Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 7 – League One

Starting XI

GK – xxlmemoochoalxx – The Monaco manager and keeper has had a record breaking start to the season, this being because his saves total is on pace to smash the current holder “Phil the Fish’s” Total

LB – Feel Weird – This Napoli defender has helped solidify a great start to see Napoli get pushed straight back up to the Super League

CB – Oneshot 26 – Oneshot has taken it upon himself to try and push towards promotion after a disappointing season 6 from expected title winners Toronto FC, but so far he has done a exceptional job

CB – Tastey Bubbles – After having many doubts since joining PCN, Tastey has proved his close friends and others that he has what it takes to play and succeed in this league

RB – Nighmare Gamer1 – After a impressive Season 6, This full back has once again hopped straight back onto the path to success with a great start to the season

CDM – Feel Venicee – Another Napoli player, this one being in the midfield has done a great job helping the attack as well as sitting back and covering the defenders

CM – SheWantMe13 – The Porto Co Manager has helped put together an impressive midfield which is looking to be a crucial part to the teams success which sees them in 6th place

CM – SoccerDroid21 – This Midfielder has gone and put up some of the most impressive attacking stats that PCN has ever seen done in 2 weeks, look for more from soccerdroid

CAM – Blessed Hazard POTW – After dominating Ajax 13-1 there was no way Hazard would be left out of the TOTW because he was heart and center in almost every goal

ST – TTPxDimez – The main goal scorer for Atlanta. Dimez and Hazard have proven to be one of the best CAM and ST duos D1 has ever seen

ST – KingElias91 – An impressive start for King Elias as the now former Toronto Manager has maybe ended his PCN career with some of his best stats ever


GK – Infredz – Infredz is back in D1 and is hoping to return to his previous form that was achieved in his time with Lyon

CB – KCityShoja – This center back has proved his doubters wrong by finding his way to the bench portion of the TOTW

CB – WizardWannabe – Another defender that deserves a spot on the TOTW because of his amazing ability to shut down incoming attack forces

CDM – IXI Monkey IXI – Another powerful CDM that has the ability to help defenders as well as move the ball up the field

CAM – Feel Savvy – Do you Feel Savvy? Because this guy does!

ST – Alexisbeast813 – A good player for Porto that has been able to link up with his teammates to achieve a great start to the season

ST – Ayoo Travis – the 2nd Ayoo to appear in the TOTW, him and Pace have formed quite the duo which is why their appearing here on the TOTW



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