Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 13 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: I CUPID I (Hearts) – Starting off in goal, we have l CUPID l with an astounding 4 goals conceded in 8 games. He has prevented 20 goals from entering the net and has racked up 5 clean sheets. Just another example as to why the Hearts are at the top of the table.

RB: King I Pharoah (Sporting CP) – At RB, we have a surprising change of pace with a player from Sporting coming into the spotlight. In 7 games, King Pharaoh managed to retain an 84% passing accuracy, 11 tackles, 21 interceptions, 3 key passes, and even 2 assists!

CB: thespicyturtle (Marseille) – At the heart of Marseille, we have the manager making his debut in TOTW. With 8 games played, he had 17 tackles, 17 interceptions, 43 possessions won, 14 possessions lost, 7 goals against and 3 clean sheets. Considering this team is near the bottom of the table, this is an incredible feat.

CB: loveburgher (Braga) – Coming in at the top of the table is loveburgher with 91% passing accuracy, 16 tackles, 15 interceptions, 2 blocks, 50 possession won, 12 possession lost, and 6 clean sheets in only 8 games. This guy is literally a brick wall when he’s not hanging out on your plate as a love burgher!

LB: MasterPinger (Marseille) – At left back, we have MasterPinger, the returning LB of Marseille. With a high passing accuracy combined with 6 tackles, 16 interceptions, 3 clean sheet, 1 key pass, and only 5 goals against, its no wonder this man has earned his spot on TOTW.

CDM: Mercifull77 (Braga) – At the top of the table for CDMs this week is Mercifull77. In 7 games, he managed to secure 1 goal, 1 assist, 4 key passes, 88% passing accuracy, 14 tackles, and 18 interceptions. Seeing Mercifull and loveburgher’s stats help paint a clear picture as to why Braga is one of the League 2 leaders.

CDM: Ayoo Franc0 (Real Sociedad) – Real Sociedad’s own Franc0 has had some impressive stats this quarter, with a 91.3% passing accuracy, 20 tackles, 25 interceptions, and 2 key passes. Forget the back line, this man is holding Sociedad up with his own two hands!

RAM: Ayoo 3ddi3 (Real Sociedad) – At our Right Attacking Midfield position, we have 3ddi3 leading the charge with 1 goal, 2 assists, 8 key passes 11 tackles, 24 interceptions, and a 87.4% passing accuracy. What position does this guy actually play? It seems like he plays everything!

CAM: x Viciosz (Ajax) – At the top of the leaderboards for CAM is x Viciosz. In 8 games, he has scored 2 goals, taken 11 shots, assisted 7 goals, performed 13 key passes, and collected 15 tackles and 14 interceptions. Viciosz and his partner in crime Erickson are truly carrying the team on their backs this campaign.

LAM: Ayoo J0n (Real Sociedad) – J0n, the man behind the scenes at Real Sociedad. This man has made TOTW despite his obvious efforts at ensuring his team’s success. With 8 assists, 12 key passes, 12 tackles, and 16 interceptions, it seems fairly obvious that J0n has only one thing in mind: Winning. Where would Sociedad be without everything he has done?

ST: x Erickson (Ajax) – POTW – x Erickson. 8 games. 14 goals. 24 shots on target. 2 assists. 16 key passes. 119 passes completed. After playing in Super League for seasons 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12, x Erickson decided to take it easy and drop down 2 leagues. Similar to the move Ibrahimović made in 2018 to LA Galaxy, Erickson has trampled on the competition. His team is undoubtedly better off with Erick’s massive contributions on the attacking side of things.


GK: Hybridzrealm (Braga) – Coming right behind Cupid in net on our bench is Hybridzrealm. In 6 games played, he has an average of 1 goal against and 4 saves per game. He also has 4 clean sheets, which is actually better than Cupid’s record since Cupid only has 5 clean sheets in 8 games. At this rate, he will be on the top next TOTW if he keeps up his good play.

CB: Munkey Stanks (Everton) – Munkey Stanks, being the only person on Everton to make TOTW this time around, has managed to secure 3 clean sheets, an 85% passing average, 7 tackles, 21 interceptions, and has only let 7 goals passed him. This is the type of defender that makes a huge difference in a teams performance.

RB: Somewherecoolin (Napoli) – Somewherecoolin, representing Napoli on TOTW, has been performing very well on the pitch so far this season. In 8 games, he has accumulated 1 key pass, 12 tackles, 19 interceptions, 11 headers, a 2:1 Possession won/loss ratio, and has only let 9 goals passed him. Well done, Somewherecoolin!

CDM: Carlos Devroux (Racing Club) – Appearing on the TOTW bench, but deserving much more, is Carlos Devroux. 1 assist, 11 key passes, 90% passing accuracy, 9 tackles, 20 interceptions, 3 blocks, and all of this done in only 8 games! He was one clean sheet shy of being on top of the pot.

CAM: Scholzey (Hearts) – Am I having déjà vu or am I seeing this correctly? For the 2nd week in a row, Scholzey has continued to keep the engine room running at the Hearts. 3 goals, 1 assist, 9 key passes, 11 tackles, 13 interceptions. This man doesn’t stop for anyone!

ST: Ayoo Finch (Real Sociedad) – Finch, in all honesty, should be at the top of the leaderboards for strikers but for the incredible play of Erickson. In 9 games, he has produced 9 goals, 12 shots on target, 3 assists, 10 key passes, 86% passing accuracy, and a true L2 player. Well done, Finch!

ST: Atripp82 (Hearts) – A team can be quality, but that quality will not show if the striker doesn’t produce. Atripp has ensured that the Hearts stay at the top of L2 with 5 goals, 14 shots on target, 7 assists and 13 key passes in 9 games. Hearts just may overcome Ajax if they continue to get contributions from strikers like Atripp and his partner Conflict Itachi.

Editor: Munday
Cards: Davi |6|
Graphic: Turajlic




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