Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 12 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: Reedrix (Leicester City) – POTW – It’s not often that a GK is rewarded with a POTW but the man in goal for Leicester City could not be denied of such honor. In the five games he started between the posts for Leicester, he refused to let in a single goal. One might think 5 clean sheets would be credited to great backline play, but Reedrix was forced to save 20 shots in this five games to maintain the 5 pristine results. He also maintained an 81% passing percentage, tops in the league among goalies with at least 5 games played.

RB: fusingneymar (PSV) – The FB stood out among his peers this week by keeping a strong possession ratio and a very respectable 83% passing percentage. He also won 13 balls in the air, blocked 1 shot, and had 17 tackle + interceptions making it an all around productive span for the defender.

CB: oDARTH MALICE (Ajax) – Ajax’s push towards the top of the table has been in large part due to the efforts of their big man on defense. With a dominant defensive stat line of 11 tackles and 16 interceptions, he is going to play a pivotal role in his side’s eventual fate.

CB: TheBigBadChub (PSV) – He is one half of PSV’s dynamic center back duo that has managed to accumulate 6 clean sheets in the last 8 games. He boasted an impressive 19.45 CB PER thanks in large part to 1 goals scored and 1 key pass delivered.

LB: pollezzz (West Ham United) – The sure footed wing defender is passing at a 90% clip. In addition, he held the week’s highest PER among all fullbacks with at least 5 games played at 24.96. In those five games that pollezzz started for West Ham, only one was not a clean sheet.

CDM: AViss93 (Ajax) – There are times when it is difficult to discern who deserves to be part of these TOTW honors. This was not one of those times. The man that plays in front of Ajax’s frontline has been an absolute tank, ranking 1st in tackles, 2nd in interceptions and 1st in possessions won amongst all midfielders in this weeks L2 competitions.

CDM: j0hnnyb0y9 (West Ham United) – With a PER of 19.03 on 8 games played, j0hnnub0y9 has made his mark on season 12 with his first TOTW honors. He has managed to keep his club near mid table by allowing a respectable 22 goals on the season.

RM: Relivid (Ajax) – The Ajax man might have been the most efficient player in all of PCN this week. Scoring 3 goals on only 5 total shots, maintaining a 1:2 possession ratio and at just under 85% passing percentage, he has definitely taken advantage of the limited chances he gets playing alongside some of the top scorers in L2.

LM: Maxiinho20 (Roma) – Although he has only played 5 games, Maxiinho20 has earned a spot on the TOTW not on volume but on efficiency. Having only lost 24 possessions while completing over 88% of his passe, it’s easy to see how he has been an important part his clubs potent attack. If he keeps up this pace, he’s a shoe in for end of the year accolades.

ST: VELOXXCII (PSV) – No one scored more goals in the week in question than the spearhead of the PSV attack, VELOXXCII. With 9 goals on the week, he has thrown his name in the race for golden boot now only 3 goals away from the league leader.

ST: B4U3R11 (Ajax) – In only 7 games, B4U3R11 has amassed an astonishing 17 key passes and 10 goal + assists. He also now has 23 key passes on the season, leading all forwards in the important metric. His versatile attacking style should help Ajax in their quest to claim the league title here in the second half of the season.


GK: swankiersoup (PSV) – His 30 shots saved were the most by any keeper in League 2 this week. Having only allowed 3 goals in the 8 games he started, he has been an absolute wall for a club that has title aspirations with the run they’ve put together as of late.

CB: Gamble Scopes (Leicester City) – Gamble Scopes becomes a benefactor of the PER system by putting up a 20.43 rating this week despite only playing 6 games throughout the week. He has been as responsible with the ball as any top CB with a 92% passing rate and only 7 possessions lost.

RB: Papimacchiato (Roma) – Making his return to the Team of the Week for the second consecutive time is Papimacchiato. His 8 tackles, 15 interceptions, and 2 blocks are numbers that any FB would be happy to have. It’s easy to see that Roma have a formidable defensive force on the edge, which they will need to close the gap on the two teams keeping them from a promotional slot in the standings.

CDM: AttwooD l 4 l (PSV) – While AttwooD | 4 | has proven his defensive prowess throughout the week, it is his offensive metrics that have tipped the scales in his favor and earned him a spot on the bench for the TOTW. His 2 goals, 2 assists, and 5 key passes are exceptionally good numbers for a CDM.

RM: x Formaggio (Roma) – On the TOTW yet again, Roma’s midfielder has been the spark for a side that is third in the league in goals scored. His 5 goals this week could not be eclipsed by any other midfielder in the league. Just as impressive as his goal total, his 9 tackles and 12 interceptions show that he can win balls upfield in dangerous positions.

ST: Xx Secchi 9 (Ajax) – The striker for Ajax has averaged a goal per game in the 6 games he played on only 16 total shots attempted during the span of the week in question. Pitching in 8 key passes to help the creative efforts, he has and will continue to make a huge impact on the L2 title run.

ST: xxprincipexx504 (Porto) – Principe earns his second straight TOTW this season, showing that he can maintain healthy form rather consistently. With another 4 goals and 4 assists to add to his campaign, principe continues to fill the stat sheet game in and game out. He also displayed a dominant aerial game reflected by the 14 headers he won this week.

Editor: ogfearisgod
Cards/Graphic: Turajlic



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