Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 8 – Super League

Thank you in advance to the editor team for allowing me, Bendtner x , to do my first TOTW writeup. 

Starting XI

GK: Phil The Fish – If you are looking for a safe pair of hands, look no further than the River Plate goalkeeper, Phil The Fish. The former Juventus shot-stopper has kept his past season’s form going into the new campaign, racking up 29 saves in six games, also gaining 3 clean sheets. 

CB: QIK – When it comes to center backs, there is no one like QIK. The River Plate defender has already left Young Boys in hopes of a title, bringing his exceptional defensive skills with him, gaining 39 PW, 17 INT, and 3 clean sheets from six games. Will he win POTS for defenders for the third season in a row? 

CB: Thiago ll6ll – Lining up alongside QIK is the new Juventus defender, Thiago ll6ll. From the heart of the Old Lady’s backline, he has 35 PW, 10 INT, 2 AST, and 3 clean sheets through six games. Thiago will definitely be up there with the best at the end of the season. 

CB: OldMR Peanut – The last center back to form the back three is OldMR Peanut. The journeyman defender has landed in Manchester City this season, forming what may be one of the best defensive partnerships in PCN with WillpowerHD. He has racked up 35 PW, 12 INT, and 17 PP through six games. 

CDM: KingOfKrak – A surprise reemergence from the grave of S7 Dortmund comes KingOfKrak. The Arsenal defensive mid has found his old form, obtaining 34 PW, 19 INT, and 12 DT so far this campaign. When he’s not throwing games, he sure can boss the midfield. 

CDM: Wanyama x – Some say that center backs can play CDM, and that is surely the case for Wanyama x who has spent much of clubs career in the backline. The Man City midfielder, new to PCN, has hit the ground running, gaining 32 PW, 9 DT, 15 INT, and 2 AST from six games. 

LM: Soul Wallyson – Orlando Pirates have surprised many in PCN so far, sitting on top of the table through eight games. Their success is down to many of their players, one standout being Soul Wallyson. The skillful winger has contributed 1 goal, 5 AST, 29 PW, and 14 KP through the first six games.  

RM: iSchwiftys – The only Manchester United player this TOTW, iSchwiftys has surely shined so far this season. The former Schalke TOTS and PSG winger has gained 6 AST, 14 KP, and 24 PW through six games. 

CAM: Taco Bale – Another standout player for Orlando has been Taco Bale. They say that a strong attacking midfielder is the key to a championship, and Bale definitely fits the bill. He’s been bossing the CAM spot for the Buccaneers, gaining 2 GLS, 5 AST, 7 KP, and 23 PW so far this campaign.  

ST: Mocro B – What could be an unexpected entry comes in the form of Mocro B. The Moroccan has moved from winger to striker, exploding in the opening part of the season. Through six games he has scored 12 GLS, leading the league while also picking up 4 AST, 5 KP, and 13 PP. 

ST: Criminal Lazer – Our first Player of the Week for S8 goes to the Orlando Pirates complete forward Criminal Lazer. The man has literally been on fire to start the season, obtaining 9 GLS, 6 AST, 10 KP, and 2 MOTM. However, he is not the only Orlando striker in this TOTW. 


GK: InfectedGummy9 – InfectedGummy9 has risen to lead the Manchester City backline, accumulating 24 saves, 3 PP, and 3 clean sheets through the opening six games. More is sure to come from the brick wall in goal. 

CB: l KingEvan300 l – The sponsor of the second iteration of the PCN Podcast has shined so far this season. KingEvan300 has finally made it back into the TOTW, gaining 37 PW, 8 DT, 13 INT, and 4 clean sheets. Is the former POTS defender finally returning to old form? 

RB: Viision816 – The only fullback to feature in this TOTW, Viision816 leads the Man City defense. The former Chelsea shot stopper has definitely made the move to fullback an easy one. In six games, he has gained 23 PW, 12 INT, 7 DT, and 3 clean sheets.  

CM: Mother Kangaroo – Next up comes another Manchester City player in Mother Kangaroo. Moving up to CM from center back, he surely hasn’t skipped a beat. He has gained 4 AST, 6 DT, 9 INT, and 21 PW so far. 

CAM: KillaAqua99 – KillaAqua99 has returned home to Juventus after a stint at Manchester United and has lived up to expectations so far, gaining 3 GLS, 4 AST, 6 KP, and 28 PW through six games. 

ST: JLANE91 – The other Orlando Pirates striker to make the TOTW is JLANE91. His main game may be NHL, but he sure can score in FIFA as well, scoring 11 goals in six, while also tacking on 3 AST, 5 KP, and 12 PP. 

ST: Kessy I 17 I – The last entrant into the first TOTW is the Cape Verde international, Kessy I 17 I. He has scored 7 goals in six, along with 5 AST, 9 KP, 11 PP, and 2 MOTM. 

Congratulations to everyone who made it into the TOTW and good luck on a great season! 


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