Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 10 – League One

Starting XI

GK: Apocryphion (Borussia Dortmund): Apocryphion has been a wall for a Dortmund side that’s been absolutely amazing at preventing goals this season to date. In the past 8 matches, he has only 5 goals allowed, with 35 saves and 6 clean sheets.

CB: Messinho x (Chelsea): Messinho has been known as a standout striker, but has now been proving himself as a top CB for the league leaders. In his 7 games, he has an unbelievable, unfathomable 8 assists from CB. He’s also managed 8 interceptions and 7 key passes en route to an appearance on this TOTW.

CB: SolaricNike (LOSC Lille): SolaricNike has been a very solid defender thus far for a title contending side in Lille. In his 8 games, he’s been fantastic going forward, providing 3 assists and 4 key passes offensively, while also intercepting 18 passes and earning 3 Man of the Match awards.

CB: AdamCoups (Orlando Pirates): AdamCoups has joined Orlando and has been an absolute force defensively, terrorizing League One attacks in an effort to keep Orlando afloat. He’s managed to get 69 possessions won, 26 interceptions, and 17 passing points.

CDM: champagin (Liverpool): Champagin has continued to boss the midfield for Liverpool, steamrolling his opposition en route to his second straight TOTW appearance. His stats have been absolutely absurd, snatching 4 goals and assists in 8 games, while also notching 16 key passes, 14 defensive tackles, and 23 interceptions.

CDM: Erican606 (Liverpool): Erican has been part of an amazing defensive midfield duo at Liverpool, as his TOTW partner champagin can attest. He has 23 interceptions and 17 tackles defensively, while also scoring a goal and providing 3 assists for his teammates on the other end of the pitch.

RM: ThatCreamCheese (Orlando Pirates): The now former Orlando manager has been very solid on the pitch for Pirates thus far, especially in the past run of games. In his 8 appearances, he’s collected 11 key passes and 4 assists, while also being Man of the Match for 3 of his games.

LM: JamesHarden2 (Chelsea): While James Harden in real life is having a fantastic season, PCN’s JamesHarden2 has been having a similarly fantastic season for Chelsea, as this TOTW nomination proves. In his 7 games, he has 3 assists, 6 key passes, and 13 interceptions.

CAM: l diX0n l (LOSC Lille): Dixon has been a solid and consistent player for Lille in the last stretch of games. He has 3 goals and 5 assists to go along with 8 key passes and 27 possessions won.

ST: Chevyboy24 (Chelsea) – POTW: Chevyboy24 has been an absolute stud in every sense of the word, being a complete legend for the league leaders. In only 7 games, he’s netted 8 goals with 9 assists, combining for an insane 17 goal contributions. His offensive talents have been a major reason Chelsea have climbed to the top of the table and is the reason he’s our Player of the Week.

ST: xpancakewafflex (LOSC Lille): Pancakewaffle has been a big time striker for Lille this season and has been especially these past 8 games. He’s scored a goal per game, and has also had 6 key passes and a Man of the Match honor.


GK: KeylorSwift (Chelsea): KeylorSwift has been absolutely amazing keeping away goals for Chelsea this season, being a crucial part of a team that’s allowed only 8 goals on the season to date. In his 7 games, he has more clean sheets than goals allowed, with his numbers there being 5 and 3 respectively. He also has an amazing 27 saves, being a complete beast for his Chelsea side

CB: CM9 PT (Chelsea): CM9 PT has been a standout contributor for what has been a standout defense this season at Chelsea. He has 9 tackles, 15 interceptions, and 31 possessions won in his 7 games.

LB: Renegademan340 (LOSC Lille): RenegadeMan340 is the only fullback in this week’s top team, and he certainly has deserved his spot with some stellar play over the course of the past 8 games. He has 9 tackles, 10 interceptions, and 28 possessions won, and has helped hold 4 clean sheets as well.

CDM: Melkynho (Chelsea): Melkynho has been doing his best Kante impression for Chelsea, winning the ball in as many ways as he can for his side. In the past stretch of games, he’s won 10 tackles, intercepted 13 passes, and overall has won possession 23 times while also putting up 19 passing points.

RM: The Ocelus (America): The Ocelus has been opening up rifts in the defense from his outside mid position, setting up 4 goals for his teammates while also creating many chances with 10 key passes in his 6 matches.

ST: Neomicro (Chelsea): Neomicro is joining his teammate Chevyboy in this TOTW, putting up deadly numbers next to his strike partner as part of a deadly Chelsea attack. In only 4 games, he has 11 goals, 1 assist, and 4 key passes, which leads many to wonder what he could do given a full 8 games.

ST: LORDK1ng713 (Orlando Pirates): The now former Orlando Pirates star, LordKing, had a fantastic run of form in his short term at Orlando. In his 6 games, he put up 7 goals, 3 assists, and 3 key passes, and will now be taking his talents to League 2 with Ajax.

Editor: Lego Dawg
Cards/Graphic: iiFivio






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