Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 9 – League One

Starting XI

GK FH Smooth: Minnesota’s man between the sticks is continuing a sensational run of form that’s helped them continue their dominance at the top of the League One Table. Smooth has picked up 4 clean sheets in his last 8 games, and in the games where he did concede, he never let more than one past him on average. Smooth cements himself a spot on the list of marquee players in League One, and the sky’s the limit from here.

CB Pass Da Rock: Leipzig’s big dog at the back notched himself another TOTW accolade, making that two for two so far this season for him. In the last six games, Dwayne Pass Da Rock Johnson has made 8 defensive tackles, 14 interceptions, 2 blocks, a monster 31 possessions won, and helped his side secure 3 clean sheets from his 6 appearances. Another hot commodity item in League One this season, and we’re only just getting started.

CB Austin l 33 l: Austin has been a vital piece to the Minnesota backline in recent games, but not necessarily for the reason you may have expected. Similar in attacking mentality to the likes of Sergio Ramos, Boateng, and Bonucci to name a few; Austin’s vision has helped him create a couple big chances. On top of an already impressive 31 possessions won, he has scored a goal, gotten an assist, and made 2 key passes in 7 games. Not to mention playing his part in 4 clean sheets.

CB AyeVols: Vols makes his return into this week’s TOTW with another slew of impressive statistics. He makes up part of yet ANOTHER impressive backline in League One, the ever curious Napoli. Stepping his game up like a midget with stilts, he’s won possession of the ball a staggering 43 times. Add that on to 4 blocks, 18 interceptions, 1 key pass, and 5 defensive tackles, and it’s no surprise Vols has found his way back into the starting 11.

RM iJakoob: What do Messi and Jakoob have in common? Nothing, nothing at all actually. But alas, with 1 goal, 3 assists, and 15 key passes he has shown himself to be a potent attacking threat. He’s even got a nifty 9 defensive tackles and 12 interceptions to boot. Welcome back into the TOTW Jakoob, may your disdain for Vape be long lived.

CDM Vchenz91: Well after shitting the bed last week and not giving Milan enough deserved spots in the TOTW, we did the considerable thing and literally only gave one Milan player a spot. Here’s the thing though, Vchenz is pretty decent. 4 key passes isn’t an awful lot to boast about, but when you look at what this man lives for, you’ll see he’s real good at that. 19 defensive tackles, 22 interceptions, 35 possessions won, even earning himself 2 MOTM awards. 

CDM l xxVidalxx l: Vidal has also managed his way back into the team, showcasing Barcelona’s worthy midfield once again. This time around the Jamaican Chilean picked up 2 MOTM awards which he definitely deserved by making 8 key passes, 18 defensive tackles, 20 interceptions, and 42 possessions won. Unlike the real Arturo Vidal, I don’t think our PCN counterpart will find himself on the bench anytime soon.

LM Dinho Iskl: Dinho’s first time in the TOTW, but given the team he plays for, probably not the last. The Minnesota outside midfielder picked up 2 goals and 6 assists in his 6 game stint, along with 8 key passes, 9 defensive tackles, and 12 interceptions. By the way, is the Eddy Disaster Dinho combo gonna be called E.D? Because I think it should be.

CAM GayOneButtSkill (POTW): For some reason this bum was not only put into the TOTW, but given POTW. This dude scored a measly 1 goal. But he did get 10 assists, 19 key passes (if only Spurs could finish), 20 passing points, and 2 MOTM’s to his name so I guess he can’t be that bad.

ST Eddy Disaster: Well Jakoob may have been right on last week’s podcast (or was it the one we never put out, who knows at this point), Eddy Disaster can score. A whopping 10 goals, 12 passing points, 5 key passes, and 3 MOTM to his name. Shame he couldn’t find a teammate for an assist though.

ST TKFP Munchie540: Speaking of selfish strikers, the one and only Munchie earned his first assist of the season this last set of matchdays. On top of that he scored a whopping 10 goals, got 8 key passes, 18 passing points, and 2 MOTM as well. He’s a btec Harry Kane if ever there was one.


GK Wiiz GuNSLiNgR: Wiiz had a class week between the sticks for PSV accruing 36 saves and picking up 2 clean sheets from 6 games to really cement himself as an up and coming GK in League One this season. As a fellow GK, I’m excited to see how he gets on.

CB Kwsta 23: Kwsta put on a string of class defensive performances, in that time frame nabbing 2 assists, 2 key passes, 4 defensive tackles, 22 possessions won, and 3 clean sheets. It’s been a relatively easy trip for him, and I think he’ll be content with his performances.
RB Menoover13: It’s the token outside back on the bench because there’s always only one. The Puerto Rican sensation has made 8 defensive tackles, 8 interceptions, 20 defensive tackles, 22 possessions won, and even 3 clean sheets to his name. He’s been a real anchor in the Real Madrid defense, but I’m curious to see if he adapts as a winger when it comes time to switch to a three back.

CDM Mother Kangaroo: Minnesota’s Kanga has continued to be a steadily solid player. A classy midfielder with a metronome ticking in his head, he dictates tempos of games from the heart of midfield. From 8 games Kanga has managed 5 key passes, 8 defensive tackles, 18 interceptions, 19 passing points, and 4 clean sheets.

CM ejkewl 2: The first proper CM I’ve seen in the TOTW for a little while, ejkewl has managed an impressive statline. 3 goals, 4 assists, 7 key passes, 3 defensive tackles, and 3 MOTMs. A well rounded box to box player who’s always in between everything. That’s exactly what you want from a midfielder in that kind of formation, and it’s working wonders for them.

ST I MessI I: The Argentine striker didn’t play a lot of games, only 4. But in that time he managed an impressive 2:1 ratio for goalscoring, getting up to 8. Messi also managed 2 assists, 4 key passes, 7 passing points, and 3 MOTMs. I said earlier this season on the podcast that Atletico were a team to watch out for in League One and Messi has helped his team achieve a current joint 3rd place position.

ST KXNG SMURF: This mon  has been on fire! In a similar vein to Messi, Smurf only played 5 games while also maintaining a 2:1 goals to game ratio putting him at 10. Not only that but Smurf also puts in work for his team, managing 7 possessions won, 2 key passes, 10 passing points, and 1 MOTM.

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