Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 6 – League One

Starting XI



ST – SNOW WRLD – (POTW) – The Spurs manager has had an outstanding opening to the season. Almost averaging a goal and an assist each game he has proven that he is in it to win it this season.



ST – My Seraph – KXNG SNOW’S partner up top he has also shown the league what he is capable of. So far, leading the league in goals by a small margin but looking to carry this form the whole season



CAM – ogfearisgod – With the amount of key passes he has been distributing this season some people think that he is the true mastermind behind the Attack force at Spurs, he has shown that he is one of the best passers in D1 and should be paid extra attention to by defenders.



LM – Abu Amarah – The Schalke winger has had an explosive start to the season boasting a great amount of goals and assists as well as pulling what must be one of the best goals of the season with his volley against Monaco.



RM – iSchwiftys – A perfectly good even number of goals, assists, and key passes to start out the season for Schwifty. He has been 1 half of the Delete repeated word best wing pair in D1 which is one of the biggest reasons Schalke is having so much success this season.



CDM – eXoTiC x TIGER – The new Ajax manager has shown that he can play almost anywhere on the back line as well as defensive mid. Registering Power 5 stats in tackles, interceptions, and possessions won, as well as 5th in assists this season he is contributing everywhere on the pitch even as a defender.



CDM – vaccinelol – The Schalke Co Manager has held down the CDM role for Schalke. Playing in a 4-3-3 when his 2 center mids go on the attack, vaccine is always there to shut down the counter, he is constantly winning the ball back to put the team back on the attack.



CB – R7CO – He has been a anchor this season for Schalke, establishing himself as 1 half of the best center back pairing in the league he has helped prevent any chances of coming by his way



CB – MaKiNo – The other half of Schalkes center backs, is Makino. Recently brought in on a transfer from Chelsea, He is proving to Chelsea each game that they made a grave mistake letting him leave so easily.



CB – I’m Cool Like – Surely he has to think he is cooler after making the first D1 TOTW of the season, after proving himself as the rock of Tottenham’s Defense he is the number 1 reason Tottenham has conceded the second least goals in the league,



GK – GermanatorDC  – The Monaco manager has been called upon so many times this season to make amazing saves and he has come through time and time again. This team would not be where they are in the table if not for the works of Germanator in net.


Editor: ijakoob

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