Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 9 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: MR MACE2014 (Genk): PCN’s very first married couple is represented again in the TOTW. Mr Mace is killing it this season, logging 44 saves in seven games. Maybe Mrs Mace is giving him some pre-game motivation if you know what I mean :P

CB: Uc Skriniar (Olympiakos): The first of many Olympiakos players in this TOTW, Skriniar is living up to his namesake when it comes to elite defenders. In 8 games, Skriniar has managed to add 1 goal and 3 assists to go along with 15 interceptions and 8 key passes. He has done it all for the league leader’s defense.

CB: Oneshot26 (LOSC Lille): Making his return, Oneshot is slotting himself into another start in the TOTW. He has once again been crucial in their form, obtaining an absurd 9 blocks to go along with 13 interceptions, 28 possessions won, and 3 clean sheets.

CB: Ayoo JCC011 (Olympiakos): The second Olympiakos defender in this TOTW is Ayoo JCC011. The man is on a mission to dominate the opposition’s attackers, getting 20 interceptions and 25 possessions won in 8 games.

RM: FreddyBoss7 (Olympiakos): FreddyBoss has made it into his first ever TOTW, everyone give him a round of applause! Ok then let’s continue. (post edit, idk where I was going with this and I’m sorry) Freddy has turned it up a notch for the Greek superside, notching 3 goals, 3 assists, 13 interceptions, and 7 key passes.

CDM: Gato Bravo9 (LOSC Lille): I feel like I am going to be writing about Gato a lot this season, as he seems to be the top DM in all of League Two. Lille’s form may have slipped, but it doesnt have to do with Gato. In 6 games, he obtained 1 assist, 5 key passes, 12 tackles, and 22 interceptions.

CDM: BrankdoNiko1 (Olympiakos): Making a return into TOTW is BrandoNik. Olympiakos has surged ahead of the pack in League Two, and BrandoNik has been key to this run. In 8 games, he has gotten 25 interceptions, 23 passing points, and 35 possessions won.

LM: Valus Rex 666 (Olympiakos): Valus is channeling his inner Rajon Rondo, cuz he is diming his way into the starting lineup. In 8 games, Valus has gotten 7 assists, 1 goal, 17 key passes, and 18 interceptions from out on the left and side.

CAM: WishULuck91 (Olympiakos): The manager of Olympiakos stated on the podcast that he would be coming for the top spot of the league and he did not disappoint. In the meantime, he also worked his way into the starting CAM position this week, notching 2 goals, 7 assists, 14 key passes, and 14 interceptions.

ST: S h o o t a6355 (POTW) (Olympiakos): This week’s Player of the Week is the infamous Shoota6355. Shoota has been on another level as of late, netting 14 goals in 7 games. His form alone has sent Olympiakos soaring ahead of the pack.

ST: DaWatersNotSafe (Olympiakos): He must be from Flint with a gamertag like his, but the shitty water is not affecting his footballing ability. DaWatersNotSafe has returned into TOTW, bagging 7 goals and 2 assists in 8 games. His form will be crucial to Olympiakos’ title push.


GK: Teh7King (CSKA Moscow): What could be seen as a surprise is that a player outside of Genk, Fenerbache, Lille, and Olympiakos has made it into TOTW, and that is their goalkeeper Teh7King. In just four games, he managed to get 21 saves, 5 passing points, and 3 clean sheets. The man has been on a mission

CB: ImmortalPanda12 (Fenerbache): The only Fenerbache player to make it into TOTW this week is ImmortalPanda12. Panda seems to be the top dog in the dressing room for the Turkish side, trying to lead his side into playoffs. In six games, Panda has gotten 7 tackles, 17 interceptions, 30 possessions won, and 2 clean sheets.

LB: Krizno1986 (LOSC Lille): Once again, full backs have not been shining in the league, with only one full back making it into the TOTW. They have fell victim of the new 352 meta, but that won’t stop Krizno from lighting it up. In 6 games, he has gotten 14 interceptions, 19 possessions won, 4 tackles, and 3 clean sheets.

CDM: ll ThaiRican ll (Olympiakos): Our last Olympiakos player has entered this TOTW, and it is a bench debut for ThaiRican. In 4 games, ThaiRican has gotten 1 goal and assist, 4 key passes, 8 tackles, and 11 interceptions.

CM: CatronicSumo588 (Genk): Appearing for the first time into TOTW is none other than CatronicSumo558. Coming out of nowhere and jumping into the spotlight, Sumo has gotten 1 goal, 3 assists, and 9 tackles in 8 games.

ST: Yummo Nut (CSKA Moscow): With what could be the most sexual GT in all of PCN, Yummo Nut has found his way onto the bench for this TOTW. In 5 games, Yummp has gotten 7 goals, 2 assists, and 28 possessions won.

ST: MRS MACE2014 (Genk): Mrs Mace has once again returned to the TOTW, being the second half of the aforementioned PCN power couple. In 7 games, she has gotten 7 goals, 3 key passes, and 2 MOTM. 


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