Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 9 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: MR MACE2014: The very first player to be named into the PCN League Two TOTW, Mace has been a brick wall for Gent, racking up 31 saves and 2 MOTM in seven games. He has also managed to get 2 assists during this time. 

RB: Eagle Warrior19: Lille have been on a tear, and the first player to represent them is Eagle Warrior19. In just six games, he has done it all, gaining one assist and three key passes. Defensively, Eagle got five tackles, 13 interceptions, and 4 clean sheets. 

CB: ImmortalPanda12: Representing Fenerbache, Panda has been solid in their back line. He has gotten 7 tackles, 21 interceptions, and 4 clean sheets. Showing flashes of a ball player, he has also obtained 15 passing points in five games. 

CB: Oneshot26: Former Division One, now League One, TOTS defender Oneshot has been vital to Lille’s title campaign. The defender has obtained three key passes to go along with 36 possessions won and 4 clean sheets. 

LB: SuPeR Z1ZOU: The former PCN Schalke man of Season 6, who failed to make a single appearance for the club, has re-emerged for Fenerbache as a lockdown fullback. In five games, Zizou has gotten 18 possessions won, 4 clean sheets, and 14 passing points. 

CDM: Brandonik01: The first Olympiakos player to enter the TOTW is none other than Brandonik01. In four games, Brandonik got 16 interceptions, 12 passing points, and 3 clean sheets. 

CDM: Gato Bravo9: A former SL TOTS has arrived into this TOTW, and he goes by the name of Gato. Gato obtained 13 interceptions, five tackles, and one assist in 6 games. 

CAM: Renzo459: Renzo is one of two more Genk players to make it into this TOTW. In 5 games, he has gotten 3 assists and 8 key passes. Not like your typical CAM, Renzo comes back and does the dirty work as well, gaining 16 interceptions and 22 possessions won. 

CAM: CAPOUE l 29 (POTW): The first ever Player of the Week (POTW) for League Two goes to none other than Capoue. The manager of Genk, his leadership and ability has helped Genk push for the first ever League Two title. In 7 games, Capoue has gotten 5 goals, 3 assists, 9 kep passes, and 3 man of the matches.

ST: DaWatersN0tSafe: The Olympiakos forward has done it all for the club when it comes to offense, gaining 4 goals, 2 assists, and 6 key passes. If he keeps up his form, Olympiakos will be a force to be reckoned with. 

ST: Serginho9: The former Liverpool player of seasons past has entered this TOTW as the leading goal scorer in League Two. He leads the league with 8 goals and also has 15 passing points to go along with it. Lille will absolutely need him to contribute to more than just goals, as he has failed to register a single assist or key pass. 


GK: xTBONE1213x: Tbone has been crucial as the Lille GK. In 7 games, he has gotten 3 clean sheets and 20 saves. 

CB: JamesTee91: One of three Olympiakos players on the bench, James barely missed out on the starting spot in this TOTW. In 4 games, James has gotten 1 assist, three blocks, 14 interceptions, and 3 clean sheets. 

CDM: Luis L 15 L: The last Fenerbache player on the list, Luis has been a rock in the midfield. In five games, he has obtained 2 key passes, 7 tackles, 9 interceptions, and 4 clean sheets. 

LM: iBlica: iBlica has been class out wide for Lille. Channeling his inner Bolasie, the wideman has gotten one goal and three assists through four games. He also got 6 key passes, 3 tackles, and 10 interceptions. 

LM: Valus Rex 666: Valus has gotten similar stats to another player in TOTW, and that is the aforementioned iBlica. Valus got two goals and two assists through four, matching iBlica with 10 interceptions. 

ST: S H O O T A6355: The Olympiakos striker has been linking up well with teammate and TOTW partner, DaWatersN0tSafe. In four games, Shoota has gotten three goals, two assists, and 11 passing points. 

ST: MRS MACE 2014XO: Rounding off our final player in TOTW is Mrs Mace. This coulb be PCN’s first ever couple that plays together, with Mr Mace being the GK on Genk. In 5 games, Mrs Mace has gotten 4 goals and one assist. 





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