Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 10 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: R9 Fenomeno 99 (NYCFC) – Kicking off this TOTW is a newcomer to PNC in R9 Fenomeno. Even though his namesake was a prolific striker in his day, R9 the GK has put up numbers that rival El Fenomeno and get him into the starting spot. In 7 games, Fenomeno has racked up 24 saves and 5 clean sheets, only allowing 3 goals during this time. He has been crucial for NYCFC and MEAHT in their darkhorse title push.

CB: QIK (Minnesota United) – The Grantula has once again made his way back into TOTW, and he is set on not losing his starting gig in TOTW. Although he has recently lost his abilities on Discord and has been in the spotlight for some controversial comments, Minnesota still back him to dominate on the field. In 9 games, QIK picked up 38 possessions won, 20 interceptions, 17 tackles, and 4 clean sheets.

CB: Austin l 33 l (Spurs/Manchester United) – Judas, Durant, Snake, these are all names that could apply to Austin after he shockingly departed from Tottenham for Manchester United following a fallout with management. His form still kept up as he switched the London white for the Manchester Red, as in 8 games, Austin scooped up 28 possessions won, 18 interceptions, 10 tackles, and 3 clean sheets.

CB: Igniti0n69 (Benfica) – Making his way into his first TOTW is the stonewall defender that goes by Ignition. Benfica has surprised some people this season with slipping out of the top 5, but Ignition is set on leading the backline to glory. Through 10 games, he has dispossessed the opposition an astounding 50 times, racked up 29 interceptions and 18 tackles as well.

CDM: Rambo De Leon x (Benfica) – Known to some of the veteran staff as “Formula Breaker”, Rambo has returned to the TOTW, bringing his otherworldly defending with him. For some context, in S7, Rambo was on the verge of breaking 1000 TOTS points halfway through the season, causing a re-work in the valuation of stats. Three seasons later, he is still on top of the game. In 9 matches, Rambo has picked up a league-leading 62 possessions won, 39 tackles, and 30 interceptions.

CDM: iRealms (Minnesota United) – Partnering up with Rambo is arguably the best and most decorated DM in PCN history, iRealms. The former Juventus man has found a new home after the club’s falling out and has continued to close down the opposition at his high level. In 9 games, Realms has gotten 42 possession won, 22 interceptions, 18 tackles, and 4 clean sheets. Keep an eye on him for a return to TOTS this season.

RM: Mapes l 8 l (PSG) – What could have been seen as a surprise is that Mapes has finally made his way into the TOTW after a couple seasons. The former Juventus midfielder has risen to new heights at PSG, picking up 4 assists, 9 key passes, 24 tackles, 26 interceptions, and 45 possessions won through 10 games.

LM: xRetroPackx (Minnesota United) – Making another TOTW, Retro is set on getting rid of the bench rider nick from his portfolio. The man has been on a mission this season for MNU as they look to further the gap at the top of the table. Through 9 games, Retro has bagged 2 goals while getting 3 assists, 8 key passes, and 11 tackles and interceptions.

CAM: Raven52rl (Bayer Leverkeusen) – Raven has re-emerged into TOTW after a short hiatus and has taken up the shadow striker role for Die Werkself. The former L1 champion has become quite the finisher, netting 9 goals in 7 games from CAM, which is insane. He has also managed to get 3 key passes and 14 interceptions during this time.

ST: xll Chronik llx (AC Milan) (POTW) – Chronik has been chosen as this week’s Player of the Week, and it is no surprise why. The Milan talisman has shined as the club has soared into the top 5, which looks like he himself is bearing the weight of the climb. In 10 games, Chronik has bagged 9 goals and assisted his teammates 6 times, leading the league in goals created during this time.

ST: CF I Pete (Manchester City) – Rounding out the starting XI is none other than Pete from Man City. Being one of their many European players, he has stepped out of the shadows of Gaston and sF Batistuta and is having the best season in his PCN career. In 9 games, Pete has scored on 8 occasions and also picked up 6 assists, 11 key passes, and 2 Man of the Match awards.


GK: l KAHN l (Lyon) – Kahn has been crucial for the run of form that Lyon has been on this season. In the last 8 games, Kahn has gotten 28 saves and 4 clean sheets, only allowing 5 goals during this time.

CB: IHernandezI 19 (Manchester United) – Another former Juventus player is in the TOTW and it is Hernandez. Being a massive part of their set piece routines, he has gotten 2 assists and 3 key passes from corners, while also getting 36 possessions won and 26 interceptions in 10 matches.

RB: Ham x69 (Tottenham) – Our lone outside back in the TOTW, Ham is representing Tottenham and all of the other outside backs in the league with his nomination this week. In 8 games, Ham has picked up 30 possessions won, 20 interceptions, and 3 clean sheets.

CDM: dorseyfurcal18 (Manchester City) – DJ Splooge has wiggled his way back into TOTW after almost missing out due to missing one gameday. Although he did miss three games, he still outperformed the rest of the lot to earn his bench DM spot. In 7 games Dorsey has an absurd 55 possessions won, 27 tackles, 30 interceptions, 2 Man of the Match awards, and to top it all off, he even managed to grab a rare goal.

CM: AyeVols (AC Milan) – Vols has once again transformed this Milan attack and earned his spot back into TOTW. Through 10 games, Vols assisted on 4 goals and netted one. He also obtained 9 key passes, 25 tackles, and 56 possessions won.

ST: Conflict Slackz (PSG) – If it weren’t for Slackz, I just don’t see PSG as high as they have been this season, as his finishing is something they truly have missed these past few seasons. In 10 games, he netted a league leading 11 goals during this time. To go along with the goals, Slackz has also gotten 2 assists, 7 key passes, and 3 Man of the Match awards.

ST: liverpoolmadkev (Bayer Leverkeusen) – The final player in the TOTW is Bayer 04 striker, Kev. The number 7 must be his lucky number as in 10 games, he has scored and assisted 7 times each. During this time, Kev has also gotten 7 key passes.

Editor: Bendtner x
Cards/Graphic: iiFivio


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