Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 14 – League One

Starting XI

GK: sxmsxr (Seattle Sounders): Starting off the second edition of the League One TOTW is Seattle goalkeeper, sxmsxr. The sounders goalkeeper has certainly made a name for himself in his debut season in PCN, as sxmsr has been in superb for his side, managing to make 31 saves to go along with 5 CS (T-2nd), 1 MOTM award, and a 21.48 PER, 2nd amongst all GKs in his 8 games played. If Seattle Sounders are to secure a playoff spot this season, they will be hoping that their shot stopper can maintain his excellent start to PCN.

RB: Sleepyboy123 (Barcelona): Slotting into the first defensive position for TOTW is Barcelona fullback, Sleepyboy123. Returning to TOTW, the Blaugrana defender may always be tired, but never fails to produce for his side, as he continues to lead the backline to manager Roberto’s side each and every season with his stellar performances. After Barcelona dropped points due to the recent controversy, they will need their stud fullback to maintain his consistency for the Catalan side, in order to make their long awaited return to Super League a reality. In 8 games, Sleepyboy123 has gotten 13 tackles (T-1st), 18 interceptions, and 42 possessions won (1st), to go along with 7 CS (1st), 1 MOTM awards, and a league leading PER of 26.96 out of all fullbacks.

CB: Rmacedo23 (Inter Miami): Making an appearance in the starting XI is the sole Inter Miami man, Rmacedo23. After a stint with Frankfurt in League Two, which saw the defender see limited gametime last season, Rmacedo23 has found his form in Miami, establishing himself as the defensive anchor for his side. In 7 games for Inter Miami, Rmacedo23 has picked up 15 tackles (T-2nd), 20 interceptions (T-2nd), and 28 possessions won, accompanied by 4 CS, 1 MOTM award, and a league leading 22.44 PER out of all CBs.

CB: loganxx2112 (Borussia Dortmund): Occupying the second center back position is Dortmund defender, loganxx2112. Accompanying a number of Arsenal players from last season in the move to Dortmund in League One, loganxx2112 has thrived in his new environment, playing a key role for the German side which will be looking to fight for promotion this season. In 8 games, loganxx2112 has accumulated 13 tackles, 20 interceptions (T-2nd), and 41 possessions won, to go along with 5 CS (T-2nd), and a superb 20.05 PER (2nd).

LB: lukebron (Borussia Dortmund): Rounding out the starting backline for TOTW is Dortmund, lukebron. Another familiar face to a TOTW which sees both fullbacks make a return, lukebron will be looking to establish himself as one of the few standout fullbacks in PCN, as he continues to maintain his comfortable transition to the higher level of competition league one provides, making it look almost too easy. In 8 games for Dortmund, lukebron has picked up 9 tackles (3rd), 17 interceptions, and 34 possessions won alongside 5 CS (T-2nd), and a 20.43 PER.

CDM: l 5ive6ixPapi l (Hearts): Making his first appearance for TOTW this season is hearts midfielder, l 5ive6ixPapi l. The veteran midfielder has been absolutely dominant for his side, as his experience at the highest level has proven to be invaluable. With Hearts looking to be one of the few teams to battle it out for the title, l 5ive6ixPapi l will surely be the driving force behind their success this season. In 9 games for the Scottish side, l 5ive6ixPapi l accumulated 23 tackles (T-2nd), 27 interceptions, and 62 possessions won (1st), while also managing to pick up a assist, 2 MOTM awards, 90% passing, and a PER of 27.08 (1st).

CDM: Sabanator181 (Borussia Dortmund): In the second CDM position for TOTW is Dortmund player, Sabanator181. Fellow vet Sabanator181 is back again for another TOTW appearance and it is no surprise. The midfielder is a menace at the heart of midfield with a knack for shutting down the opposition, and simply put, he is a player no attacker looks forward to playing against. In his 8 games Sabanator 181 has gotten 21 tackles (3rd), 36 interceptions (1st), and 60 possessions won (2nd) to go with 3 MOTM awards, 88% passing, and a 25.46 PER Rating (3rd).

CAM: x Viciosz (Ajax): Lining up in the center attacking mid position is Ajax midfielder, x Viciosz. Yet another repeat appearance from the last TOTW, x Viciosz is the metronome that keeps the Ajax powerhouse ticking. With his immaculate vision on full display for the Dutch side this season as he dictates the pace of play from the CAM position, it is no surprise that Ajax finds themselves comfortably in first. In 6 games for Ajax, x Viciosz picks up 5 assists (3rd), 18 key passes (1st) and a 26.07 PER (2nd).

CAM: Yungryg (Atalanta) – POTW: Occupying another cam spot in this peculiar formation is Atalanta midfielder, Yungryg. The move overseas to Italy has done wonders for Yungryg, as the midfielder is in the form of his life. Shattering his previous season high on assists in just this TOTW period alone, it is no surprise that Yungryg has been awarded POTW, and as a result of his stellar performances, Atalanta has appeared shot up the table single handedly on Yungryg’s back. In 7 games, Yungryg produced 1 goal (T-3rd), 9 assists (1st), 12 key passes (T-3rd), 2 MOTM awards, and an eye watering 28.53 PER Rating (1st).

ST: MaKiNo (Hearts): Filling the striker position is Hearts forward, MaKiNo. Hearts new acquisition over the off-season has hit form at just the right time for his side, as MaKiNo has been nothing short of lethal. The forward seems to make the most of every chance this totw period in front of net as he has bagged 6 goals, 4 assists (T-2nd), and 17 key passes (1st), alongside 2 MOTM awards and a PER of 22.92 (2nd) in his 9 games for the Scottish side that sit comfortably near the top of the table.

ST: Shamrockslax24 (Lille): Taking up the last spot in the starting XI is the lone Lille representative, Shamrockslax24. The former L1 golden boot winner is shining at his new club after his transfer from Roma to Lille in the offseason. Known for his silky dribbling on the ball Shamrockslax24 is always a threat on the pitch, but is especially deadly in front of net as his ability to put the ball in the back of the net is pure quality. Currently sitting 4th in the top goalscorers for league one, don’t be surprised if Shamrockslax24 picks up another golden boot this season. In 9 games Shamrockslax24 has produced 9 goals (2nd), 5 assists (T-1st), and 8 key passes accompanied by a league leading 24.22 PER out of all Strikers.


GK: PCN Buffon (Atletico Madrid): Kicking off the bench is Atletico Madrid goalkeeper, PCN Buffon. Finding himself back in TOTW, PCN Buffon is having a phenomenal sophomore season at the Spanish side, as he has firmly solidified himself as Atletico’s main man between the sticks, with his safe hands guarding the net spurring on their battle for promotion this season. In 9 games PCN Buffon has managed to make 36 saves (2nd), to go along with 5 clean sheets (T-2nd), 2 MOTM awards, and a PER of 21.82 (1st).

CB: Guccikilljoy (Atletico Madrid): Joining his goalkeeper in this TOTW edition is Altetico defender, Guccikilljoy. Another repeat appearance in a TOTW filled with players from the last, Guccikilljoy is no doubt the most familiar. Having earned both a L2 and L1 TOTS in his last 2 seasons, with another surely on the way this season, Guccikilljoy has no doubt been the standout CB in the lower leagues of PCN this FIFA. With 9 games Guccikilljoy has racked up 14 tackles (3rd), 20 interceptions (T-2nd), and 46 possessions won (2nd), to go along with 5 CS (T-2nd) and a PER of 19.79.

RB: bsboofdr1 (Borussia Dortmund): Occupying a TOTW spot is yet another Dortmund player, bsboofdr1. At Dortmund, there is no deficiency on defense, as each TOTW includes a number of Dortmund defenders, with bsboofdr1 being one of those players to meet that excellent defensive standard. bsboofdr1 was able to pick up 13 tackles (T-1st), 34 interceptions, and 34 possessions won, alongside 5 CS (T-2nd) and a 21.29 PER (2nd) in his 9 games over the TOTW period.

CDM: GoVols817 (Barcelona): Making his second consecutive and final TOTW appearance in league one for the season is Barcelona midfielder, GoVols817. After the mind boggling numbers GoVols817 put up in the last TOTW edition, many SL teams took notice, with Atlanta United, who sit in the top 3 at the time of writing, quick to pick up the defensive juggernaut. However, GoVols817 by no means left the Catalan side on bad terms, as he put up yet another fantastic string of performances in this TOTW period, picking up 25 tackles (1st), 31 interceptions (T-3rd), 48 possessions won, 7 CS (1st), 3 MOTM awards, and a PER of 26.08 (2nd) in 9 games.

LM: MasterSpankMe10 (Arsenal): Lining up at LM on the bench is the first of an Arsenal duo to appear in this TOTW, MasterSpankMe10. The Arsenal co manager has shown that he can both inspire his side on and off the pitch, as he flies down the left flank, possessing an offensive threat that few outside mids can match. With 2 goals (T-2nd), 8 assists (2nd), and 13 key passes (T-2nd) to go along with 2 MOTM awards and a 20.71 PER in 9 games, MasterSpankMe10s offensive production from out wide is astonishing.

ST: TKFP Spartan7x (Arsenal): Occupying the final TOTW spot for Arsenal is their striker, TKFP Spartan7x. After winning League One with Monaco last season, TKFP Spartan7x has returned to League One in style. Currently leading in goals scored in League One at the moment, picking up TKFP Spartan7x is almost a no brainer as his efficiency up top always guarantees that whatever team he plays for will find themselves near the top of the table fighting for silverware. With 9 games for the London based side,TKFP Spartan7x has bagged 11 goals (1st) to go along with 5 key passes, 2 MOTM awards and a 22.01 PER

ST: x Erickson (Ajax): Finishing out the second edition of the S13 League One TOTW is one of Ajax’s star forwards, x Erickson. After absolutely shattering league two last season, with a title, a TOTS, and a record breaking goal tally to show for it, x Erickson shows no signs of slowing down as he absolutely continues to dominate in League One with a repeat appearance in TOTW. With x Erickson firing on all fronts for the Dutch side it is simply hard to see anyone other than Ajax bringing home the title this season. In 9 games x Erickson has accumulated 7 goals (T-3rd), 4 assists (T-2nd), 9 key passes (T-3rd), one MOTM award, and a PER of 22.67 (3rd).

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