Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 11 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: Snowboarder 778 (Barcelona – POTW) – Our starting GK and POTW for this week’s TOTW is none other than Barcelona’s Snowboarder 778. Known primarily in the past for his success as a center back, Snowboarder has been a wall between the sticks during this play period, where he made 41 saves. He also picked up 2 MOTM awards, alongside 5 clean sheets and only 7 goals against.

RB: RichieLee98 (Barcelona) – Picking up his first TOTW, RichieLee has impressed both defensively and offensively for Barcelona in the 8 games played. With 2 assists, 2 key passes and 13 passing points, it is clear to see the Dani Alves approach Richie has to the game. However, he can back it up in the defensive end too, 13 tackles 16 interceptions and 30 possessions won, show he is the all-round defender he needs to be.

CB: LEonTheBEst2 (Barcelona) – Picking up his 2nd TOTW this season, LeonTheBest is certainly living up to that GT. He has set the league alight with VVD like performances at the back for this Barcelona side. With 1 assist, 6 tackles, 16 Interceptions, 10 passing points and 33 possessions won, I am surprised none of the sides from the leagues above were sniffing around Leon during the transfer window.

CB: Ich Bin Dustin (Napoli) – The form Super League winner has picked up his first TOTW of the season for Napoli. Having played in all 8 games this play period, Dustin made 14 tackles, 13 interceptions and won possession back on 39 occasions for his team.

LB: TestedGNu8692 (Barcelona) – Having only played in 6 of the 8 games, Gnu makes in 4 out of 5 in the TOTW starting XI back line from Barcelona. Gnu was defensively brilliant in the 6 games he played in, picking up 10 passing points, 31 possessions won, 20 interceptions and 7 tackles.

CM: neymar24 (Wolverhampton) – One of the most disciplined CDMs in League 2, he has finally found a settled home after only 19 games in the previous 4 seasons, and his football is showing how much of an affect a good group can have. In 7 games he made 28 interceptions, 38 possessions won, 8 tackles and 2 key passes.

CM: l Hit Em Up l (Fiorentina) – After the midweek cup shock win over AC Milan, some Fiorentina players will be glad to be picking some individual awards to. Hit Em Up has got his hands on yet another TOTW with some impressive displays in midfield for Fiorentina. With 7 games played Hit Em up had 6 assists, 12 key passes and 15 passing points.

CM: Witty87 (Barcelona) – Another man playing his first season in League, and doing it well, Witty87. Witty is the creative spark that help Barcelona take the ball from the defensive end to the offensive third. In 6 games played he has 2 goals, 5 assists, 10 key passes and 10 passing points. He breaks play up well as shown by his 16 interceptions and 22 possessions won.

RF: Stylish Zola (Fiorentina) – Formally known as Fear Eriksen from TOTW 1, as predicted Zola picks up his 2nd TOTW. In the 7 games he took part in, he had 11 goal contributions (8 goals and 3 assists), his 8 goals came from 15 shots on target and he contributed 10 key passes and 16 passing points.

ST: Yaadbwoyger (Napoli) – The League 2 top scorer during this TOTW period with 10 goals coming from 23 shots on target. Yaad also showed his creative spark and ability to retain the ball up top with 3 assists, 8 key passes and 23 passing points.

LF: KXNG SNOW (Barcelona) – Another man firing in goals in League to is former BVB manager Kxng Snow, the Jamaican born ST has put together a great team down in League 2 as he tries to revive the fallen giants. During the 6 games he played in this TOTW period, Kxng Snow scored 8 goals in 6 games and added another 5 assists. He showed flair and creativity as he added 5 assists and 9 key passes.


GK: Wiiz GuNSLiNgR (PSV) – Wiiz makes a return to the TOTW fold after picking up TOTWs last season. During the 8 games he played, Wiiz kept 3 clean sheets whilst making 33 saves. He also only let up 10 goals and picked up 2 MOTM awards for his team.

CB: Oh Killjoy (Barcelona) – The final man from the Barcelona back line makes the bench of this TOTW in Killjoy. With 21 passing points from 8 games, Killjoy is really showing his ability to play out of the back. With 9 tackles, 14 interceptions, 3 blocks and 16 possessions won, Killjoy is impressing in his first season in League 2.

CB: Double 111 (Celtic) – Having only played 5 games out of the 8, Double sits atop the PER rankings for this time period. He won the ball back an incredible 31 times and lost it only 9 times during the 5 games, averaging 6.2 won to only 1.8 lost per game. Picking up a further 7 tackles, 18 interceptions and 1 block to show how dominant he has been in the 5 games played.

CDM: MIDLOS (Celtic) – Another returnee from TOTW 1, Midlos has been fantastic both on and off the pitch for the Bhoys. During this TOTW period, he played in 5 games where he contributed 3 key passes, 15 tackles, 24 interceptions, 3 blocks and 31 possessions won. He is surely on track to pick up his first League 2 TOTS award.

CAM: KUSHxxMASTER (Wolverhampton) – Making up our final TOTW midfield spot is, Kush Master, whom is also a returnee from TOTW1. Kush took part in 7 games and contributed well for his team, scoring an important 2 goals, 3 assists, 12 passing points and 13 key passes (Most in league 2 this TOTW period).

ST: x Viciosz (Wolverhampton) – Narrowly missing out on the starting XI for this week’s TOTW, but comfortably sitting on the bench is Viciosz. In his first eligible week for Wolves, Viciosz picks up his first TOTW in League 2. With 8 goals, 4 assists and 7 key passes in only 7 games, Viciosz is certainly putting the league on notice in the hunt for the golden boot.

ST: RobertoS713 (Barcelona) – A big reason for Barcelona’s change in fortunes over the last 8 games, Roberto has come in a shown his quality with 9 goals in 8 games, having also added an assist and 7 key passes. He is linking up well with his new teammates and only time will tell if he can push on and compete for more individual honors this season.

Editor: PWTB Coups
Cards: dorseyfurcal18
Graphic: Turajlic

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