Team of the Week – Week 1 – Season 15 – League Two

TOTW provides a platform where we can acknowledge the standouts from each league during a given period of games. However, during this TOTW period we would like to highlight the standout player from a group of standouts, by focusing on the POTW from League Two, MysteriousMilks.

Pro Clubs Nation S15 League Two POTW #1

ST: MysteriousMilks (Sporting CP): Taking the first POTW spot for League Two, is Sporting CP forward MysteriousMilks. Having long been a club that has disappointed in League Two, MysteriousMilks is determined to change that almost single handedly and bring the Portuguese club to glory. Os Leoes have had an exceptional start to the season and Sporting’s manager has certainly been leading the club by example, posting 10 goals (T-1st), 1 assist, and 5 key passes to his name  in 7 appearances. With Sporting seemingly bursting onto the scene out of nowhere and being led by their superstar manager to second in the table at the time of writing, all eyes will eagerly be watching to see if they can keep up their pace all season and reach promotion.

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