Team Of The Week – Week 2 – Season 7 – Super League

Starting XI

GK – Chef Weezyy ​- Exceptional work from the Schalke shot stopper. Weezyy has been stringing amazing performances since he’s come up for D1. Picking up 4 CS in 16 games for German side.

LB – ZackIsCheeks ​- One player returning to the TOTW is Milan Big Head ZackIsCheeks. He’s had an exceptional change in work rate since moving to Milan. Registering 19 DT, 24 INT, 84 PW, and 34 PP. Even though he’s been rejected on Valentine’s Day, at least he can rub one out to he’s 5 CS.

CB – Jigsaw ​- Next in defense, we have Milan backline leader, Jigsaw. Jigsaw has been absolutely terrific this season. Not only does he have 15 DT, 38 INT, 76 PW, and 43 PP, but also has the most CS in the league with 6.

CB – QIK ​- One of the most consistent defenders in the league is BVB’s QIK. With QIK picking up 56 INT, 105 PW, and 4 CS, we still wonder why the BVB backline has been in shambles as of late.

RB – R7CO ​- Last in the backline for the starters is Schalke’s R7CO. R7CO has been a key factor in Schalke’s defense picking up 13 DT, 44 INT, 92 PW, and 4 CS.

CDM – Rambo De Leon x ​- Can someone answer this question for me please. Where would Man City (currently in 11th place) be without this god like midfielder? Rambo has been nothing but brilliance for the blue side of Manchester. He’s picked up 8 AST, 57 DT, 41 INT, 128 PW, and 2 CS.

CM – iTz THE BOSNIAN ​- Returning to the TOTW since S4 is BOSNIAN. The only difference is he’s not a ST anymore, he’s a defensive midfielder. Though, he hasn’t lost he’s striker ability scoring 2 GLS. While also picking up 15 DT, 25 INT, 60 PW, and 4 CS.

CM – Isoken I 11 I ​- Next we have the Milan skipper, Isoken I 11 I. Should I do this in first person since it’s me or …? Well, I have one less goal contribution than ST iF Zlatan while being 7 games behind. I’ve picked up 3 GLS, 4 AST, 18 KP, 27 PW, and 21 PP. Also, Nik your head is massive.

CAM – ​Flannyreaper5 – Flanny has been one of the most consistent attacking mids as of late. He has those bulging eyes like Ozil so he can pick out a pass from anywhere. He’s picked up 5 GLS, 34 KP, 75 PW, and 9 AST.

POTW – ST Duo – Eddy Disaster and Chubworldpeace ​- Well, for the first time ever we have two POTW. We have the Milan striker partnership of Edbrahimović and Chubchenko. These two have been lighting up defenses all season long. Eddy is currently the top goalscorer with 20 and Chubs is the top assisted with 11. Combined they have 32 GLS and 17 AST. We already know that these two will be spending Valentine’s Day together.


GK – Crisboss1000 (Transfer Administrator) ​- Starting first on the bench is PCN’s very ownTransfer Administrator Crisboss1000. This kid should stop looking for a new team every other week, he should start looking for he’s clean sheets. Despite conceding 20+ GLS in 8 GP this far, Cris has made a crazy 87 CS.

LB – WillpowerHD ​- In defense we have Man City starting LB, WillpowerHD. Will has picked up 2 AST, 7 DT, 7 INT, 33 PW, and 1 CS.

CB – XI Nate IX 94 ​- Next we have defender Nate from Roma. Even though, Roma have been shambolic this season (currently in 16th place; last) Nate has kept up the hard work. Picking up
1 AST, 12 DT, 42 INT, 81 PW, and 2 CS.

CDM – DADJOB ​- Next, we have Matic. DADJOB has been a very strong and physical CDM for Manchester United this season. He’s registered 22 DT, 30 INT, 71 PW, 33 PP, and 4 CS.

CM – Cozy Bryant ​- Finishing the midfield we have Milan’s Blood Gang Bozy Bryant from Bojangles. The midfielder has been doing some exceptional work in the middle of the park picking up 2 GLS, 16 DT, 23 INT, 54 PW, and 26 PP.

ST – My Seraph ​- Next we have Dr. Rhodes. Seraph has been exceptional and the biggest attacking threat for United this season. He has 4 AST, 13 KP, 31 PW, 7 MOTM, and tied for second most GLS with 17.

ST – Magic Man OP​ – Last but not least we have Arsenal Captain, Magic Man OP. Ever since he’s first season in the league (ending of S6), Magic has been actual Magic for th Gunners. He’s registered 3 AST, 11 KP, 29 PP, 2 MOTM, and 3rd most GLS with 16.

PCN Editor: @isokenl11l
Graphics Editor: AutomatedSquid



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