Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 8 – League One

Starting XI

GK: ExetikeGM503 (Barcelona): A superb week in net had ExetiksGM503 win TOTW honors with only 7 games played, accruing a league-high 52 saves, averaging over 7 per game. To go along with his high save count, he also saved 2 penalties and was also able to hold a clean sheet. 

RB: beastgaming5000 (America): A magnificent week defending as well as passing has led beastgamibg5000 to a TOTW honors for the second week of play. He paired 42 possessions won with 23 passing points en route to a spot among the top defenders this week. While his team may not be near the top of the league, they would be in much greater danger without his contributions. 

CB: Lil lPurppp (Benfica): A league leading 48 possessions won all but guaranteed a place in the TOTW starting X1 for Lil IPurppp. Among his other stats include 11 tackles, 20 interceptions, and 20 passing points as well as only 8 goals against through 8 games of play. His contributions have been vital for a Benfica side that is contending for a promotion spot this season. 

CB: xTBONE1213x (Bayer Levurkusen): One of many TOTW players for the league-leading side, xTBONE1213x was rock solid in defense for Leverkusen this week, but he was also able to help his team offensively with a goal scored. He put up an impressive line of 43 possessions won, 20 interceptions, and 2 MOTM. 

LB: SSspurs94 (Inter Milan): A crucial player for Inter Milan, SSspurs94’s importance to his side can be seen on his MOTM totals, winning the honors in 4 out of 8 games this week for Inter. He had a fantastic week attacking from the fullback position pairing 4 assists with 8 key passes to go along with 21 passing points.

CDM: Darcy 8 (Bayer Leverkusen): Setting an absolutely absurd pace for defensive tackles in the league this week was Darcy 8, who set up a clinic on how to win the ball in the midfield this week. He finished the week with 20 defensive tackles to go along with 44 possessions won and 18 interceptions in 8 games, showing everyone how the CDM position is supposed to be played. 

CDM: Vchenz91 (RB Leipzig): Another fantastic ballwinner as well as box-to-box player at the CDM position has been Vchenz91, who put up 47 possessions won to go along with 6 key passes, 19 interceptions, and 3 assists. Leipzig players and supporters alike are sure to appreciate the contributions he was able to make on both ends of the pitch this week. 

CAM: Raven52rl (Bayer Leverkusen): An impressive playmaking week for Raven52rl saw him garner 5 more key passes than the second most prolific passer in D1, finishing the second week of play with 19 key passes. He also had 2 more assists than the second leading player, finishing with 9 for the week. The other players on Bayer Leverkusen are surely grateful of the top tier service that Raven has been able to provide. 

CAM: Edgar11ramos (Ajax): While he wasn’t able to repeat his POTW earning performances this week, Ramos had an impressive statline that brought him back for his second TOTW in as many weeks. 8 goals, 5 assists, 10 key passes, and 32 possessions won in 6 games is a very impressive statline, and one Ramos should be very proud of. 

ST: liverpoolmadkev (Bayer Leverkusen): An impressive week for this Bayer Leverkusen striker saw him tally 14 goals, which is good enough for second in Division 1 this week, as well as 6 assists and 10 key passes. His goal scoring prowess has played an important role in Bayer Leverkusen maintaining a spot atop Division 1. 

ST: iF Lewandowski (Benfica): The current D1 leader in goals scored this season with 20 put together another impressive week, bringing home his first TOTW this season as well as a Player of the Week honor in which he netted a league-high 15 goals to go along with 5 assists. 


GK: HoR Zeh l26l (Benfica): HoR Zeh l26l did a fantastic job this week at stopping shots, letting only 6 goals through in 6 games, while accruing 38 saves. Benfica was able to win every game, in large part due to the fact that opponents only scored 1 goal per match, thanks to the contributions of Zeh and his defense. 

CB: RichardGxxx818 (America): RichardGxxx818 was an integral part of a strong America defense, allowing only 6 goals in the 6 games he played. He was also able to put up 40 possessions won and 22 interceptions, both of those being extremely impressive given he played only 6 games. 

FB: Tom Tom Bah (Bayer Leverkusen): Tom Tom Bah was yet another key contributer for a very strong Bayer Leverkusen side, earning a MOTM honors in the past set of fixtures. The best name in D1 finished with 10 tackles and 23 possessions won, while also contributing an assist on offense. 

CDM: TheLaw1055 (Inter Milan): TheLaw1055 laid down the law in the defensive midfield for Inter, stifling his opposition’s attacks for the past 2 weeks. He finished with 35 possessions won, 20 passing points, 16 interceptions, and a goal and an assist, giving him a solid, all-around week. 

CAM: Bdon8407 (Benfica): The manager for Benfica makes an appearance on the second TOTW thanks to a set of masterful offensive performances. He came second over the week in assists with 7, and came away with 8 goals and 9 key passes in 6 games played. He was the only player in Division 1 to average at least a goal and an assist per match. He also scored as many goals as Benfica conceded over the week. 

ST: XIX Mastermind (RB Leipzig): A goalscoring machine for Leipzig, XIX Mastermind put away 12 goals in the past week, being one of only three players to post a goal tally in double digits. In addition to his scoring, he managed 2 assists and 8 key passes. 

ST: RiooTv (Bayer Leverkusen): As the third member of Bayer Leverkusen’s prolific attack to make this attack, it should come at no surprise that RiooTv was able to get plenty of goals and assists over the past 8 matchdays. He put up 6 goals to go along with 5 assists and 14 key passes, the latter total tied for second behind only his teammate Raven. 





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