Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 11 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Strikers98 (Benfica) – Leading off this TOTW is none other than PCN’s most notorious GK in Strikers98. After being permanently banned from the PCN Discord, he has taken out his anger on his opposition as Benfica flies back up into title contention. In 7 games, Strikers has saved 21 shots. He also has picked up an insane 6 clean sheets, only allowing one goal during this stretch. There may be no one more important to the defending champs than their spastic in between the sticks.

CB: Lil iPurpp (Inter Milan) – If Inter has had one consistent thing going for them so far this season, it would be their defense. Purp has been leading the backline and has helped form a top tier defense in the topflight this season. In 9 games, Purp has picked up 39 possessions won, 24 interceptions, 4 clean sheets, and 3 MOTM awards.

CB: eKsiSLe (Atlanta United) – Atlanta United may have slowed down a bit after a hot start to the season, but their defense has still been top notch. Eksisle, the manager of Atlanta, has changed his tactics, as they have moved to the 3-5-2 from the 4-3-3 Holding. This tactical switch has definitely helped him out, as he has made it into this week’s TOTW. In 8 games, Eksisle has gotten 22 interceptions, 36 possessions won, 23 passing points, and 3 clean sheets.

CB: BAD VATO 007 (Lazio) – Last but not least when it comes to the starting defenders is none other than Lazio standout, BAD VATO 007. Vato has stepped his game up from this past season, earning a birth into the TOTW as a reward. In 8 matches, he has dispossessed the opposition 35 times, while also adding 22 interceptions, 22 passing points, and 4 clean sheets.

CDM: x Clasie (Benfica) – The first thought that comes to mind when one thinks of Benfica and defensive mids, you will already know they are going to be class, and Clasie has definitely been class for Benfica. The star defensive mid from AFCON Togo has carried over that form to the Portuguese champions and has filled the large shoes left by Rambo De Leon. In 6 games, Clasie has gotten 24 tackles, 21 interceptions, 33 possessions won, and 4 clean sheets, even adding one MOTM award as well.

CDM: Darcy 8 (Lazio – POTW) – This week’s Player of the Week goes to none other than Darcy from Lazio. The former Leverkusen and Inter defensive midfielder has been crucial for the Roman side as they push for their first title. In 8 games, the Irishman has accumulated 36 interceptions, 16 tackles, 54 possessions won, and 4 clean sheets.

RM: On1ineAce (Lazio) – On1ineAce had finally made TOTW after so many seasons and has now made it 2 for 2 this season! Lazio may have lost their lead on the title, sitting in second at the time of writing, but there is still a lot of time for them to rebound and move back up into first. In 8 games, the gaffer has gotten himself 3 assists, 13 key passes,
and 14 interceptions. 

CAM: iSchwiftys (Benfica) – The former Man United and Schalke star is now playing his trade for Benfica, looking to secure that ever elusive Super League title. He has rejuvenated what has been at times a stagnant offense as the Portuguese side looks to go back-to-back this season. In 6 games, Schwiftys has scored 3 goals, while also picking up 2 assists, 9 key passes, and 10 interceptions.

LM: Mapes l 8 l (Juventus) – Mapes has been a journeyman so far in his PCN career, but it looks like he has found a home in Turin under the coaching of Italiano. Italiano sure has a keen eye for talent, as Mapes has made it into his first TOTW this season. In 8 matches for Juventus, Mapes has 3 goals, 5 assists, 14 key passes, and 10 tackles.

ST: lupexx49 (PSG) – Loyalty is a rare trait for a player nowadays, especially with how easy it is for a player to move around from team to team. Loyalty is a strong trait with Lupe, as he has stayed with Stay High at PSG for what is now his seventh season at the club. A true club and league icon, Lupe has shown that he still has what it takes to shine under the bright lights. In 9 games, Lupe has banged in 9 goals on 23 shots on target. He has also added 6 key passes, 26 passing points, and 2 MOTM awards.

ST: liverpoolmadkev (Lazio) – Making his second TOTW in a row, Kev has been an absolute nightmare for opposing defenders and goalies so far this season. He has been bagging goals left and right for Lazio as they contend for the title this season. In his last 8 matches, Kev has scored 9 goals, also adding 2 MOTM awards and 3 key passes.


GK: Phil The Fish (Inter Milan) – Phil is arguably the best player to ever put the gloves on in PCN, and he is keeping his legendary form going in Italy with Inter Milan. Phil has picked up 37 saves and 4 clean sheets in his last 9 games, only allowing 6 shots to find the back of the net. Don’t be surprised if you see him in the TOTS at the end of the season.

CB: OldMR Peanut (AC Milan) – The man, the myth, the stoned legend, Peanut, is now playing his trade for AC Milan. After somewhat falling off the map last season, Peanut has bounced back and recaptured his old form of past seasons and has just squeezed his way into the bench for this TOTW. In 7 games, he has gotten 1 assist, 7 tackles, 19 interceptions, 6 blocks, and 26 possessions won.

LB: pnunzii (Arsenal) – Our lone fullback in this TOTW is a converted defensive midfielder to outside back in pnunzii. Now playing for Arsenal, he is looking to lead the North London club away from a relegation fight and look to secure safety in the league. In 7 games, he has picked up 1 assist, 9 tackles, 27 interceptions, and 37 possessions won.

CDM: l KRAK l (Lyon) – Taking up the defensive mid spot on the bench this week is Lyon’s very own, Krak. The veteran holding mid has been around since Season 4 and is not looking like he is going to be calling it a career anytime soon. His defensive play has been key in Lyon’s push for a Super Cup spot, as in the last 9 games he has gotten 21 tackles, 36 interceptions, and 50 possessions won.

CAM: Bdon8407 (Arsenal) – The lone attacking mid off of the bench, Bdon is looking to recapture his old Benfica form as he wants to lead Arsenal back to their glory days in PCN. After a rather upsetting AFCON, Bdon is ready to lead his boys to fight against the odds and move up the table as we get into the second half of the season. In 9 matches, he has scored 3 goals while also gathering 5 assists. During this time, he also added on 8 key passes and 12 interceptions.

ST: SpicyBeatle (Lazio) – A TOTW starter last week, Spicy has just secured the bench striker spot after another great set of matches over the past couple weeks. In 8 games, Spicy has scored 6 times on 13 shots on target. He has also gotten 4 assists and 7 key passes during this time.

ST: Eddy Disaster (Manchester United) – Last, but certainly not least in this TOTW is Manchester United talisman, Eddy Disaster. The big man has played the last two seasons on Minnesota United and Atlanta United, and is now calling it home in Northern England for this season. In 7 matches, Eddy has scored 5 times with only 9 shots on target, an insane conversion rate of 56%. He also added 3 MOTM awards and 3 assists during this time.

Editor: Bendtner x
Cards: Turajlic
Graphic: Turajlic




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