Team Of The Week – Week 3 – Season 11 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: Snowboarder 778 (Barcelona) – Holding on to his starting spot from last week’s TOTW is Snowboarder. He has been an integral part of this Barcelona team, with only 4 conceded in 6 games it is clear to see why Barcelona are title contenders this season. He also pitched in 24 saves and 4 passing points in the games played.

RB: RichieLee98 (Barcelona) – Another Barcelona man holding onto his starting spot from last week is RichieLee. During the 6 games played he made 10 tackles, 13 interceptions and won possession back on 26 occasions. He has shown ability on the ball with 10 passing points.

CB: L E O N E S ll (Napoli) – During this TOTW period, Leones played 5 games where he averaged 4 possessions won per game. He also picked up 19 interceptions, 6 tackles and 12 passing points. His recent performances have impressed, and he will be glad to have picked up his first ever TOTW card in PCN.

CB: AC Milan3636 (Wolverhampton) – Currently in his 2nd season on PCN, AC Milan is picking up his first League 2 TOTW. In the 6 games played, he has won possession back 16 times, made 13 interceptions and 1 tackles. He has shown composure at the back with 12 passing points, 1 assist and 1 key pass.

LB: unrulydisteppa (Barcelona) – Coming into this TOTW with the highest PER rating for this period, unrulydisteppa. When the LB has featured, Barcelona have only conceded 3 goals and kept 2 clean sheets, he himself has contributed 14 passing points, 22 possessions won, 10 interceptions and 8 tackles.

CDM: Neymar24 (Wolverhampton) – Another player holding onto his starting spot from TOTW2 is Neymar. The CDM has been fantastic for Wolves this season and is almost a shoe in for TOTS at this point. During this play period, he picked up 2 key passes, 12 tackles, 20 interceptions 14 passing points and 34 possessions won.

CDM: DICHIEF MAX (Barcelona) – With the highest PER rating (21.42) amongst CDM’s this TOTW period, Max was an easy choice for a starting role. Showing his ability both defensively, with 11 tackles, 22 interceptions and 32 possessions won, and offensively with, 2 assists, 3 key passes and 14 passing points across the 6 games played.

RAM: yungdylianaire (Newcastle United) – Averaging 2 shots per game over 9 games played, yungdylianaire is starting to show his attacking prowess. During the 9 games, he picked up 1 goal, 2 assists and 11 key passes. He also showed his hunger to win the ball back with 23 interceptions and 34 possessions won.

CAM: KUSHxxMASTER (Wolverhampton) – Moving from last TOTW’s bench to a starting role this time around, Kush has really been impressing this season. Kush is one of the main creative sparks in the Wolves team and this is shown by his 1 goal, 1 assist and 9 key passes, when pairing this with 18 possessions won.

LAM: WC PABLITOS (Wolverhampton) – After narrowly missing out on the last TOTW, Pablitos returns as our LAM this week. He has chipped in with 1 goal, 1 assist, 9 key passes and 13 passing points to earn his spot on the team.

ST: Yaadbwoyger (Napoli – POTW) – Currently undergoing a rebuild with his Napoli team, but that is not stopping Yaadbwoyger from finding the net. He has scored 6 goals and contributed 3 assists and 4 passing points in the 5 games played.


GK: nexus bionic (Atletico Madrid) – Nexus has been one of the standout players for Atl. Madrid this season in League 2 and was touted for a move away during the recent window. Atletico’s decision to hold onto him has paid off after he made an outstanding 41 saves in just 7 games in an attempt to keep them in games.

CB: Oh Killjoy (Barcelona) – Returning to the TOTW bench again (TOTW 2) is Oh Killjoy, he has been in exceptional form this season and it is only a matter of time until he breaks into the TOTW Starting XI. During this period the commanding CB made 6 tackles, 17 interceptions, 15 passing points and an impressive 26 possessions won.

CB: fhlogantd03 (Wolverhampton) – After missing out last week, Logan has put in some incredible performances over the last TOTW period to earn his 2nd TOTW of the season. During the 6 games played, Logan made 4 tackles, 7 interceptions, 4 blocks and 27 possessions won whilst only letting up 5 goals.

CDM: Rush XpRT (Newcastle United) – During this TOTW, Newcastle have played 9 games in which Rush has taken part in all of them. He made 1 assist, 1 key pass, 11 tackles, 16 interceptions and 20 possessions won, showing he is an important part of the Toon side.

CAM: Goated TR3YYY (Atletico Madrid) – The top scoring midfielder this week with 2 goals, Goated has been a big part in the Newcastle revival. Goated almost averaged 3 passing points per game (17 in 6 games) which shows his ability to retain possession and move the ball well, which is reflected in his 3 key passes.

ST: RobertoS713 (Barcelona) – Since joining this Barcelona team, Roberto has been scoring week in week out and helped them climb to the top of the table. With 7 goals in 5 games Roberto is re-finding his season 9 for with Atlanta as he tries to clinch this League 2 title.

ST: The Miikee (Wolverhampton) – The Scotsman has been flying high this this season. During his 6 games played, he has proven his ability in both creating chances and finding the net himself. With 3 goals from 5 shots on target, 4 assists and 12 passes, Mike has shown he is a threat not to be taken lightly.

Editor: PWTB Coups
Cards: dorseyfurcal18 and Turajlic
Graphic: Turajlic


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