Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 13 – League One

Starting XI

GK: unknownafrikan (Liverpool) – Starting off the second edition of the League One TOTW is Liverpool GK, unknownafrikan. With Liverpool finding themselves in yet another relegation battle, they desperately needed some sort of spark to survive this season and the Reds’ goalkeeper has proven to be exactly what was needed. Unkownafrikan has been in astonishing form for Liverpool, as he has managed to make 32 saves (1st) to go along with 3 CS, 1 MOTM award, and a league leading PER of 20.46 amongst all GKs in his 7 games played. If Liverpool are to avoid relegation this season, it will have to be on the shoulders of their magnificent shot stopper.

RB: LI Beez IL (Atalanta) – Slotting into the first defensive position for TOTW is Atalanta fullback, Ll Beez lL. After spending some time in both the Super League and League One last season, Ll Beez lL has found a more stable situation with Atalanta in League One, allowing him to flourish. Atalanta’s playoff hopes may be over as they currently sit in 13th, 13 points behind the last playoff spot, but they certainly have an excellent defender in which they can build around for a push to SL in the next season. In 8 games, Ll Beez lL has gotten 6 tackles, 18 interceptions, and 33 possessions won, to go along with 1 CS, 2 MOTM awards, and a PER of 17.27.

CB: Guccikilljoy (Atletico Madrid) – Making an appearance in the starting XI is the sole Atletico Madrid man, Guccikilljoy. After an excellent performance in League Two with Leicester City which saw Guccikillyjoy receive a TOTS award, the now Atleti defender is showing everyone that he is more than capable of performing at that same level in League One, as he has established himself as the defensive anchor for Los Rojiblancos. In 7 games for Atletico Madrid, Guccikilljoy has picked up 10 tackles, 23 interceptions (1st), and 47 possessions won, accompanied by 1 CS, 3 MOTM awards, and a league leading 22.82 PER rating out of all CBs.

CB: xdirtybyrdx (Wolfsburg) – Occupying the second center back position is Wolfsburg defender, xdirtybyrdx. The German side has been on a recent surge, which saw them climb up the table as they now find themselves in a position to fight for a playoff spot, in no small part to xdirtybyrdx. The Wolfsburg CB has been the talisman for his club’s recent success, leading the backline by example, and it is no surprise that as xdirtybyrdx has hit form, so has his club. In 8 games, xdirtybyrdx has accumulated 14 tackles (2nd), 17 interceptions, and 39 possessions won, to go along with 4 CS (2nd), 2 MOTM awards, and a PER of 19.93 (2nd).

LB: pnunzii (Newcastle United) – Rounding out the starting backline for TOTW is Newcastle fullback, pnunzii. The former Arsenal left back has opted for a change of scenery after spending 3 seasons in Super League and hasn’t looked back. Pnunzii has been absolutely sensational for the Magpies, shutting down the opposition offense game after game, and establishing himself as a vital piece for Newcastle success in League One this season. In 9 games for Newcastle, pnunzii has picked up 12 tackles, 26 interceptions (1st), and 42 possessions won (2nd) alongside 4 CS (T-2nd), 3 MOTM awards and an absolutely absurd 24.78 PER rating.

CDM: Platypus Thrust (AS Monaco) – Making his second appearance in the TOTW this season is Monaco midfielder, Platypus Thrust. As mentioned in the previous TOTW, Platypus had a strong start to the season with no signs of slowing down, and Platypus Thrust has proven that statement correct with yet another solid string of performances. As Monaco look to hold onto 1st place from a lurking Wolves, they will need Mr. consistent, Platypus Thrust, to maintain his always excellent form of bossing the midfield in order to achieve title glory. In 9 games for the French side, Platypus Thrust has accumulated 18 tackles (2nd), 24 interceptions, and 50 possessions won, while also managing to pick up a goal, a MOTM award, and a PER of 18.53 (1st).

CDM: PattyDux (Real Betis) – In the second CDM position for TOTW is the lone Betis player, PattyDux. After an extremely disappointing start to the season, Betis have now firmly established themselves as one of the top teams in League One, with their midfielder PattyDux being the driving force behind it all. Dictating play from the heart of midfield, PattyDux has been bossing it Los Verdiblancos, disrupting the opposition’s attack while controlling the flow of the game with his passing at the same time. In his 9 games PattyDux has gotten 16 tackles, 39 interceptions (1st), and 46 possessions won to go with 2 MOTM awards and a 18.52 PER Rating (1st).

CM: FlatFoot NJ (Barcelona) – Lining up in the center mid position is Barcelona midfielder, FlatFoot NJ. The Blaugrana’s midfield maestro has done his best Iniesta impression during this TOTW edition, despite his team’s struggles. With both 3 goals (T-2nd) and assists (T-3rd), along with 14 key passes (1st) and a superb 26.83 PER in his 8 games, FlatFoot NJ has been one of the silver linings for an underperforming Barcelona side, and will be a valuable piece to hold onto for next season if Barca hope of ever reclaiming a Super League spot.

LW: o SMOKE BREAK o (Wolverhampton) – Occupying a wing spot is Wolves manager, o SMOKE BREAK o. With Wolves currently being the most inform team in League One, o SMOKE BREAK o has to be not only ecstatic with his teams performances, but his individual play as well. With big forward builds being less popular than they have ever been this FIFA, o SMOKE BREAK o is showing everyone that it’s still possible to ball out as a big man on the pitch, as he continues to terrorize league one defenses. In 7 games, o SMOKE BREAK o has bagged 5 goals (1st) to go along with 2 assists. 5 key passes, 2 MOTM awards, and a 21.37 PER Rating (2nd).

ST: YOSHIgoalMANIA (AS Monaco) – POTW – Back with yet another POTW appearance is Monaco’s main man YOSHIgoalMANIA. After a more creative role in his first TOTW appearance, YOSHIgoalMANIA has gone back to being the main goal scoring threat for his club all while still maintaining his elite passing ability. At this point, YOSHIgoalMANIA is playing at such a high level in League One that it’s just expected for his name to pop up during each TOTW release, and with the highest goal contribution in the league by far, YOSHIgoalMANIA has easily established himself as the best player in League One by far. In 9 games for Monaco, YOSHIgoalMANIA has picked up 9 goals (1st), 5 assists (T-1st), and 14 key passes (2nd), alongside 3 MOTM awards and a PER of 25.26 (1st).

RW: RobertoS713 (Barcelona) – Joining his fellow Barcelona compatriot is Barcelona manager, RobertoS713. If there’s one thing RobertoS713 is known for, its goals, as he manages to produce season after season in the striker role. However, with a move out on the wing, RobertoS713 has showcased that he is an all-round offensive package, as the Barcelona manager has already surpassed his career high in assists in a season. In 8 games RobertoS713 has produced 6 goals (T-2nd), 4 assists (3rd), and 16 key passes (1st) accompanied by a 21.34 PER rating.


GK: Its Twit (Newcastle United) – Kicking off the bench is Newcastle goalkeeper, Its Twit. After mainly being a solid rotational goalkeeper in PCN, Newcastle’s main man between the sticks has come into form for his new club, as he represents one of many new acquisitions made which transformed the squad from a mid table team last season, to one of the deadliest teams in League One. With Newcastle looking to comfortably hold onto a playoff position, they know they can trust their goalkeepers safe hands when they head into a playoff promotion battle for a Super League spot. In 7 games Its Twit has managed to make 22 saves, to go along with 3 clean sheets and a PER of 14.91.

CB: Matty D0T (Wolverhampton) – Making a return to the TOTW is Wolverhampton center back, Matty D0T. Matty D0T’s veteran experience has proven crucial for a Wolves team whose backline is currently the best in League One, and this is without a doubt due to Matty D0T’s presence. With Wolves looking to push Monaco for 1st, Matty D0T’s quality gives exactly what the club needs to not only challenge Monaco for the title for the rest of the season, but overtake them in this thrilling title race. With 9 games Matty D0T has racked up 8 tackles, 20 interceptions (T-3rd), and 40 possessions won to go along with 6 CS (1st) and a PER of 18.07.

LB: SleepyBoy123 (Barcelona) – Occupying a TOTW spot is yet another Barcelona player, SleepyBoy123. SleepBoy123 has been wide awake for his performances for the Catalan club this season, with the high-flying full back has put up a number of impressive games for his side during this TOTW period, as he along with a few other teammates represents the few silver linings for Barcelona’s disappointing season so far. SleepyBoy123 was able to pick up 16 tackles (1st), 16 interceptions, and 44 possessions won (1st) alongside 4 CS and a 17.58 PER (2nd) in his 9 games.

CAM: Cazbon (AS Monaco) – Making his first TOTW appearance this season is Monaco manager, Cazbon. Cazbon has always been known as a solid defender that can play various defensive positions; from CDM, to FB, to CB. However, Cazbon is demonstrating that his vast versatility expands beyond defensive roles, as he dictates the game at CAM for Les Rouges et Blancs who have managed to remain 1st all season. Following the arrival of another TOTW CAM to the French side, it will be interesting to see if Cazbon takes up yet another new position and earns a TOTW at that role as well. In 8 games for Monaco, Cazbon has produced 4 assists (T-1st) alongside 14 key passes (T-2nd) and a PER of 17.61.

CAM: ChiliWilliee (Atalanta) – Lining up at CAM on the bench is, now ex-Atalanta midfielder, ChiliWilliee. The former Atalanta co manager put up solid performances for his final games with the Italian side, proving to be their creative spark on a team that has struggled in League One. With a big time move to current league leaders Monaco, ChiliWilliee will be looking to showcase his full abilities as one of the top CAMs in the league on a much superior team. In 8 games, ChiliWilliee has accumulated 1 goal, 3 assists (T-3rd), and 14 key passes (T-2nd) along with 1 MOTM award and a PER of 18.57.

ST: MaKiNo (Barcelona) – Occupying the final TOTW spot for the Blaugrana is Barca striker, MaKiNo. MaKiNo represents a long list of SL vets who have dropped down to League One in FIFA 20 and used their experience and quality to absolutely boss the league, as MaKiNo is having yet another fantastic consecutive season in League One. Despite the disappointing position Barca finds themselves in at 10th place, this TOTW has proven that Barcelona is a team filled with a number of quality players, such as MaKiNo, as they occupy the most positions out of any team in this TOTW edition. With 9 games for Barcelona, MaKiNo has bagged 6 goals (T-2nd) to go along with 3 assists, 12 key passes, 3 MOTM awards and a 22.1 PER rating (2nd).

ST: JohnDilla l11l (Wolfsburg) – Finishing out the second edition of the S13 League One TOTW is Wolfsburg manager, JohnDilla l11l. Wolfsburg have been one of the biggest risers in this TOTW period as JohnDilla l11l has proven he can get the job done as both manager and player with his impressive performances. With Wolfsburg currently sitting right on the edge of a playoff spot at 7th, Wolfsburg’s inform striker and manager will need to keep up his electric performances up top to lead his team into playoff position. In 9 games JohnDilla l11l has managed to produce 6 goals (T-2nd), 2 assists, 9 key passes and a PER of 16.79.

Editor: CM9 PT
Cards: Fuji Sells
Graphic: Turajlic

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