Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 9 – League One

Starting XI

GK: Bauer l 43 l: Bauer has had a strong start to life in League One, managing an impressive five clean sheets from eight appearances. On top of that he’s managed to pick up a MOTM, and accrue 26 saves, while only conceding five goals. Bauer’s meteoric performances should provide evidence that he is a part of one of the better back lines in League One. 

CB: AkumaM1K3H4WK: If you needed any more proof that the Spurs back line means business, look no further than Mike, who in 8 games has racked up an impressive 25 possessions won, 5 clean sheets, 14 interceptions, and 11 tackles. He looks a bit of a tosser though. 

CB: Xx N1ghtmar3 xX: Minnesota United’s promotion to League One was probably a smart choice, because even in League One they’ve been feasting. Nightmare makes up part of a strong defensive third, and has shown his value with a staggering 36 possessions won already. Not to mention his 16 interceptions. That being said, two defensive tackles in eight games makes Mesut Ozil on a bad day look good. But it’s early in the season and I expect those numbers to climb. 

CB: AyeVols: Napoli’s big dog at the back is a center back opposing strikers should fear. 40 possessions won, 21 interceptions, even picking up an assist to his name. Vols is versatile and competent, and I’m looking forward to see how much of an impact he’ll have on Napoli’s season. 

LM: QuadInTheAct: Either Milan play against good goalies, or their strikers haven’t been converting enough, Quad’s 10 key passes showcase his vision and creativity, and he’s been properly rewarded with 4 assists and a goal. Not to mention 22 interceptions and 43 possessions won to round out a solid start to his season. 

RM: iJakoob: Whether he goes by Jakoob de Leon X, Jakood Disaster, Stay Jakoob Playa, Sir Ethan Lucas V, or just Jakoob, he is back in the midfield after a long outside back stint, and he’s picked up right where he left off. 5 assists and a goal to his name, and similar to Quad, a LOT of key passes, 18 of them to be exact. With 23 possessions won and 16 interceptions, Jakoob has successfully transitioned from a pure winger to more of a box to box outside mid role, much to the benefit of his team. 

CDM: l Xx Vidal xX l: Vidal has whipped up an impressive 29 interceptions, 43 possessions won, 16 tackles, and even a goal to his name to secure his role as the enforcer of the Barcelona midfield. Intrigued to see how they fare this season with Vidal holding it down, and I don’t think this will be the last time we see Vidal here. 

CDM: DICHIEF MAX: Max has been a cog in the Atletico machine, helping keep 4 clean sheets across 7 games, earning himself 25 interceptions, and 36 possessions won. A natural pivot, turning 7 defensive tackles into attacking momentum and getting 3 key passes along the way. 

CAM: l Sanders l: This. Man. Can’t. Stop. Scoring. Seriously, a constant attacking threat with 18 passing points, 4 key passes, and 2 assists. Not to mention an impressive goal to game ratio of 1 to 1 (8 in total). A ball winning attacking midfielder with an eye for the creative solution, Sanders looks set to be the 10 that Minnesota United need. 


ST: You Dont Vape (POTW): A bummy TOTS midfielder that turned into a bummy TOTS fullback has now emerged as a not so bummy striker. Making it into the first TOTW and our first POTW, the young Spurs starlet has hit the ground running, amassing seven goals and five assists in six games up top, which leads the league in goals created. Any Spurs title run will definitely depend on riding the waves of “The Little Weenied Finn”. 


GK: Jeepers76: Jeepers was praised by the Napoli boys on the podcast last season, and so far this season he looks set to back up those claims. He’s been in inspired form making 50 saves and helping secure his side 3 clean sheets. There’s just no other way to put it. Jeepers has been immense for his side, and really looks to be a key part in Napoli’s defence. 

LB: YoungSaucer3719: Saucer has surprised some, as he is one of the only natural outside backs in League One. The recent meta of a three back has not deterred him from earning his minutes though. With 13 tackles, 19 interceptions and 31 possessions won, he looks set to be a man on a mission. 

CB: Passs Da Rock: Leipzig defender Passs Da Rock is no stranger to stopping the attack, with 23 interceptions 32 possessions won. From there he’s calmly picked his pass to help his side build from the back with a nice big 21 passing points, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s blocked 4 shots destined for goal so far.   

RM: DatStankyHam: Ham decided to make the Jakoob Special and switch from outside back to outside mid, and to be fair to him, it’s paid dividends. Across 7 games he’s picked up 2 goals, 4 assists, 9 key passes, and 17 interceptions. He’s still got a little outside back in him with 6 tackles. 

CDM: Cozy Bryant: Avid Lakers fan and superstar personality Bozy Bryant has really shone off the bat in season 9. 1 goal and 5 assists to his name show his selfless decision making on the ball. He’s also picked up 12 interceptions to boot, and he’s only played 4 games. If he can do this well with half the games, then what’s stopping this kid? 

CAM: A1Buzzkill: If hockey assists were in soccer, Buzz might have been in the starting XI. But they aren’t, so his bummy self can ride the bench. 5 goals and 2 assists isn’t bad though, as well as 13 key passes, 18 passing points, and 35 possessions won to round out the final Spurs player in the TOTW.  

ST: o SMOKE BREAK o: If anyone’s earned a smoke break, it’s this guy. 8 goals in as many games is nothing short of impressive, and is a real tone setter for the output this guy could produce by way of goals at the end of the season. I’m super excited to see how Smoke Break elevates his game, and if he has a good enough season, maybe a new suitor may be appropriate.

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