Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 9 – Super League

Starting XI

GK – DarkBerry98: A returning face in this seasons super league TOTW is none other than arguably the best goalkeeper in all of PCN in darkberry. berry has had a tremendous first half of the season racking up big numbers and this TOTW be no different with his stat line of 49 SV, 2 CS, And 1 MOTM

RB – Bellerin l 2 l: long time since we’ve seen this Spanish defender in the TOTW but ever since he made the move to the Argentina power house he’s been having a incredible season both team success and individuals stats such as 7 GP, 10 DT, 17 INT, 18 PP, 30 PW, and 3 CS
CB – Snowboarder 778: Returning TOTS Centerback has enjoyed the first half of the season in his new America club after leaving PSG finishing the first half of the season in 2nd place. Snowboarder was a huge part of that with a stat line this TOTW of 8 GP, 2 DT, 20 INT, 5 BLK, 46 PW, 5 CS

CB – I KINGEVAN300 I: Returning from last TOTW is the self proclaimed best CB in the league in kingevan who has the stats to backup his claim. Stats don’t lie and a statline of 8 GP, 1 GLS, 1 AST, 3 KP, 38 PW, and 2 MOTM

LB – QIK: A man everybody knows and a man who is no stranger to TOTW. QIK has made a return to river plate this season and is enjoying his spot at wingback and having 14 DT, 16 INT, 21 PP, 31 PW, and 4 CS makes a claim to be one of his better positions

CDM – Jammmyy: A Returning face is the man that runs the Italian giants jammmyy has made a early claim to his POTS spot with 8 GP, 7 KP, 17 DT, 26 INT, 3 CS, and 3 MOTM

RM – sF Batistuta: The Scottish winger has had a impressive first half for the England powerhouses. In 8 GP he has posted 3 GLS, 3 AST, 11 KP, 18 INT, and 30 PW

LM – FlatDiamond09: The final goodbye to Lyon as the Mexican winger makes his move back to the Blues but while he was at Lyon he posted great numbers such as 8 GP, 3 GLS, 4 AST, 6 KP, 23 INT, and 2 MOTM

CAM – Thiago ll 6 ll: The utility player of Juventus Mr. Thiago ones to argue is the best player in all of PCN has made a return to TOTW this time as a CAM. As he’s split his time between CAM,CDM, and CB He’s doing his best to help the Italian Dynasty pick up where they left off last season posting 5 GP, 4 AST, 6 KP, 13 INT, 32 PW, and 1 MOTM

ST- Magic Man OP: Season 8 POTS word for word best striker in Super league last season has had a quiet first half of the new season but has finally picked up where he left off posting 8 GP, 8 GLS, 4 AST, 8 KP, 15 PP, and 4 MOTM

ST – Erick l 9 l: This week’s player of the week is a man who you would swear padded his stats a man known for only shooting and not passing has turned into a all around player for River Plate posting 8


GK – Kermit Le Froge: Returning TOTS goalkeeper from last season Kermit has had a tough start to the season but is bouncing back posting 8 GP, 36 SV, 1 CS, and 4 PP

CB – TheRealCapone58: while lazio May be fighting for relegation Capone is fighting for TOTS posting 8 GP, 1 GLS, 10 DT, 22 INT, 30 PP, 2 MOTM

LB – Lipton18: A man always just shy of making the starting spot is Lipton who has been the best outback across all of PCN this season posting 8 GP, 1 AST, 1 KP, 6 DT, 17 INT, 26 PP

CDM – JayTwinkie 18: Pound for Pound one of the most consistent DMs in this league Twinkie has been all over this the place this season posting 8 GP, 1 KP, 11 DT, 18 INT, 29 PP, 4 CS

LM – zJig: a controversial selection to say the least but the Portuguese winger has had a impressive time in Atlanta posting 8 GP, 1 AST, 15 KP, 8 DT, 17 INT, 22 PP

ST – l Stryde l 12: PCN Veteran and former Porto Manager has been carrying PSG this season as the stats shows posting 8 GP, 7 GLS, 3 AST, 7 KP, 17 PP, 3 MOTM

ST – Bgod43rd: The new Manchester United Manager has been all over defenders this season with a well rounded game posting 8 GP, 5 GLS, 5 AST, 12 KP, 13 PP, and 2 MOTM


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