (AS Monaco) – Making another appearance this season on the TOTW and one of the hottest commodities on the market when the transfer window rolled around, LargeMightyCow landed in Monaco where making himself at home with 20 interceptions and 31 possessions won allowing his new home to capture three clean sheets.

CDM: Fuji I 6 I (Valencia) – Another playing making a return appearance, Fuji has made a massive impact since moving from Dortmund early on in the season, and this week has been no different. His 31 interceptions over his last eight games with an astounding 58 possessions won to go along with his 25 tackles made Fuji a shoe in for this week’s TOTW.

CM: Platypus Thrust (AS Monaco) – Platypus Thrust joins this week’s TOTW with a solid week in his central midfield position, where he shone with his defensive abilities, accumulating 40 possessions won to go along with 29 interceptions. Plat has been a solid addition to Cazbon’s Monaco side who are looking to secure a vital promotional playoff spot.

CM: Chubworldpeace (Atalanta) – Even with his team looking a bit shaky as of late, Chub has been a solid foundation in the midfield of Atalanta. The do-it-all midfielder has not only four assists, but 29 interceptions to go along with them. With three MOTM awards from his team to go along with his on field metrics, Chub is an important part of an Atalanta team if they have any automatic promotion thoughts left on their mind.

RW: Expect Bills (LAFC) – Another team with an off week, Bills has continued his fine form, going three for three in TOTW this season. The on-loan Atlanta player has helped his right side and his local club up to second in the table with their most important games ahead. Bill’s accumulated nine key passes and four assists from the right flank in his last eight games and will be an important part of an LAFC side that is just three points off of league leaders Valencia.

ST: YOSHIgoalMANIA (Seattle Sounders) – POTW – With Seattle being the highest scoring team in all of PCN, it was only a matter of time before a Sounders member made it onto the TOTW, and Yoshi is just that man. With his eleven goals and seven assists in his last eight games, Yoshi has also racked up five MOTM awards for his side. Yoshi’s 22 goals put him in the upper echelons of League One forwards, and Seattle has made their way into the top half of the table because of it.

LW: abdeen (Seattle Sounders) – Earning the last starting spot in the TOTW is none other than Yoshi’s partner in crime, abdeen. Cutting inside from the left wing in our TOTW, abdeen has been clinical, scoring 7 times. The inside forward has also shown his creative side, picking up 6 assists and 11 key passes as well. As long as abdeen and the offense continues to fire on all cylinders, they’ll definitely be favorites to finish in a promotion playoff spot.


GK: xTheAnswerx3 (LAFC) – He joins his LAFC teammate Expect Bills as the only other player to retain his spot on TOTW. In 8 games, he made 22 saves, conceded 5 goals and kept 5 clean sheets. He is currently tied for the lead in League One GK Clean Sheets with 14. His aim is to beat the League One record, and with his talent and the efforts of his team, that is firmly in play.

CB: Snowboarder 778 (Atalanta) – Making his way into his first TOTW this season is the former L2 TOTS goalie, Snowboarder 778. The L2 admin has returned to playing center back, where his illustrious career began. In 8 games, Snowboarder has picked up 24 interceptions, 37 possessions won, 4 clean sheets, and 1 goal.

RB: Popaguy13 (RB Leipzig) – The first of the Leipzig pairing off of the bench is their star fullback, Popaguy13. He has seamlessly made the transition from playing in League Two with Newcastle last season to RB Leipzig this campaign and has been a key piece to their solid backline. In 8 matches, Popa has gotten 15 tackles, 22 interceptions, 43 possessions won, and 3 clean sheets.

CM: Enjoi x Gretsky (RB Leipzig) – The second Leipzig player on the bench and the third total to make it is none other than their dynamic center mid, Gretsky. He has been a key creator for Leipzig, scoring 2 goals and 4 assists and 9 key passes in 9 games. He also added 12 tackles, 24 interceptions, and 3 Man of the Match awards.

CAM: Haydzh (Seattle Sounders) – Seattle has been on the form of their lives over the past couple of weeks and they’ll have Haydzh to thank for his marvelous performances. The attacking mid led all midfielders in assists during this time, picking up 5 assists in 7 games. He also managed to pick up 10 key passes, 17 tackles, 32 possessions won, and even 1 goal to secure a bench selection this TOTW.

ST: Hinkleyyy (Newcastle United) – Newcastle has been somewhat underwhelming but their manager, Hinkleyyy, has been on his best run of form so far this season, even earning a spot this week. In 8 games, Hinkleyyy scored 7 goals with 17 shots on target. During this time, he also got 3 assists, 12 key passes, and 2 Man of the Match awards.

ST: oX M A M B A Xo (Valencia) – Our final player to make it this week is none other than Valencia’s prolific striker, Mamba. His side currently sits at the top of the table and his play leading the front line has been the key to their success. In 8 games, Mamba found the back of the net 6 times with just 9 shots on target. He also added on 3 assists, 16 key passes, and 15 possessions won.

Editor: Skirata x
Cards: Fuji Sells
Graphic: Turajlic


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