Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 8 – Super League

Starting XI

Gk: Phil The Fish – The first returning player to this TOTW is the River Plate keeper, Phil The Fish. He’s been a major part of the Argentinian side’s success so far this season, keeping them top of the table. He has picked up 45 saves and 5 CS in the last eight games.

RB: SomeWhereCoolin – Making his debut into this season’s TOTW, Coolin has been pivotal for NYCFC. Over the last eight games, he has racked up 33 PW, 14 DT, and 3 CS.

CB: hello im unix – River Plate’s defense has been the key to success, and Unix has contributed heavily to said success. He has been deadly on set pieces, picking up two assists and 5 KP, along with 40 PW and 5 CS.

CB: WillpowerHD – Alongside Unix we have Manchester City’s own WillpowerHD. Like Unix, he has picked up two assists in the last eight games, also gaining 10 DT, 10 INT, 28 PW, and 4 CS.

LB: QIK – Versatility is key to a player’s success, and QIK is no stranger to it. The ego-centric, big-headed center back has moved to fullback and didn’t skip a beat, scoring one goal while also accumulating 7 DT, 10 INT, 33 PW, and 5 CS.

CDM: Wanyama x – Man City would be in huge trouble if they didn’t have Wanyama x holding down the midfield, as he has been crucial so far for the Citizens. He has gained 20 DT, 14 INT, 38 PW, 20 PP, and 4 CS over the last four matchdays.

CM: Cozy Bryant – Bozy Baller Brand has finally made it into TOTW this season. The Young Boys co-manager has done it all for the Swiss side the last eight games, scoring once and getting one assist, to go along with 5 KP, 8 DT, 16 INT, 37 PW, and 2 CS.

CM: FIFA Talentless – Talentless has emerged as a star player for River Plate this season and his stats back it up, earning him this week’s Player of the Week. Over the last eight games, he has gotten 6 goals, 5 assists, 10 KP, 17 DT + INT, and 34 PW.

CAM: iSchwiftys – iSchwiftys returns into the TOTW for the second time this season, proving that he is one of the top creators in all of PCN. He has obtained 3 goals, 7 assists, 18 KP, 15 INT, and 35 PW through the last eight games.

ST: Erick l 9 l – “Silent but deadly” fits the mold of Manchester City striker, Erick l 9 l. Erick has picked up the pace after a rough start to the season with Man City, scoring 10 goals along with obtaining 4 assists, 7 KP, and 19 PP.

ST: Kessy I 17 I – The last River Plate player to be featured this week is Kessy l 17 l. River Plate sit on top of the table so far, and Kessy’s management and playing skill has definitely been a leading factor. He has gained 9 goals, 6 assists, six KP, and 2 MOTM through six games.


GK: Burton asb – What may look as a surprise entry to some is Burton asb, who exploded over the last four matchdays, gaining an insane 62 saves and 3 CS.

CB: Snowboarder778 – PSG may be struggling so far this season, but that is not the case for Snowboarder778. The former Manchester City defender has shined for what may be a relegation bound team, gaining 14 DT, 19 INT, 52 PW, and 22 PP.

RB: Wayne Flexzky – The Icelandic defensive mid has shifted to fullback for Bayern and has broken out as a standout player for Ricky. Wayne has gotten 10 DT, 9 INT, 36 PW, and 3 KP in the last six games.

CDM: dorseyfurcal18 – The former Iceland manager has stepped up his game over the last eight games for a struggling Lyon, becoming a beacon of hope. He has scored one goal, also gaining 4 assists, 4 KP, 18 DT, 19 INT, and 49 PW.

CAM: Jigsaw – Jigsaw has made the transition from center back to center mid and now CAM, where he now enters this TOTW selection. He has recently picked up 1 goal and 4 assists, 20 KP, 11 INT, and 34 PW.

ST: Bgod43rd – The first Manchester United striker to feature in this TOTW, Bgod43rd has stepped up big for his team. He has gotten 10 goals, 2 assists, 7 KP, and 11 PW in his last four gamedays.

ST: Magic I 10 I – The last person in this iteration of TOTW is Manchester United manager and striker, Magic l 10 l. When he isn’t carrying Fawzi and others through a Destiny raid, he’s leading Man Utd to the promised land, gaining 6 goals, 6 assists, 10 KP, and 20 PW.




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