Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 12 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Strikers98 (Benfica) – In goal for the second TOTW is everyone’s favorite Discord warrior, Strikers98. Some say his energy in the Discord equals his goal keeping abilities and it would be hard to argue against that as he is this week’s starting GK. In 7 starts, Strikers got 21 saves, 6 clean sheets, and even 1 key pass, which I heard that he is still bragging about to this day.

CB: Peponsski (Inter Milan) – The first of many Inter Milan players is none other than their manager himself, Peponsski. This season is his first since Season 9, where he made one solitary appearance for Lyon. Now he is the manager of a thriving Inter Milan squad with title ambition.In 7 games, Pep has gotten 10 tackles, 23 interceptions, 21 headers won, and 40 possessions won.

CB: OldMR Peanut (Manchester United) – The famous NutPea is back and is now playing his trade for the Reds of Manchester. The award laden defender has been top notch for the Red Devils in their pursuit of the Super Cup, leading a backline that has become one of the league’s best so far this campaign. In 7 games, Peanut has picked up 12 tackles, 14 interceptions, 31 possessions won, and even 2 assists.

CB: Libero x34 (Atlanta United) – Making his return from last week, we will make sure to put Futty’s updated gamertag in his card and writeup. Anyways, Libero has been the standout defender for an Atlanta United side that thrives defensively, absolutely earning their top spot in the table. Although he may be quiet on the mic, you won’t see him shy away from leading and speaking for the team on any level or platform. In 7 games, Libero has gotten 7 tackles, 21 interceptions, 23 headers won, and 3 clean sheets, only conceding four goals during this time.

CDM: CM9 PT (Benfica) – Moving in the offseason from Chelsea to Benfica, CM9 has solidified what was already the best defense in the league, with Benfica only conceding 7 goals in 20 games. Although he may have been snubbed of a TOTS selection last season, he can be happy to be selected to this week’s TOTW and build up his case for TOTS from here on out. Anyways, in 7 matches CM9 picked up 1 assist, 20 tackles, 27 interceptions, 51 possessions won, and 7 headers won.

CDM: LaZo | X | (Man City) – Our lone Manchester City representative this week will be none other than the former Denmark star, Lazo X. He has been one of the few loyal players over the past few seasons by sticking with his manager, MEAHT, through two different teams during the least three seasons. His performances over the last couple weeks has proved why he is the key man for this Man City side, as in his last 6 games, Lazo picked up 2 assists, 19 tackles, 25 interceptions, and 49 possessions won.

RM: Criminal Casper (AC Milan) – Making his first appearance in the TOTW this season is the former TOTS OM from Chelsea, Criminal Casper. While AC Milan has been somewhat cheeks so far this season, Casper has been their shimmering glint of hope that they can rescue their season. In his last 6 games for the Rossoneri, Casper has gotten 3 assists, 5 key passes, 25 possessions won, and 12 interceptions all from his RM spot.

CAM: Yungg Suarez (Inter Milan) – This week’s starting CAM is a newcomer to PCN in Yungg Suarez. The Inter Milan attacking mid has helped Pep and his men create a dynamic attacking threat that has caught the league by storm, and it all starts with Suarez pulling the strings.In just six games, Suarez scored 3 times and added on 4 assists, totaling up to 7 goal contributions in this time. He also added on 10 key passes, 9 tackles, and he also completed 142 of his 171 attempted passes.

LM: Shmurddaa Pollo (Atlanta United) – Another returning player to the TOTW is none other than Shmurddaa Pollo from Atlanta United! He has easily been their best player this campaign as they push to hold their elad at the top of the table and win their first Super League title. This past couple weeks have gone well for the Dominican wide man, as in his last 7 games, Shmurddaa has scored twice while also picking up 3 assists, 7 key passes, and 2 Man of the Match awards.

ST: Evo 21x (Inter Milan) – POTW – This week’s Player of the Week (POTW) is Inter Milan’s talisman, Evo. Not a stranger to success, Evo has already won a World Cup, Super League, and League One title, with no signs of slowing down. After a title winning campaign, he has controversially switched allegiances from Orlando to Inter, not skipping a single beat along the way. In 7 games, Evo found the back of the net 12 times, averaging an insane 1.7 goals during this time. He also added on 3 assists, 9 key passes, and 5 Man of the Match awards.

ST: Mocro B (Real Madrid) – The Last player one the starting XI is Real Madrid’s newest striker, Mocro. Mocro is finally back to form after leaving Juventus for the greener pastures of Madrid. In just six games, Mocro scored 9 goals, converting every shot he had on target. During this time, he also added 2 assists, 4 key passes, and 4 Man of the Match awards to his season tally.


GK: Biggirlsneedlov (Manchester United) – The only other Manchester United player this week is their main man between the sticks, BG. Having moved from Liverpool to Man United after an impressive display at the PCN World Cup, BG has shined for the Red Devils. In 7 games he picked up 25 saves and 3 clean sheets.

CB: Tomori x29 (Benfica) – The one, the very lonely Wanygod, aka Tomori, is back in the TOTW after another sensational couple of weeks for the Eagles. In 7 games, Tomori scored once while also getting 11 interceptions, 22 headers won, 25 possessions won, and 6 clean sheets.

LB: Pnunzii (Arsenal) – Arsenal’s lone player this week is another star outside back in Pnunzii. Bellerin and Pnunzii have been one of the league’s best OB duos as Arsenal has been high up in the table for most of the season so far. In 8 games, he has picked up 40 possessions won, 15 headers won, 17 tackles, and 21 possessions won.

CDM: Viper Liriano (Real Madrid) – One of PCN’s most decorated players is back in the Super League and back into the TOTW as Viper returned to Real Madrid for their first season back in the top flight since Season 7. In 8 matches, Viper picked up 18 tackles, 21 interceptions, 36 possessions won, and 6 clean sheets.

CAM: Versatile Goat (Real Madrid) – Joining Real Madrid with his pal Mocro, Versatile Goat, otherwise known as Deen, has been nothing short of spectacular for the newly promoted side as they push for a Super Cup spot. In just six starts, Deen has gotten 4 assists, 5 key passes, 11 tackles, 16 interceptions, and 30 possessions won.

ST: lXSTONEXl (Benfica) – Once again the opposition’s defenders have entered The Stone Zone and have suffered the consequences as Stone has had a marvelous couple weeks for Benfica. In 7 games, Stone found the back of the net 7 times with 17 shots on target, a conversion rate of 41%. He also picked up 3 assists and 8 key passes during this time.

ST: Aztecaas (Inter Milan) – Last but not least this week is the former PCN World Cup winner, Aztecaas. Commonly called one of the best players that the NA scene has to offer, Aztecaas has shined up top with Evo at Inter Milan, forming possibly the scariest duo in the entire top flight. In 7 games, he only scored 3 times, but he also picked up 4 assists, 13 key passes, and 1 Man of the Match award.

Editor: Bendtner x
Cards/Graphic: Turajlic

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