Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 9 – Super League

Starting XI

GK – DarkBerry 98: We start off our season 9 Super league TOTW with a returning face from League 1 last season in League one champion and Team of the season keeper DarkBerry. Berry has made the jump to Super league a easy one for him with an impressive stat line of 45 saves and 6 clean sheets in 10 games with 2 MOTM to go along with it 

CB – l KingEvan300 l: A familiar face to the Super league TOTW in KingEvan, Evan has signed to River Plate this season who currently sit in first place with a nice lead on 2nd and Evan has been a big reason for that in 9 games evan has had a impressive stat line of 10 DT, 24 INT, 14 PP, 36 PW, and 4 CS 

CB – Shmurddaa Pollo: A new face in PCN pollo has had a great srart for Inter Milan with the stats of 10 ganes played, 12 DT, 20 INT, 23 PP, 31 PW, 4 CS 

CB – OldMr Peanut: The Co Manager of River Plate this season and the leader of the best defense in the super league Mr Peanut has had a great start to the new season in 10 games he has 2 AST, 3 KP, 17 DT (Leads defenders) 26 PP (2nd) as well as his CB parnter KingEvan 4 Clean Sheets 

CDM – Jammmyy (POTW): Our first player of the week goes to a well deserved Jammmyy who has a beyond amazing start to the mid table italian giants. Jammyy has been a force to be reckond with on the back of his TOTS season in League 1 he’s proving he belongs here in the Super league with 10 GP, 2 GLS, 25 DT, 47 INT, 26 PP, 5 MOTM (1st) 

CDM – Jay Twinkie18: next is a man who is up for debate being the best Defensive mid in all of PCN in Jay Twinkie18 who has had a great start for the Argentina super team in 10 games twinkie has posted a stat line of 32 PP (1st) 14 DT, 33 INT, 3 BLK, 4 CS 

RM – Poseidon855: A player who arguable was snubbed on TOTS from league 1 last season in Poseidon the Argentina Mid has had a great strart to his Super league debut season posting 10 GP, 1 GLS, 5 AST, 14 KP, 16 PP, 2 MOTM 

LM – RiooTv: Former Leverkusen Manager / Striker turned Winger has made the transtion quite easy with an impressive stat line to go along with being a part of the 1st place side. Rioo stats are 9 GP, 2 GLS, 3 AST, 7 KP, 8 DT, 19 INT, 

CAM – iSchiwiftys: Last season CAM of the Season has made his return but this time playing for the American Side Atlanta United and has picked up right where he left off posting stats such as 10 GP, 6 GLS, 9 AST (1st) 14 KP, 18 PP, 2 MOTM 

ST – KiliwaKING: The returning Mexican striker for River Plate has had a great start to the season posting 9 GLS, 3 AST, 9 KP, 18 PP, 21 PW 

ST – Robertos713: The former schalke manager has found a new home in Atlanta and is loving it as he leads the Super league in goals this season so far with 10 GP, 12 GLS, 2 AST, 8 KP, 17 PP, 1 MOTM  


GK – xOPXKAHNx: The new keeper for the French giants is enjoying his transfer from NYC as he posted 8 GP, 52 SV (1st) 3 CS as well a MOTM award 

CB – McKing l 14 l: The american defender is enjoying his Super leauge debut with the Mid table new york side but Mcking stats are far from mid table with stats such as 9 GP, 8 DT, 23 INT, 14 PP, 26 PW, 1 MOTM 

LB – Lipton18: The only outback to make it into the TOTW is no shocker this season in Lipton18 who’s been a defensive giant for the French side with stats as 10 GP, 15 DT, 27 INT, 24 PP, 5 CS, 3 MOTM 

CDM – DaRcY 8: The new head manger of the german side Leverkusen has a thing with being TOTW/TOTS/POTS this being his Super league debut he has done everything League 1 has to offer and the question people are asking is can he do it in the highest divison well stats don’t lie in 10 games he has posted 1 AST, 4 KP, 27 DT, 51 PW, 5 CS 

CAM – Perfect Mode: The Mexican attacking midfielder has had a strong start to the new season coming off his suspension from play but that didn’t hold him back from making it into TOTW with 7 GP, 1 GLS, 3 AST, 3 KP, 24 INT, 1 MOTM 

ST – DoYouLewyBro: The Record breaking goal scorer from leauge 1 is lookin to prove he has what it takes to make it in the big leagues as he has post 10 GP, 10 GLS, 2 AST, 5 KP, 16 PP, 2 MOTM 

ST – Leak Boys 02: Last on our list is the PCN Veteran looking to prove this season that he is a force to be reckon with and someone that defenders should fear when he gets the ball with 10 GP, 9 GLS, 3 AST, 3 KP, 13 PP, 4 MOTM


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