Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 6 – League One

Starting XI

iPouya- This keeper has shown that he can not only get plenty of saves, but he also is responsible for giving his team valuable points with his ability to keep clean sheets and earn MOTMs.

Nighmare Gamer- The full back recently brought in during the transfer window has shown a spark in D1 this season as proving himself to be one of the best defenders in the league over the past 2 weeks.

Makino – Brought in form Chelsea, this center back returns into the TOTW having a fantastic season. Managers are raving about how sensational he has been in the back.

x 561 1k – The Monaco Defender makes his debut into the TOTW with a huge surge as he has helped clean up Monacos back line into one of the best after coming off his Suspension

Sleepyboy123 – This Schalke Defender not only has contributed to the success of his defense. But also has helped contribute to the success of the attack, this has lead to great opportunities up top, while maintaining a strong defense.

I Can’t Finnish – The Schalke Manager has done a great job holding down the midfield by maintaining a good passing percentage while simultaneously winning the ball back constantly and instantly helping the attacking with Goals, Assists, and Key Passes.

Vaccinelol – Another returning TOTW player and crucial part of FC Schalke 04 is vaccine, he has come back again as one of the leagues best defensive mids and has shown that he has what it takes to shut down attackers

fizzy1337 – The Schalke Winger returns to the TOTW even more deadly then ever having a even greater goal count then the previous week which is truly outstanding considering the fantastic start he had.

Wisp in The Win – This central attacking mid constantly is getting assists. he can find a pass through any hole and set a teammate up from about anywhere on the pitch, he truly is having one of the best weeks ever and is sure to carry it on through the rest of the season.

iSchwiftys – The other Schalke winger is just as explosive as the other, Schwifty has been taking defenders on like nothing and is continuing his dominance on the league with another TOTW card under his belt

Tiggas91 – One of the most clinical strikers in D1 is Tiggas91, but not only has he scored lots goals this week, he is arguably the best striker when it comes to creativity and manifesting chances for his teammates.

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