Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 8 – League One

Starting XI

GK: Darkberry98 – Leading things off in net for the first TOTW for Division 1 in S8 is Bayer Leverkusen’s shot stopping wonder Darkberry98. DarkBerry has been summoning both Dormammu and Mint-Berry Crunch to help ward off attackers so far to the tune of 33 saves, 3 CS, and 1 A and MOTM in six games so far. 

RB: AJCONN29 – According to my Abacus TI-83 calculations, this is the first time that Napoli’s charismatic manager has made a TOTW in PCN. AJ held things down in the defense with 4 KP, 7 DT, 13 INT, and 30 PP in his opening 5 games as Napoli sits in 1st through three gamedays. 

CB: NSGG Dan – Claiming one of the centerback spots in the TOTW is one of the keys to Inter Milan’s unbelievable defensive start to S8 in NSGG Dan. The Italian club have conceded just 1 goal in 6 so far with Dan chipping in 1 G, 14 INT, 30 PW, 20 PP, 1 MOTM, and a league-leading 5 clean sheets. 

CB: Quark Pffft – Sliding in to the defense is another player making his TOTW debut in Bayer Leverkusen standout defender Quark Pffft. Quark with his 2 A, 2 KP, 14 INT, 31 PW, and 3 CS has helped Darkberry and the rest of his teammates at Bayer to an early spot in the playoff position. 

LB: SSspurs94 – Rounding out the defense in the D1 TOTW is the other half of the dynamic Inter Milan defense. SSspurs has split his time so far between CB and LB, but either way the results have been excellent with SSspurs contributing 1 A, 4 KP, 12 INT, 24 PW, 14 PP, and 5 CS (T-1st) in his first 6 games of the season. 

CDM: Jammmyy – Another key component to the stalwart defense from Inter Milan has been the play of their defensive mid Jammmyy. Jammmyy has made life easy for his teammates so far with his 1 A, 10 T, 12 INT, 22 PW, 20 PP, and 5 CS in 6 GP. 

CDM: Extreme Skelator – Joining Jammmyy in the defensive midfield is Edinson Cavani’s doppleganger in ExtremeSkelator. The Valencia man has been a standout early on with 1 A, 2 KP, 9 DT, 17 INT, 26 PW, 3 CS, and a MOTM performance early on in his career in Spain. 

CAM: xVanzeti – With everyone in the defense and midfield doing such a great job defending, it’s been up to players like xVanzeti to get Inter Milan scoring enough to climb to where they currently are in the table. Vanzeti has 2 G, 5 A, 13 KP, 19 PP, and a MOTM so far in 6 games, and his creativity will be crucial to the promotion hopes of Inter. 

CAM: Edgar11ramos – Our first Player of the Week for S8 in Division 1, Edgar11ramos has led Ajax by example from the depths of D1 last season to 3rd place through 6 games in S8. Ramos has been on fire with a whopping 8 G, 1 A, 6 KP, 25 PW, and 2 MOTM in his first 6 GP this season. 

ST: o Smoke Break o – The most humble player in Division 1 (along with Bdon8407), Smoke Break’s fine work in the attack for Napoli has earned him a place in this team. Smoke has done a little bit of everything as he has collected 6 G, 6 A, 7 KP, 15 PW, and a crazy 3 MOTM awards in just 5 games so far in S8. 

ST: RiooTv – Finishing off our starting lineup for the first TOTW in S8 is Bayer Leverkusen’s leader on and off the pitch in RiooTv. Rioo first illuminated the Division 1 defenders over the first couple of weeks with his 8 G, 3 A, 6 KP, and 2 MOTM, and then he illuminated the rest of PCN to his tactical knowhow and calm demeanor after joining the panel on the second episode of the PCN Podcast. 


GK: G4yvin – Backing up Darkberry in the TOTW is Club America’s netminder in G4yvin. G4yvin has been one of the bright spots early on for the mid table side, as he has 30 saves, 2 CS, and 2 MOTM in 6 games so far. 

CB: MattBeCreepin – One player is living up to his name so far in S8 is Ajax’s MattBeCreepin, who must be making a habit of creeping slowly into the opposition’s box. It’s simply unheard of to see 4 A and 5 KP in 4 games from a centerback, not to mention his 14 INT, 31 PW, and MOTM. 

RB: MarxmanHWG447 – Our last Inter defender but certainly not the least is longtime PCN player MarxmanHWG447. Marxman has bounced around a bit in the past, but he’s found a home at RB for Inter as he has 6 INT, 22 PW, 12 PP, and 4 CS in his 4 games this season. 

CDM: Darcy 8 – Returning to the D1 TOTW after a very successful S7 in which he was voted the D1 Defensive Mid of the Season is Bayer Leverkusen’s Darcy 8. Darcy sure seems like a player ready for Super League competition as is evidenced by his 1 G, 1 A, 5 KP, 8 DT, 31 PW, and 2 CS in the early going in S8. 

CAM: ThaKiDALo – The other piece of the creative midfield puzzle for Inter Milan goes by the name of ThaKiDALo. Alo was the peanut butter to Vanzeti’s jelly with 4 G, 1 A, 9 KP, 26 PW, 16 PP, and a MOTM award in 6 games so far. 

ST: xII Chronik llx – Narrowly missing out on the starting lineup but making the bench at striker is the offensive powerhouse from RB Leipzig known as xII Chronik IIx. Chronik is a well-balanced striker as one can see from his 6 G, 6 A, 9 KP, and MOTM in his opening 6 games of S8. 

ST: Sp1dermonk3y111 – Last but not least in the D1 TOTW is Napoli’s arachnid, primate hybrid Sp1dermonk3y111. Sp1der has had oodles of fun early on this season playing with the likes of Smoke Break as he has earned 8 G, 2 A, 2 KP, and 2 MOTM in 5 GP so far. 




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