Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 7 – League One

Starting XI

GK – IPouya: Kickstarting the TOTW is Toronto’s Stellar Shot stopper IPouya, who racked up an astounding 43 saves, only conceding 3 goals, and earning himself a MOTM in the process.  

RB – LIEONELMESSI10: Next up, Messi helped Porto with 37 possessions won, 8 interceptions, 3 key passes, and 20 passing points.

CB – eXc Zephir: A great week for Zephir as he cleaned up the back line with 32 possessions won, 12 tackles, 13 interceptions, and a cheeky assist to boot. 

CB – Oneshot 26: Oneshot shone this week earning 58 possessions won, a whopping 22 passing points (for a center back!), 22 interceptions, and 5 defensive tackles. 

LB – I LaPara I 5 I: Toronto’s defense continues to impress, as LaPara set up 5 key passes, 5 tackles, 9 interceptions, and 22 possessions won. 

CDM – SheWantMe813: SheWantMe continues to boss the midfield with 21 defensive tackles, 18 interceptions, 33 possessions won, 17 passing points, and even scored a goal as a reward for his hard work. 

CM – Ediblescissors: Life is good for the Liverpool midfielder who racked up 3 assists, 15 key passes, 19 passing points, and 16 possessions won. 

CM – Boroso89: Midfield Maestro Boroso netted 2 for his side, as well as getting 23 passing points, 19 passing points, and 16 possessions won. 

CAM – Cafetero: Pulling Porto’s strings is Cafetero, who put up an astounding 21 key passes, 1 goal, 2 assists, 34 possessions won, and 21 passing points. 

ST – Liverpoolmadkev: Leading the line for Liverpool, the Irish finisher scored 8 goals, picked up 6 assists, 8 key passes, and 21 passing points. 

ST – alexisbeast813 (POTW): Player of the Week for Week 2 is Porto’s high flying striker, who notched 7 goals, 6 assists, 7 key passes, and 15 passing points. 


GK – SOSA GANG92: Porto’s keeper has maintained his outstanding run of form, making this weeks TOTW and currently leading the league in TOTS points for GKs.

CB – BadMoeFoe7x: While his listed position is CB, BadMoeFoe7x has been able to make an impact on the offensive side of the pitch, driving home 2 goals in the past set of games.

RB – Billgybagz1c3: The third defender on TOTW for FC Porto, Billybagz has the 3rd most possessions won and has added a goal to help his side.

CM – Bayern x Muller: FC Porto’s 3rd midfielder to make this weeks TOTW has done great work on both ends of the pitch with 13 interceptions and 25 possessions won on the defensive end with 3 key passes and a goal and an assist on the offensive side of the ball. 

CAM – Raven52rl: With 8 key passes, 3 assists, and 2 goals, Raven has done a fantastic job setting his teammates up for goals and chances, with their recent success surely being helped by his good run of form. 

ST – killer wedgie88: Killer wedgie has seen a great week at striker, gaining 20 possessions won to go along with 8 key passes and 4 goals with 2 assists.

ST – Wertywerty960: Porto aren’t short of goal scorers, that much is clear, as Werty put away 5 goals, assisted 4, set up 7 key passes, and earned 15 passing points.


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