Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 12 – League One

Starting XI

GK: Galatasaray1976 (Crystal Palace) – Crystal Palace may find themselves in position for a relegation battle, but their shot stopper has been nothing short of a Turkish Delight. In 8 games he faced a whopping 57 shots yet still managed 3 clean sheets and an impressive 85% save percentage. Welcome to Hell, attackers! He finished Season 11 third in GK Power Rankings and looks well on his way to repeating or beating that feat.

RB: Mermer MR (Atalanta) – After spending Season 11 away from PCN, the former Super League defender is back in action. He began Season 12 in Super League with Leverkusen, but after making the change to Atalanta, has found his feet quickly. 5 goals conceded highlights his great form, which also includes 11 tackles, 16 interceptions and 36 possessions won in just 6 games.

CB: Clorox or Tide (Bayern Munich) – POTW – Despite what his gamer tag suggests, this defender doesn’t make you choose, because he does it all. His 19 interceptions, 39 possessions won, 4 goals conceded and 4 clean sheets, in 6 games, have all contributed to his impressive 29.04 CB PER. He’s also shown comfort on the ball, with 95% of his passes completed, on over 50 attempts.

CB: Mi Nans Dead (LAFC) – This renaissance man has made appearances at striker, CAM, CDM and is now a TOTW centre back, in just half a season. His versatility and performances set him apart as a top, top shagger. In 6 games he conceded just 4 goals and booked 3 clean sheets. Always strong on the ball, he gave possession away just 9 times. Bumblebee tuna!

LB: Unstopable CM (Fiortentina) – The La Viola fullback is contributing at both ends of the pitch, playing a pivotal role in team’s climb up the table, from 12th to 8th during the period. Having appeared in PCN as early as Season 6, he has already logged more games in Season 12 than he did the previous 3 seasons. 1 goal, 1 assist, 31 possessions won and just 6 goals conceded, in 6 games, see him grab his first PCN honors.

CDM: xFallenJedi (Wolverhampton) – The PCN veteran is on his 7th consecutive season with double digit appearances. Major respect. Previous campaigns have seen him survive Order 66 and, most recently, gain promotion to Super League with BVB, while finishing as a Top 10 Attacking Midfielder. Season 12 has seen him transition seamlessly to a defensive midfield role with Wolves. 4 clean sheets in 6 games punctuates his stat sheet, along with 35 possessions won and 22 interceptions.

RM: Expect Bills (LAFC) – One of only three players to maintain their spot in our second installment of TOTW. So please, when you see the awards come out, just Expect Bills. The wide man has contributed well in all phases of the game, tallying 2 goals, 3 assists, 9 key passes, 6 successful crosses, 10 tackles, 21 interceptions and 28 possessions won! The breakout continues….

LM: Chubworldpeace (Atalanta) – The highly decorated veteran has TOTS and POTS honors on his resume. He adds another TOTW appearance via 1 goal, 4 assists, 13 key passes, 12 tackles, 11 interceptions and 27 possessions won. A well rounded run of form that has seen his Atalanta side battle near the Top of League 1 all season.

CAM: TheProsOfCon (LAFC) – Whether you call him Pros, or Con….or even T-POC….put some respek on that name. The PCN rookie started the season on the bench, but has been key to LAFC’s stellar form in recent weeks. He notched 2 goals, 4 assists, 13 key passes and 22 interceptions. He also completed the second most passes of all midfielders, pulling the strings from the CAM spot.

ST: Death Row Tull (Valencia) – Death (Row Tull) and taxes, am I right? The hit man continues his seemingly inevitable run of form, banging 14 goals in 8 appearances – four more than any other player. His performances see him repeat on TOTW and have his Valencia side sitting firmly in a position for automatic promotion.

ST: sF Batistuta (LAFC) – LAFC’s Batigol is both a giver and a taker. In the voting period he notched 9 goals, 5 assists and 14 key passes. He also completed 100 passes overall from the striker position. It’s no surprise that he is joined by both his strike partner and his CAM in this edition of TOTW, as they combine for beautiful results.


GK: xTheAnswerx3 (LAFC) – No matter the question, he’s got The Answer. He talks the talk. He walks the walk. He’s having a career season, having already made more appearances in Season 12 than in his previous campaigns. He boasts 4 clean sheets and only 5 goals conceded in 8 appearances, along with two Man of the Match awards. Protected by a stout back line, he faces fewer shots per game than many of his peers, but he always comes through when called upon.

CB: Aginganinja12 (Santa Clara) – In his 2nd season, the fair-skinned assassin has already surpassed games played and stats registered from Season 11, with half a season to go. His 37 possessions won, 16 interceptions and two clean sheets from 6 games make him the first Santa Clara representative to make S12 TOTW, despite them quietly holding down a place near the top of the table all season.

RB: Fishball SG (Bayern Munich) – The PCN rookie joined a stout defensive group containing two Top 10 Defenders from Season 11. He has followed the lead of his teammates and joins his manager, Clorox or Tide, in this edition of TOTW. He managed 4 clean sheets from 6 games during the voting period. If their offense and overall squad stability improve, they should make a push for the promotion playoffs.

CDM: Slays I 6 I (Atalanta) – In our last edition of TOTW we asked if Slays might be too good for League One. While his stats appear a little more human this time around, he’s still setting the bar, leading League One in both interceptions and possessions won. The transfer window saw him depart from Atalanta, joining up with LAFC and fellow CDM maestro AIR JESUS o 99. Opposing attacks will have their hands full as they attempt to navigate through that midfield.

RM: ii Jorge732 ii (Atalanta) – He made 5 appearances back in Season 8 and then didn’t feature in PCN again until playing two games in the Season 11 World Cup. He’s now made 10 appearances in Season 12 and has wasted no time in making an impact on the league. In the voting period he scored 3 goals, 2 assists, 16 interceptions and 28 possessions won.

ST: CF I Pete (LAFC) – After a season away from PCN the prolific marksman has returned, joining up with his strike partner sF Batistuta at LAFC. His signing has coincided with LAFC’s table-climbing form. In 8 games he tallied 10 goals, 4 assists and 11 key passes, along with multiple Man of the Match performances.

ST: RobertoS713 (Atalanta) – The Atalanta manager makes another TOTW appearance, doing what he does best, while also keeping his team in the hunt for promotion. He notched 7 goals, 2 assists and 13 key passes during the period. Fans will be eager to see how his side are affected by key squad changes during the transfer window.

Editor: Sir Kones
Cards/Graphics: Turajlic


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