Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 7 – Super League

Starting XI

GK – Phil The Fish – Starting the first team of the weak of S7 in net is Juventus stopper Phil the  Fish. So far, Phil has 35 S and recorded 3 CS this far out of 8 games. 

CB – lhernandezl19 – In front of Phil, we have he’s club hopping team mate Hernandez. Lately, Hernandez has stayed in Turin for awhile, and has currently played all the games under Juve this season. He’s racked up 1 G, 27 INT, 39 PW, and 2 CS. 

CB – qik – One of the most consistent CBs currently in PCN, is S6 POTS defender QIK. He went from leading the Real Madrid backline to leading BVB this season. The CB has registered 35 INT, 57 PW, and 1 CS thus far 

CB – Twinkie l18l – ​In defense we have a CDM converted to a CB. xJ Twinkie is a defensive merchant in both positions, partnering QIk he has picked up 29 INT, 39 PW, and perfecting passing so far with 24 PP. 

CDM – POTW – IRamboDeLeon ​- Pairing with dorseyfurcal18 in midfield is Rambo De Leon x. Rambo has been literally snapping attackers ankles for fun this season. He has registered a crazy 4 A, 31 DT, 21 INT, and 70 PW. Where would Man City defense be without Rambo? 

CDM – dorseyfurcal18 ​- Pairing Rambo in midfield is none other than dorseyfurcal18. Dorsey has been sweeping up attackers and midfielders for a satisfying purpose. Dorsey has 2 A, 15 DT, 22 INT, 43 PW, and 3 CS in only 7 G. 

CAM – flannyreaper5 ​- Another player that has bursted on the season from last season is deep-lying playmaker flannyreaper5. Flanny has picked up 3 G, 3 A, 15 KP, and 42 PW. Which has earned him a spot as the starting CAM in the first TOTW for S7 

LM – Flatdiamond09 ​- There’s always a first for everything, first time being on the TOTW we have FlatDiamond09. Flat has been nothing but, sheer class for Chelsea picking up 4 A, 7 KP , 19 INT , and 35 PW. 

RM – Ischwiftys ​- German playmaker for Man City is iSchwiftys, or was to be exact. Schwifty was having a major impact on the offense partnering up with Balancer in attack nicely. He’s registered 4 G and 4 A in 8 G. 

ST – ITALIAN0 – ​NOOOWWWW, what a dazzling pass from the skipper, that was an absolute beauty. The golden boot winner of S6 has already made his way back to the TOTW. This season, ITALIANO has crafted he’s game a little more playing the assisting striker to Mr Cheezie 23. This season, ITALIANO has registered 6 G, 4 A, and 10 KP.

ST – x Erickson ​- EEERRRIIICCKKKKKKK, magisterial work by the lad. Erick has had a flying start to the season, picking up from where he started last season. He’s has 10 G, 3 A, and has already had 5 MOTM performances to kickstart the season. 


GK – Kermit Le Froge ​- WHATTTTT AAA SSAAVVVE FFRRROOMMM THHHE DIVVINNG SWWWISSSS! The PSG shot stopper has had a very good start to the season, he has registered 51 S and 3 CS in only 8 games played. 

LB – Nash I 17 I ​- The PSG sensational fullback that is capable of playing at CB as well, Nash I 17 I. He’s been absolute quality for PSG as of late, he has 18 INT, 50 PW, and 3 CS. 

LB – ZackIsCheeks ​- We have a strange on here, we have the biggest head in all of PCN, ZackIsCheeks. This defender can somehow keep I ITALIAN0 I goalless ,but concede 2 to iF Zlatan. He’s registered statistics of 11 DT, 10 INT, 37 PW and, 3 CS. 

CDM – KingOfKrak ​- The Polish leg breaker KingOfKrak has made the TOTW again. Krak has had a decent start to the season in the midfield with 16 DT, 19 INT, and 41 PW. 

RM – Mocro B ​- The winger has played just as much offense as he’s done defense this season. Registering 1 G,3 A, 15 INT, 19 PW and has picked up 3 MOTM performances in 5 G. 

ST – Balancer ​- Balancer, a name that has been thrown around a lot in PCN this season. Many describe him as a divisions striker, other look at him as the striker carrying Man City’s offense. Balancer has made an impact thus far with, 9 G, 2 A, and 2 MOTM for performances for City. 

ST – Mr Cheezie 23 ​- The finisher of Juventus’s frontline is Mr Cheezie 23. The striker has scored 10 G while assisting 1 as well.

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